Do You Need A Wiha Electrician’s Hammer?

What good about a Wiha electrician’s hammer that a normal hammer can’t do? Is the wiha hammer a gimmick?

Wiha makes an excellent range of electrical tools that are comfortable for the electrician to use day in and day out. The wiha hammer is lightweight and perfectly balanced to reduce fatigue. There are helpful features like a soft end for knocking in dowels and wall plugs.


How is an electrician’s hammer different from a standard claw hammer?

The electrician’s hammer is lightweight and has a deeper claw to reach into deeper crevices. The hammer shaft is not made from steel or wood but from a fibreglass composite that is strong and non-conductive.

What is a claw hammer used for in electrical work?

The claw has multiple uses, such as removing floorboards and nails, but the electrician’s hammer usually is smaller and can rip out cable pins when the cable has been run on external walls.

The electrician’s hammer is an essential part of the toolbox, and without a purpose-designed hammer, the electrician would be forced to use tools that could be potentially dangerous.

What’s good about the wiha electrician hammer?

The hammer is balanced, which means somewhere along the shaft, there is a fulcrum point where the hammerhead and the shaft are in equilibrium.

Why did wiha make a balanced hammer for electricians? Well, if you use a hammer a lot, the head’s weight can become tiresome on the wrist if using the hammer for hours on end.

The wiha electrician’s hammer eliminates some wear and tear on the electrician’s lower arm.

Unique designed striking face

The wiha electrician hammer has a unique, descended striking face in that it’s u-shaped. U-shaped hammerhead on the wiha electricians hammer allows it to be used in tight spaces such as against a returning wall.

If you wish to fix cables to a wall at ceiling height, the wiha hammerhead will allow you are closer stringing to the ceiling.

Is hammering dowels and wall plugs in with the hammer shaft a good idea?

Wiha has designed a flat plastic end to its hammer shaft to hammer wall plugs and dowels.

It’s a good idea. If you imagine a wall plug on a tiled surface, you can’t hit it with the steel hammerhead because you could damage the tile.

You no longer need to search for something soft to drive the wall plug home. You simply use the hammer shaft to tap the wall plug home.

The hammer shaft is substantial enough to knock dowels into place without damaging the end of the hammer shaft.

Is the wiha hammer insulated?

Wiha has made a big deal out of the hammers features and not mentioned it being insulated. Maybe they assume that everyone knows it’s an electrician’s hammer, and it’s insulated.

The hammer is definitely insulated for those who need confirmation.

How does the wiha hammer reduce fatigue?

The wiha hammer is lightweight, and it weighs just 300kg which will reduce muscle fatigue. Hammering causes the muscles in your arm and shoulder, which causes the muscles to oscillate, which is a cause of fatigue.

The lightweight hammer reduces muscle oscillation.

The wiha hammer has a purpose-designed ergonomic grip. The grip fits into the palm of the hand perfectly and has a ridged grip to prevent slipping.

Combined with the balanced head and shaft, the hammer performs like a heavyweight with a gentle touch.

Where can you buy a wiha electrician’s hammer?

Wiha is stocked through many trade stores and tool suppliers throughout the UK and is even stocked at B&Q.

The hammer is reasonably priced, you can pick it up here.

Are wiha tools worth it?

The tools wiha manufacture is on the high end of tools and the materials used. They are known for making industry-leading tools and, as such, charge a premium.

Are wiha tools worth the extra pounds? If you want a tool that will be reliable and last a lifetime, then the answer has to be yes. If you buy budget tools and you need to replace them, then wiha is cost-effective in the long run.

Where are wiha tools manufactured?

Germany, wiha tools are considered some of the best available and, of course, are manufactured to precise German standards, making wiha a popular choice with tradesmen.

Wiha prides itself on being totally German-made products and the lengths the company goes to protect its market position through quality.

Are wiha tools made in China?

No, wiha does have its manufacturing plant in the US, but other than that 90% of wiha tools are manufactured and tested in Germany.

Which is better, Wiha or Wera?

It’s a matter of personal choice. Some say that Wera has better overall quality than wiha, but Wera tools are also more expensive, so there will always be a trade-off between the products.

Many Werra tools are made in China, which may be a stumbling block for some purchasers given the current geopolitical climate.

What defines an electrical tool?

You would have to say its insulation properties; if an electrician’s tools are not insulated, the electrician could take his life in his hands.

Plus, electrical tools are very well defined by their use, such as wire snippers and wire strippers.

Do wiha electrician hammers have competitions?

Yes, there are many excellent electrical hammers available from leading brands such as Klien, and they all do a great job and are essential tool kit items.

However, Wiha is trying to innovate a product that has been with us for centuries, and, to be honest, they have some great ideas, such as a u-shaped hammerhead.

Is the tough plastic on the end of the shaft a good idea? Not really. Most electricians are perfectionists when using their tools and would not strike a wall plug so hard it would damage the wall.

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