Best Electricians Tool Bag

Do you need a rugged bag as an electrician? Well, it is always a good idea to find the best tool bag you can find as they need to hold drills and sharp objects that will pierce a cheap non-durable bag. 

Electricians carry a wide array of tools in their bags from power tools to sensitive test equipment. The tools the electrician carries depend on the type of job they are doing. Electrician bags can take some punishment so having a rugged sturdy bag is essential to keep their tools secure and safe.


Electrician tool bag reviews

Choosing a tool bag has a level of subjectivity to it meaning its personal preference but here are some popular bags used by electricians.

  • Velocity tool bags offer a premium range of Pro Gear electricians bags that have just about every conceivable thing an electrician would want in a tool bag. The velocity tool bags come with a 3 years warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Veto Pro Pac is another high-end tool bag sold in the UK for electricians and other tradespeople. The appearance of the bags is similar to Velocity and is priced as a high-end tool bag. Veto Pro Pac offer a 5-year warranty of their tool bags
  • Klien backpack tool bags are US based but are available for sale in the UK, despite Kien having a stellar reputation the bags seem to be flimsy and just not of the same quality as Velocity or Veto, they are cheaper and it shows.
  • RS Components electrician tool bags. What’s great is the price! They are not designer style bags and they are not as rugged but for 25% of the price and lower they are a good option for the electrician who wants functionality without the design option

There are literally dozens of electrician tools bags on offer from a multitude of suppliers in the UK. You don’t have to pay lots of pounds for a bag, you can buy a more affordable version.



Top Pick

Velocity Progear Rogue

  • Get ready for easy transportation with the New 4.0 Tech case.
  • Dual side panels and central compartment for versatile tool storage.

Tradesman Pro Tool Master Backpack

  • The TradesmanProTool Master Backpack is built to last with reinforced construction.
  • 48 pockets provide ample storage space for all your tools.

Veto Pro Pac TECH OT-MC

  • The Tech OT-MC is a compact and customizable tool bag.
  • Featuring an open-top and vertical tool pockets for easy access.

Top Pick

Velocity Progear Rogue


  • Good quality tool bag
  • Holds all my tolls in one side facing up so easy to grab and replace.


  • Cant fit a full length hacksaw in the centre part.

The New 4.0 Tech case has got you covered whether you’re installing or servicing. With dual side panels that feature vertically tiered pockets, your tools can be stored and transported with ease. In addition, there is a central compartment specifically designed for larger tools, making this medium-sized Tech case even more versatile. The case also includes a designated thermoformed EVA side panel, providing added comfort while storing your laptop, PDA/phone, and other business peripherals.

Tradesman Pro Tool Master Backpack


  • High quality
  • Comfy to wear even when fully loaded


  • Heavy even without content

Featuring a handle reinforced with aircraft cable, 1680d ballistic weave material construction, and a fully-molded waterproof bottom, the new Klein Tools’ TradesmanProTool Master Backpack is a seriously tough backpack.

With 48 pockets both inside and out, this backpack offers ample storage space for a variety of hand tools, tablets, cables, wires, safety equipment, attachments, accessories, and more. Additionally, the adjustable front pouch makes for the perfect spot to store your drill.

Veto Pro Pac TECH OT-MC


  • Amazing quality
  • Perfect design
  • Very handy


  • Compact size

The tech ot-mc is a compact tool bag designed with an open-top for easy access to your tools. It comes with an internal plastic box that houses a repositionable insert box, which can be customized to suit your storage needs. The bag also includes several vertical tool pockets, providing quick and easy access to your tools.



  • Plenty pockets
  • Portable


  • Zip is plastic

The Stanley 194231 Fat Max tool organiser is a versatile tool storage solution that offers both safe transportation of tools and the ability to convert into a convenient work station when opened. It features an A-frame structure and ergonomic design elements, such as a comfortable padded shoulder strap and rubber handle. With a reinforced body and plastic sides, your tools will be protected, while plastic feet keep moisture and dirt at bay.

There are also external pockets for storing frequently used tools, and both covers open outward to provide full visibility inside. These pockets are arranged upright for easy access while on the job, and the durable materials used in its construction ensure maximum protection against wear and tear. Please note that tools are not included with the organiser.

What tools does a commercial electrician use?

The tools an electrician carries day to day vary on the type of work he is carrying out, of course, there are the bread and butter tools like screwdrivers and wire strippers.

If the electrician is fault-finding they will only need to take a small screwdriver, test equipment and maybe a pair of wire snips to complete the job.

On the other hand, if the electrician is rewiring a house they will need drills and drill bits, saw, and fishing poles for pulling wires through cavities, wall chasing power tools. It’s an enormous amount of equipment that is needed.

What are tool bags made of?

They are almost always made from durable nylon, canvas or polyester for the exterior that is possibly abrasion-proof.

It’s useful for electrician bags to be waterproof to prevent tools from becoming wet and rusting, the use of polypropylene can be incorporated into the bag to add some rigidity and strength at the base of the bag.

How do I choose a tool bag?

There are a number of considerations to be made when selecting the right bag for the job.

It’s likely you will decide to have more than 1 bag, you will need a bag for 1st fix and a 2nd bag for the second fix, how about when testing?

Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • The number of storage compartments the bag has. If you want to carry a lot of small hand tools and test metres you will not want to stack them in the bag, it will take time to find what you need and the tools could become damaged.
  • Do you want the bag to be open with a frame so you can reach in easily or do you prefer a bag that is easy to secure and prevents prying eyes?
  • What type of quality bag do you want? Cheap and cheerful to last a few months or something that you will have for years?
  • Do you want zippers and buckles so you can attach tools to the outside of the bag?
  • What is the intended use? A test bag is useless for a first fix so give some consideration to what style and size of bag you need
  • Carrying options, do you want a backpack or an open bag with rubberised handles to prevent from cutting into your hands.

What is better: a toolbox or tool bag?

They both have different uses and some tool bags are very similar to the design of the tool box but without the locking compartments.

If you use sharp tools like saws then you could argue that a tool box would be better but for the electrician, a combi bag or tool bag is the better option.

Where are the more expensive tool bags made?

Mostly China and the Far East. Regardless of the price of the bag, it does not mean it is low quality if the bag is made in China or Asia, many of these countries have lower labour rates than the UK which allows for quality bags to be made and sold at a reasonable price in the UK.

What are some tool bags very expensive?

Electricians and tradesmen bags are designed for specific purposes in the UK or US then the specifications are sent to the manufacturing facility.

Some materials are expensive wherever you buy them in the world and once the bag is made and shipped back the originating company incurs shipping, duty, and the cost of manufacture of the bag.

An added margin for Uk operational costs and then you have the basis for the price of the tool bag.

It’s still a more cost-effective option than having the tool bags manufactured in the UK or in Europe.

What electricians tool bag should you buy?

The one that fits your budget. There are electrician tool bags that are durable at a fraction of the cost of designer toll bags.

It depends on what you feel is valuable to your career and your family, expensive tool bags or bags that do the job.


We have listed a few different options above. We suggest not to cheap out on a tool bag or box because they need to be durable and withstand a beating from screwdrivers and other items an electrician will carry daily.

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