Best Gloves For An Electrician

Why do electricians need to wear gloves? They are a must for most sparkies and are needed on some construction sites, especially in winter. It’s not just to keep their hands warm in the colder months. It can be for a few different reasons.

There are several reasons why electricians wear gloves while working. Some gloves are excellent at insulating electricity and preventing electric shock. There are also gloves with non-slip grips that make pulling large cables much easier and protect the electrician’s hands.

What should an electrician look for in a work glove?

Comfort and practical. The electrician needs a glove that fits firmly without causing restriction of movement. The material must be of the right thickness and has the correct padding for the job.

The electrician may require slash-proof gloves when working with sharp knives such as Stanley blades for trimming larger cables.

Let’s look at some of the best gloves available for electricians at an affordable price.

Klein Tools 40072

Electricians Gloves Large Klein Tools 40072
  • fabric type:Tpb 50%/ Synthetic Leather 30%/ Neoprene 20%

Klein is recognised as a leader in some areas of electrical tools, and they have decent electricians gloves on offer. They may fit perfectly depending on the type of work you are doing.

The Klein gloves have some features that are unbeatable in this price range:

  • The 40072 offers the electrician durability with a purpose-designed palm and finger covering that gives slip resistance when pulling wire and cables. At the same time, protecting the electrician’s hands.
  • For convenience, the Klein 40072 has an extended cuff making the gloves easy to put on and remove.
  • The index finger is wrapped for further strength and durability.
  • Klein has added a reinforced thumb base to prevent the glove from splitting when under strain.
  • The spandex material used in the glove is comfortable and breathable to prevent the hands from sweating.
  • Easey, to find your glove size, simply measure your hand with a tape measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.
  • These the sizes carried in stock for your convenience 6-5/16-In= XS, 6-3/4-In= S, 7-3/16-In=M, 7-9/16-In=L, 8-1/6-In=XL, 8-7/16-In=XXL

 The best price for the Klein 40072 is on Amazon.

DEX FIT Work Gloves

DEX FIT Work Gloves FN330, 3D Comfort Stretch Fit, Power Grip, Durable Foam Nitrile Coated, Smart Touch, Thin & Lightweight, Machine Washable, Black Grey 11 (XXL) 3 Pairs
  • COMFORTABLE - Ergonomic snug fit to all fingers. Second-skin feel. LIGHTWEIGHT 15-gauge Nylon and Spandex perform with precision on delicate jobs. Professional MANUAL DEXTERITY
  • NON-SLIP EVEN IN LIGHT OIL & UNDERWATER - Prevent pipes from slipping and minimize hand fatigue. Excellent protection while working in various conditions. Essential for various kind of applications
  • FLEXIBLE & COOL - Breathable WATER-BASED rubber coating for all-day comfort. SMARTPHONE TOUCHSCREEN compatible
  • ECONOMICAL AND REUSABLE - Machine washable. Stylish & tight knit wrist cuff. Multi-purpose for electricians, builders, woodworking, DIY, box handling, precision assembly, gardening, shop, construction site, warehouse working, dishwashing, indoor & outdoor activities. Men’s, women’s, ladies’ and kids’ best utility gloves
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE - CE Qualified and met ANSI Standards. Silicone free.

DEX FIT is a preferred lightweight glove sold worldwide for excellent reasons. They are durable, lightweight and have a Nitrile coating that can insulate up to 400V.

  • Made to fit perfectly, almost like a second skin feeling which does not impair dexterity. The 15 gauge Nylon and Spandex are lightweight without compromising performance.
  • If you need a glove that will perform in all environments, the DEX FIT is the glove for you. It is non-slip with light lubricants. Even when the glove is immersed in water, its grip is vice-like, protecting the wearer from slipping and injury.
  • This breathable glove comes with a breathable Nitrile foam coating for insulation protection and all-day comfort. Have a touch screen? No problem, the DEX FIt is compatible with smartphone touch screens.
  • The DEX FIt is a multi-functional glove that is machine washable and reusable repeatedly.
  • Fastening; Pull-on and off
  • Silicone-free -CE Qualified and met the ANSI standards

 The best price for the DEX FIT FN330 is on Amazon.

DEX FIT Cru553

DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553, 3D Comfort Stretch Fit, Power Grip, Durable Foam Nitrile, Smart Touch, Machine Washable, Thin & Lightweight, Black Grey 6 (XS) 1 Pair
  • HIGHEST CUT PROOF CE EN 388 4544 – Hands protection from cuts and punctures when cutting meat, handling sharp metal, knife, box cutter, mandoline, blade, glass, plastic, construction materials
  • COMFORTABLE - Ergonomic snug fit to all fingers. Second-skin feel. LIGHTWEIGHT 13-gauge cool HPPE & Spandex perform with professional MANUAL DEXTERITY on delicate jobs
  • NON-SLIP EVEN IN LIGHT OIL & UNDERWATER - Prevent pipes from slipping and minimize hand fatigue. SMARTPHONE TOUCHSCREEN compatible. Breathable WATER-BASED rubber coating for comfort. Passed US Administration’s food contact test
  • PREMIUM & STYLISH - Easy on and off high elastic knit wrist cuff. Silicone free. For mechanics, gardening, cooking, DIY, carpentry, filleting, fishing, oyster shucking, woodworking, metalworking, HVAC, and carving. Best Men’s, women’s, kids’ chef cut-proof gloves
  • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE - CE Qualified and met ANSI Cut standards.

This is another superb lightweight glove from DEX FIT, but this time with the advantage of being slash and puncture-proof. This multi-functional glove is the perfect choice for the busy electrician trimming larger cables with a blade. Perfect for incoming tails.

  • CE EN 388 4544 provided the highest rating for being cut and puncture-proof. This lightweight glove is perfect for onsite work where the electrician uses sharp blades.
  • The DEX FIT Cru553 has been designed with comfort in mind. Its ergonomic design makes the glove feel like a second skin which does not compromise agility. The gloves are google and durable while being of lightweight construction.
  • Non-slip when using light oils and even when immersed in water, the grip from the DEX FIt is strong and vice-like.
  • Compatible with touch screen technology, there is no need to take the gloves off to use your tablet or smartphone.
  • Reliable performance Silicone-free -CE Qualified and met the ANSI standards.

The best price for the DEX FIT Cru553 is on Amazon.

Ansell ActivArmr

Ansell ActivArmr E014Y Electrician Gloves Class 0, Insulated Work Gloves, Protective Rubber Gloves, Isolated Electrical Gloves Men Women, Yellow, Size L (1 Pair), RIGS0X
  • Electrical Insulating Gloves are made from natural rubber latex using a proprietary environmentally friendly dipping process for ultimate flexibility and dexterity
  • Case hardened finish provides smoother surface for easy donning and doffing performance and protection
  • Ergonomically-designed hand at rest shape for less hand fatigue
  • Electrical Glove Class 0 offers arc flash protection Class 1 in accordance with EN 61482-1-2
  • Certified for resistance to acid (Category A), Ozone (Category Z) and very low temperatures (Category C)

For the electrician working with the risk of touch voltage, the Ansell ActivArmr electrician glove offers the protection needed against electric shock.

  • The ActivArmr gloves are coated in natural rubber latex for perfect insulation while working with live electric circuits around the home or for the professional high voltage electrician. The gloves are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way using proprietary dipping solutions.
  • Perfect insulation while not compromising dexterity. Case hardened finish for a slick finish preventing dirt and grime from sticking to the gloves.
  • Easy to get and off
  • The gloves offer class 0 protection maximum voltage 1000 VDC tested 20,000 Volts arc flash protection class 1 by EN 61482-1-2
  • Standards Category III; EN 420:2003 + A1:2009

The best price for the Ansell ActivArmr is Amazon.

How do you pick good gloves?

Work gloves are about providing protection and not about warmth. That’s not to say that you can not incorporate warmth into a work glove because you can. It depends on your requirements regarding the gloves.

Gloves used every day by an electrician need to be resilient but not compromise dexterity; They must be breathable and not feel obtrusive.

The use of polyester spandex and unique lightweight materials with coatings such as Nitrile provides the perfect solution for hand protection and insulation with dexterity.

The gloves reviewed here offer lightweight work gloves with unique features and benefits to the busy electrician.

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