Best Cordless Drills for Electricians

The cordless drill is as essential to the electrician as the stethoscope to a doctor. A good cordless drill in the hands of an electrician can go a long way in executing projects. These tools help amateur and professional electricians complete tasks faster than usual.

When you use the best cordless drill, you can easily make a difference in your workplace. Cordless drills bring efficiency and ease to your job, even as a beginner, because they work faster than most traditional ones.

However, obtaining the best cordless tools may be a challenging task for you. Although many devices are on the market, getting the best one for your needs matters most.

We have compiled the best cordless drills for electricians to help you enjoy drilling with a soft grip. We’ve also included a product roundup that will guide you on the best drill features you should consider before buying a cordless drill.


Best cordless drills for electricians

  1. Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 – Overall Best
  2. Ryobi R18PDBL-0 ONE+ – Excellent Torque
  3. Boscah Professional 18V System 18V-28 – Great Power
  4. Dewalt DCD796P1-GB RX – Versatile Drill Device
  5. Makita DHP481Z 18V – Multi Purpose Device



Top Pick

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2

  • Hammer, Drill & Screw with Bosch Cordless – All in One!
  • More Power, More Speed – Get the Job Done with Ryobi!

Excellent Torque

Ryobi R18PDBL-0 ONE+

  • Discover the Ryobi R18PDBL: The ultimate cordless drill for pros and DIYers.
  • With a brushless motor, compact design, and accurate controls, it’s a game-changer.

Great Power

Boscah Professional 18V System 18V-28

  • Drill through any surface with ease using impact drilling function.
  • Experience freedom and efficiency with Bosch Professional 18V cordless drill.

Top Pick

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2


  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Cordless drill
  • Fast and reliable speeds
  • Best drill for electricians
  • 20 pre-selectable torque limiting clutch settings
  • Built-in led light


  • It does not include a screwdriver and drill bit set.

The Bosch cordless drill is suitable for drilling in metal and woodwork. This drill also helps in driving screws or drilling in masonry.

One good thing about this device is that it can also act as a hammer drill. Thus, you can enjoy a multipurpose drill function with this device.

Ryobi cordless drills have a brushless motor technology that helps deliver more power and runtime. This device offers speed and comfort to its user. Furthermore, the drill driver ensures that you get work done quickly in shorter intervals.


Bosch Syneon Chip: This device features a proprietary Syneon chip that controls motor and gears, battery life, maximum speed, and coordination. Hence, you can enjoy a longer-lasting battery life and faster motor speeds. With this feature, you can easily use this device while consuming less power.

Bosch AutoLock Keyless Chuck: Unlike manual chucks that waste your time while changing your drill bits, this cordless drill has a keyless chuck. The keyless chuck offers a tight grip that ensures fast and efficient drill bit changes.

Multi-Torque Settings: This device has 20 pre-selectable torque settings to consider. This cordless drill also acts as a fantastic power drill.

The multi settings help you to set the torque to your satisfaction. All you need to do is select the torque limit you want, and you can execute perfect projects.

Integrated LED Light: This cordless drill has an integrated LED light function that allows you to work in tight spaces. Furthermore, the drill driver will enable you to work outside in poor weather conditions.

Lithium-ion Battery: Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density and low self-discharge rates. Hence, you get to enjoy extended battery life.

The batteries for this cordless drill belong to the Bosch 18V range. Thus, you can use these batteries interchangeably with other compatible 18V power tools from the Bosch series.

Fast Charger: This device has a highly efficient charger that allows you to charge your batteries within an hour. Hence, you enjoy supercharging features with this speedy charger.

Carry Case: The Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 comes in a carry case that makes movement easier. Furthermore, the carry case ensures that your cordless drill remains protected while transported.

Build Quality: Even in harsh conditions, this cordless drill performs well due to its design. In addition, the Syneon chip helps the device run at maximum efficiency. Thus, you can enjoy an extended lifespan for this product.

Easy To Use: This device has a forward and reverse function on top of the drill, reminding you of the direction setting.

The less sensitive electronic trigger gives you an effective way to control speed. Furthermore, the two-speed gearbox helps you quickly select the gear for the task you want to execute.

Enhanced User Comfort: The compact and ergonomic design of the soft-grip handle ensures that you work hours with this device. Furthermore, the lightweight design helps you work with one hand without getting tired.

Ryobi R18PDBL-0 ONE+


  • Ten e-torque settings
  • Suitable hammer drill alternative
  • 13mm ratcheting chuck (all metal)
  • Durable lithium-ion battery
  • Drill bits included
  • Best right angle drill
  • Excellent ergonomics and performance
  • Reasonable price


  • Plastic parts may get damaged when dropped

The Ryobi R18PDBL brushless drill for electricians incorporates both the screwdriver and drill. This device has a battery-powered brushless motor that runs cooler and lasts ten times longer than brushed motor drills. This device has gained popularity amongst DIYers and professionals with its excellent specifications.

You can use this device to execute projects around the home with ease. The cordless lightweight drill works wonders for beginners wanting to fix things at home.

There are several reasons why we feel this device is the best cordless drill for electricians and DIYers. Firstly, the drill has easy-to-understand features that allow easy accessibility. Secondly, the device has a compact model design that makes it easy to navigate.

The following section will discuss the features that make this product stand out.


Ergonomic Design: This device’s sleek and compact design prevents drill slips while working.

This R18 device features a 20% thinner handle than the previous model. Hence, you can enjoy the drill’s maximum torque without the risk of slipping.

Brushless Motor: One outstanding feature of this device is the technology used in its motor. Instead of a commutator and brushes, this device uses a step motor.

The step motor controller produces a rotation that converts electrical energy from the batteries into mechanical energy. You can enjoy many advantages when using a brushless motor.

You will enjoy less heat with this drill since there is less friction. Plus, the high-efficiency brushless motor improves battery life. Furthermore, the device has no carbon brushes, so you won’t have any downtime. The absence of carbide inserts means this machine requires much less maintenance.

Since there are fewer components in the design, the drill features a bigger motor. In addition, you will find that the bigger motor increases the torque and power. The fewer components in the drill drivers make them lighter than most drills.

Accurate Controls: The device has two gear settings to execute tasks accurately. You can utilize the clockwise and anti-clockwise directional settings with the sliding switch.

The drill features a security measure that prevents accidental squeezes. When you place the switch in the middle, the trigger gets immobilized. Another feature worth noting is the pressure trigger which increases the speed with each squeeze.

Withstands Delicate and Tough Jobs: The percussion mechanism on this drill driver makes the device a suitable drill hammer alternative. Hence, you can drill holes into rigid surfaces like granite or masonry.

With a maximum torque of 60Nm, you can enjoy plenty of power that allows you to drill large holes. Furthermore, turning the torque mechanism can dig into plastic, wood, and other softer materials.

When screw driving, you can access the ten e-torque control settings that regulate the drill power. Thus, you can set screws exactly where you want them. The torque control also prevents stripped screw heads while enjoying maximum rpm.

You will also find a 13mm keyless chuck for easier and faster drill bit changes. This tool comes with a double-ended screwdriver bit when you buy the product.

Boscah Professional 18V System 18V-28


  • No-load speed
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Full metal chuck
  • 18v battery voltage
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Easy to use
  • Three battery support


  • It comes in one colour

The Bosch Professional 18V cordless drill is among the best cordless drills you can find. The brushless motor drill works for professionals that need efficiency with a touch of class.

One outstanding feature of this device is that it comes with an impact drilling function. Hence, you can drill into the most rigid surfaces without feeling the vibrations common with traditional drills.

Compared to other professional power tools, you will want to pick this device as the best cordless drill. Unlike the corded drill for electricians, this device allows you to roam freely without anything holding you back.


Colour: This professional brushless motor drill driver comes in one colour – blue. While this may not sit well with some people, the device works wonders and can help you execute projects efficiently.

Voltage: With this device, you can enjoy an 18V battery voltage. The voltage provides the raw power needed to execute challenging jobs in less time. Also, the voltage ensures that this cordless drill can optimize battery energy for better performance.

Electric Motor Protection: This electric drill has an electric motor protection (EMP) feature that protects the tool’s brushless motor from overload. Furthermore, the EMP promotes a longer lifespan for the motor.

Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): This feature is another outstanding characteristic of this device. The feature protects the battery from overheating, overload, and deep discharge. In other words, the ECP enhances battery life by protecting against irreparable damage.

More Durable Metal Chuck: The metal chuck used in this device makes it easier to change drill bits. Furthermore, the metal chuck provides a longer-lasting solution to plastic chucks that tend to wear off with time. Hence, you can enjoy more work time with little downtime.

Compact Ergonomic Design: This professional drill has a compact, ergonomic design that makes it easier to perform heavy-duty tasks. The manufacturers for this product used a simple design that allows users to carry the cordless drill with a single hand.

Another good thing about this product is that you can use it for complicated jobs because they work efficiently like heavy-duty drills. The heavy-duty job brushless motor helps to fasten the work while cooling better than other drills.

Hard Torque Pressure: This tool’s brushless motor helps to produce the power needed to generate the proper torque for heavy-duty jobs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this device for light-duty projects. You will typically get about 63Nm of torque to help you complete professional jobs.

Reasonable Pricing: This device is the best cordless drill you can get for a reasonable price. The power drill performs well and can help you execute challenging tasks.

Dewalt DCD796P1-GB RX


  • Quality all-metal chuck
  • Spotlight mode for dim conditions
  • 5Ah battery
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses
  • Supports belt clips


  • Poor battery connection

The Dewalt DCD796 is a good drill for electricians. This device is an all-rounder with a brushless motor to improve the runtime and reduce downtime. You can also use this device as a drill driver or a hammer drill.

Because of its all-around features, you can use this versatile drill for electricians to drill into wood, masonry, and metals. In addition, you can also use this cordless hammer drill to drive longer and larger fasteners.

This device performs better than some light cordless hammer drills and other heavy-duty drills. You can use this drill hammer to perform several heavy-duty tasks too.


Excellent Torque: The lower two gears provide as much as 70Nm of torque. Hence, you can drive large fasteners without stress.

This torque is essential when using the rotary hammer because you don’t have to suffer to generate enough power. The drill’s torque output ensures the smooth execution of tasks.

Fantastic Battery Power: This cordless drill beats most drill drivers to the size. You will find a colossal 5Ah battery that ensures a great runtime.

A good thing about this device is that you can substitute this battery for smaller Ah batteries. However, the larger battery provides more power for the drill motor to perform. Hence, you can run heavy-duty tasks without breaking a sweat.

Outstanding Drilling Diameter: You will want to use this device when drilling holes because it provides excellent drilling diameters. You can enjoy a 13mm drill diameter when drilling steel and masonry. With wood, you will find that the diameter increases to 40mm.

Two-Speed Drill Mode: This device has a two-speed gearbox that supports speed change. You can easily navigate from 0 – 550rpm in the first gear to 0 – 2000rpm in the second gear.

You can change the gears by adjusting the gear shifter to the desired setting. Once you select your gear, the brushless motors adjust to provide the appropriate torque for efficient project executions.

Tri-Mode Led Work Light: This drill has a three-mode led work light system that gives you positional information. You can enjoy these modes while working on projects in poorly lit areas.

Belt Clip and Belt Hook: This device allows you to use belt clips on either side of the tool. This feature enables left and right-handed users to work well when using the drill. Alternatively, you can remove the clips if you do not fancy them.

Makita DHP481Z 18V


  • Variable speed control
  • Best cordless drill for electricians
  • Excellent ergonomic handle
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Efficient rotary hammer
  • No carbon brushes


  • A little pricey

This review won’t make much sense without the Makita drill for electricians. This brand has developed itself over time and is reputed for creating the best cordless drills for electricians and other handypersons.

This device is another of our best cordless hammer drill devices for electricians. Like all the other devices on our list, this cordless drill for electricians comes with brushless motors. 

You can use this hammer drill for heavy-duty tasks making it a better value option than other light-duty cordless drills. The cordless hammer drill supports many features that make it stand out.


Extreme Protection Technology: This hammer drill is one of the best cordless hammer drills due to the technology. This powerful protection technology offers durability to this cordless drill hammer. With an LXT body, you remain assured of a long-lasting product.

Variable Speed Control: This Makita drill allows you to access variable speed by incorporating a variable speed trigger. You can use this trigger to shift gears which produce different speeds and varying torques.

LED Work Light: This tool’s LED light allows you to see in tight spaces while working. This power tool has a sleek design that fits these tight spaces, and the work light provides enough lighting for proper job execution.

Electric Brake: A good feature of this cordless hammer drill is the electric brake system it incorporates. The electric brake system allows this cordless hammer drill to stop when needed efficiently. Hence, you can produce high-quality products without stress.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Cordless Power Drill

The most significant task you could face with your power tools is choosing suitable cordless or hammer drills. It could be confusing if you have no idea what you want. We have outlined a guide to help you in your decision-making process.

Don’t Buy a Cordless Drill Based on Colour

This might not sound like a real problem, but it happens more often than you think. You definitely don’t need to purchase a cordless drill because you like the colour.

The first thing to do is to know what you want beforehand. Once you have decided on the drill you need, you can head to the market. If you need a cordless hammer drill, you do not need to beat around the bush.

Instead of looking at the colours, you can compare the features of the cordless hammer drills you see on the market. It’s best to always go for the drill with more beneficial features.

Plan Your Project Before Buying Your Cordless Drill

Before buying any drilling device, you need to plan for your project. Planning helps you avoid unnecessary purchases.

If you plan well, you will discover that certain products serve various purposes. Take, for example, the Makita DHP481Z 18V that works as a hammer drill and screwdriver. Buying the device means you save money from buying multiple devices.

Use Reputable Brands

Always remember to leverage reputable brands when buying your drills. These brands have offers and policies that allow you to enjoy these drill devices.

You can also leverage smaller brands with quality products. However, always read user reviews before buying any product to avoid purchasing fakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cordless hammer drill have multiple uses?

Cordless hammer drills can have multiple uses depending on the product you purchase. It’s best to always confirm the features before buying any drilling device.

Are corded drills inferior to cordless drills?

Not necessarily. We cannot say cordless drills perform better than their corded counterparts. Some corded drill devices have better features than their cordless counterparts. Hence, you always have to work with the features.

Are brushless motors better than brushed motors?

Brushless motors provide room for less downtime. Hence, you can enjoy more runtime when using brushless motored drills because you won’t need to stop for maintenance.


We have reviewed the best cordless drills for electricians. These devices make work easier for DIYers and professionals looking for perfection.

Interestingly, you can use most of these devices for multiple purposes; hence, you can save money by purchasing only one device and using it for other jobs.

The best way to buy a perfect power tool is to plan what you need. You can do this by deciding on the project you want to work on. After that, you can check the tools you need.

If one device can do the work, it is advisable to get a multipurpose device to save cost. Note, however, that you cannot use a DIY home machine for professional purposes.

Always compare device choices before picking a drill. Once you have chosen your product, ask customer service if you have any questions before purchasing.

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