The 5 Best Recip Saw For Electricians

Being an electrician requires a sophisticated toolbox for completing each task with ease and perfection but do you own a reciprocating saw? If not, considering that you’re here, you probably already know that you need a high-quality recip saw that would decrease the amount of efficiency of your work and save time by cutting any material, including tough and thick wires, with high efficiency.

After extensive research and model comparison, we are here with this handy guide containing the top 5 best recip saws for electricians and other professionals that will ease the work site tasks by their high performance and quick functioning.


Top 5 best reciprocating saws for electricians

  1. Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Cordless Reciprocating Saws
  2. Ryobi R18RS7-0 ONE+ Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saws
  3. Makita DJR186Z Reciprocating Saws
  4. Bosch Professional Reciprocating Saws GSA 1100 E
  5. Bosch Professional 06016A5001 GSA 18 V



Top Pick

Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Cordless Reciprocating Saws

  • Experience effortless cutting with the Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saw
  • Efficiently cut in confined spaces with Dewalt’s pivoting handle technology

Ryobi R18RS7-0 ONE+ Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saws

  • Revolutionize your cutting game with Ryobi reciprocating saws!
  • Experience high-speed cutting, impressive blade stroke, and easy handling.

Makita DJR186Z Reciprocating Saws

  • The Makita DJR186Z reciprocating saw is a bad boy with aggression that easily cuts through tough materials.
  • Its unique features, XPT technology and pivoting shoe, make it a standout choice.

Top Pick

Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Cordless Reciprocating Saws


  • Easy to handle
  • Suits tight spaces
  • Ease of blade change
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great for precision cutting due to variable speed


  • Less powerful than most reciprocating saws
  • Limited to small projects

Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Cordless Reciprocating Saw is among the best reciprocating saws out there. Its sophisticated design and high performance won’t disappoint you when using Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Cordless Reciprocating Saws for cutting and demolishing purposes.

Being a lightweight and compact device makes it fit into your backup but don’t get tricked by its compact size. It has the power to cut all sorts of woods, wirings, and even tat and steel rods. Moreover, due to its lightweight, it is the perfect tool for light-duty tasks.

Unlike manual saws, you don’t need to spend hours on work just to cut simple materials. Your energy, time, and cost get eased by adding Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Cordless Reciprocating Saw.

If you have to work in confined spaces, it can be fairly difficult to use a manual saw or an otherwise heavy reciprocating saw as an electrician. However, the Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Cordless Reciprocating Saw can help you get the task done because it works excellently in tight spaces, making it an even more important addition to your toolbox.

This amazing feature is due to the high quality pivoting handle that can adjust a maximum of three positions for handling tasks in confined sites. The 10-volt trio Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw fit best for overhead positions and confined and tight spaces because of its compact size.

If you have experience using a manual saw, you might agree that their handling is usually not that convenient. With the Dewalt reciprocating saw, you get the ease of handling and better control over the device through its highly sophisticated ergonomic handle and rubber covering.

Moreover, being lightweight, you can use the Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw as one-handed reciprocating saws.

It’s a mini reciprocating saw with a saw blade at one end and a handle to hold different parts of the device together. As you know, cutting various materials will require different blades. However, that’s not entirely the case here. The Dewalt Reciprocating Saw has a built-in lever action with a keyless blade change that allows easy and fast blade changing. So, you don’t need to worry about blade change when cutting various materials.

Its power capacity is slightly less, giving it excellent vibration control. They are fit for small tasks and perform efficiently. Simply put, it’s the weapon of choice for electricians and other field professionals.

While their power capacity is low, they make up for it with various other features, one being the variable speed trigger which gives you the maximum control helping you cut with precision.

The cordless reciprocating saw comes with a single high-power lithium-ion battery that ensures the saw is getting the desired power to operate well. The end-user can experience high work control due to its parabolic switch profile. It utilises battery power and rotates to and fro for cutting, taking over the hard work out of sawing with no overheating of blades and device.

Last but not least, the reciprocating saw adds a bonus for its users that they can even fold it back and turn the blade around to use it like a jigsaw for plastic cuttings. So the device is 2 in 1 – a reciprocating saw with a jigsaw functionality.

Remember that you won’t get additional accessories with the primary reciprocating tool. Additionally, you would have to purchase the battery and charger separately.

Nevertheless, the Dewalt DCS310N-XJ Compact Reciprocating Saw suits electricians, carpenters, and other professionals who want to complete cutting and demolishing tasks.

Ryobi R18RS7-0 ONE+ Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saws


  • LED light for continued productivity even in a dark confined work site
  • High performance and fast cutting speed
  • Aggressive in nature
  • Greater run time


  • A bit heavyweight 
  • Standard blades are not that sharp

Suppose you are tired of using the standard manual saw. In that case, it’s time to revolutionise yourself by opting for the best automatic reciprocating saws that will ease your work and save time and money that you can utilise in further tasks. The Ryobi power tools fit best for cutting rigid wires, woods, logs, and other compatible materials.

In terms of quality, performance, and high cutting speeds, few reciprocating saws can beat the 18 V Ryobi R18RS7-0 ONE+ Cordless Reciprocating Saw.

This power tool device comes with standard wood cutting blades that are of everyday use. You can change the blades according to the desired task, but that will require the self-purchase of additional blades.

With a Milwaukee heavy-duty metal demolition blade, the device’s Maximum cutting capacity reaches 210mm. If you are going to be cutting a material less than 210mm, then go straight on it. It has impressive blade speed and an excellent blade stroke, and this tool would easily cut through most materials. Its variable speed trigger makes it the perfect reciprocating saw for people having trouble controlling such tools.

It saves much of your time, cost, and energy due to its high run time and fast speed, and all this is possible due to the built-in brushless motor. You can complete all your tasks in a row by simply operating a full charge.

Unlike some other reciprocating saws, this one has an additional LED light feature that can help the user carry on the tasks in sites where the lighting is poor.

The device is relatively heavy. So, it’s best to exercise caution while using it. It requires a single lithium-ion battery to charge. However you’ll have to purchase the battery and charger by yourself. But don’t worry, any battery of an 18V system can fit. Just ensure that whatever battery you opt for has a decent run life to keep powering your reciprocating saw whenever you need.

Last but not least, the Ryobi reciprocating saw comes with a 1.1 inch stroke length having 3000SPM with no-load speed. It makes the device incredibly efficient, versatile, and durable in design performance and features.

Makita DJR186Z Reciprocating Saws


  • XPT technology
  • High power device
  • High performance
  • Protective shoe for blades


  • Heavyweight
  • Noisy gadget

Another great reciprocating saw is Makita DJR186Z. This reciprocating saw caught the market by storm with its efficiency, fast cutting speed with a variable speed trigger, unique features, high performance, and premium design. It can easily cut tougher materials with a 60 cm blade having 2,800 SPM and a 1.2 inch stroke length, which is sufficient for making it a highly efficient device.

It resembles a handgun, which is for outdoor work sites. With Makita DJR186Z reciprocating saws, you won’t be limited to one place like corded ones. Its cordless design enables you to carry the device anywhere for any task to get it done with ease.

Like most other products in this review, you’ll have to purchase the battery and charger by yourself. We suggest buying the Makita LXT battery and charger for powering your device.

The reciprocating saw is durable because it combines built-in plastic and metal materials that will work long-term. What makes it more comfortable? The ergonomically plotted thicker handle with an elastomer provides ease of handling for better operation.

To ensure user safety, this Makita cordless reciprocating saw brings out a variable speed trigger switch having a lock-off lever that prevents the unintentional starting of the device. Makita also ensures user safety with high working efficiency, making it a favourable choice.

You can operate it for many tasks, including metals, woods, logs, plastic, and other tough materials, and Makita ensures being a bad boy to pierce them with aggression! It provides electric brake functionality, variable speed, and higher manoeuvrability to empower you to do the high-energy task with this small device. 

Moreover, Makita has launched a new crank mechanism within the reciprocating saw that minimises blade staring and has excellent vibration control when the device is running. It has easy-to-change metal and wood blades.

The Makita cordless reciprocating saw has unique features that keeps it in the spotlight among various best brands. Its XPT (Extreme Protection Technology) ensures safe usage and protects the gadget from getting damaged by dust and moisture. It makes you worry-free regarding corrosive blades and dust-blocked airways. It can work in harsh environments without fear of being damaged.

The Makita cordless saws bring out another unique pivoting shoe feature that provides safety to the blades and provides shelter for the reciprocating saw blades. You can opt for various types of blades depending on the desired task.

Being highly efficient also produces noise between 84 – 95db. So, if you’re going to be using the tool, it’s best to do so where and when you wouldn’t be disturbing anyone.

The Makita reciprocating saw suits those who need precise cutting and operation. It’s an easy-to-use tool but still, be careful while operating high-power tools. Their high power makes them the best tools but dangerous as well. Practice necessary safety measures before running it.

Bosch Professional Reciprocating Saws GSA 1100 E


  • Additional accessories
  • Variable cutting depths and blades
  • Versatile in nature
  • Dual LED lights


  • Noisy gadgets (104 dB)
  • Heavyweight device

This recipe saw is one of the best cordless tools. Bosch GSA 1100 E is one of the best corded reciprocating saws in the market because of its high power and intelligent technology that results in high working performance and meets the modern demands.

The corded version needs to connect to an electrical supply for its operation. The built-in 110 and 120 volts allow the user to choose the one compatible with their country’s standard voltage supply, avoiding voltage inconveniences.

This full power reciprocating saw requires almost 1100 wattage to perform its function efficiently. Always compare the wattage with the power source. Ensure you have an appropriate voltage supply. In case of a power outage, you can connect it to a high-power compatible portable generator to keep its operation going.

With a variable speed trigger feature, the device allows better control of the reciprocating saw while running. With GSA 1100 E Professional, you don’t need to worry about lack of visibility in dark working sites. The integrated, high-definition dual LED light illuminates the area and increases visibility for doing the task with perfection and ease.

The corded reciprocating saw is highly efficient for many reasons, including its sharp, high-quality blades that are suited perfectly for various materials. It can adjust to multiple blade replacements because the tool-free SDS reciprocating saw blade changer efficiently and effectively changes the blade type.

Among others, this recip saw can cut through the following materials: wood, panels & plywood, metal sheets, non-ferrous metals, pipes, plastic, fibreglass, blocks, stone, and polystyrene items.

Unlike other reciprocating saw brands, Bosch provides its customers with additional accessories. With The GSA 1100 E Professional, you will get a hanging hook, reciprocating saw blades S 2345 X, S 123 XF, a progressor for wood, progressor for metal and a carrying case for keeping your reciprocating saw safe.

The manufacturers fitted a rubber-coated housing gear for a comfortable and secure grip to boost the user’s comfort while using the product. The device is almost 3 kg in weight, which might make handling a bit inconvenient, but thanks to the rubber-coated gear, it provides ease of handling. But be careful as it may tire out your arms if not adequately handled.

Compared to others, these devices are much sturdier, have heavier operations, have a sound charging system, and ensure a 2,700 SPM stroking rate for fast operation.

With features like its impressive cutting speed, variable speed dial, integrated led light, and variable speed trigger, the Bosch corded reciprocating saw has become the best in town to be used by professional electricians, plumbers, and gardeners, woodcutters, etc.

Bosch Professional 06016A5001 GSA 18 V


  • Ease of use and handling
  • No working limitation (cordless)
  • Dual LED lights for dark work sites
  • Dual lithium batteries option
  • Variable speed trigger for controlled speed


  • Not a heavy-duty device
  • No batteries and charger

Bosch provides its users with various best reciprocating saws. It includes both types of power supply, i.e., corded and cordless. The Bosch professional introduced a high-quality LI C Cordless Sabre Saw that drives power from dual lithium batteries for high-performance tasks to utilise the device without any limitation. The corded version we discussed earlier had some top-notch features, but the cordless one is not far from.

Why is Bosch Professional 06016A5001 GSA 18 V good? Unlike most reciprocating saws, this saw perfectly cuts the wood and metal-made materials with high precision and accuracy. Its better handling and ways to use functionality make it a better choice for users requiring comfortable gadgets.

The best part is that it eliminates the issues or limitations, ports, and voltage compatibilities. You can opt for Bosch GSA 18V – LI C reciprocating saws anywhere at any time you favour. Keep them fully charged to avoid pausing the task. With its high power dual lithium batteries 18V, it possesses a long run time. But you’ll have to purchase the battery separately as this Bosch professional saw won’t come with the batteries in your package. Remember to always choose batteries that are under the same voltage class.

The Bosch GSA 18V – LI C power tools are among the top reciprocating saw. With its high power capacity for cutting and demolition, you can easily do heavy duty tasks.

These reciprocating saws come with a lightweight, compact design with a dual battery option for more convenience, one-handed use, and portability in compact sites. While operating the device, the user doesn’t need to worry about the GSA 18V suffering from vibrations, as the product comes with excellent vibration control.

With its high quality and durable nature, the device is a refined product with high comfortability, ease of use, and handling features that require the user to apply only the bare minimum amount of energy.

Moreover, Bosch GSA 18V – LI C has a variable speed trigger that will allow you to control the speed settings.

With its fast cutting blades, the wood cutting depth for this device is 200mm with a stroke length of 21mm and a stroke rate of 0/3.050 SPM for both gears, making it a perfect choice for cutting tree logs, tough wires, and plastics, etc.

The gadget possesses an easy-to-change blade feature that is compatible with the desired materials. If you opt for versatile job tasks, keep the additional blades in your toolbox to carry out the work.

The device comes with high power and intelligent technology that results in high working performance and meets the modern demands allowing the best in what it is for.

It is best for professionals, including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and more. Moreover, unlike the other recip saws, this one has dual LED lights that can help the user carry on the tasks in even sites where the light is insufficient. Put simply, it lights up the dark work sites.

Buying Guide: What To Look For When Buying a Recip Saw

If you are searching for the best reciprocating saws, consider the inclusive buying guide before purchasing it. We have gathered prime features that every reciprocating saw should possess for efficient work. Let’s find out what those features are:

Types of Reciprocating Saw

Before purchasing any reciprocating saw, identify the type you require. There can be either corded or cordless reciprocating saws for the same brand. Depending on the worksite and task, select the one that best fits.

The cordless seems to fit perfectly for open and outdoor working, while the corded saw works best for indoor tasks.

Durability: Always go for the one that ensures highly durable materials and top-notch features.

Ease of Use and Handling: Reciprocating saws with comfortable handles are easier to grab and use than standard non-coated handles. In addition, for a small task, select a lightweight and compact reciprocating saw.

Blades Compatibility: Always choose a high-power device with accurate blades compatible with the material you desire to cut. Not all blades are strong enough for cutting and heavy-duty demolishing. Pick something that’s compatible with the amount of work you need to do.

Cost: Before purchasing, compare the cost of the top available products. A product with standard cost and all prime features is the one that best suits users who require a budget-friendly gadget. If money isn’t an issue, go for the one with top-notch features and additional unique features for high efficiency and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a brushless reciprocating saw?

A brushless reciprocating saw is one that uses an electronic circuit instead of contact brushes that control the current direction for accurate motor spinning.

Can you use a recip saw like a jigsaw?

You can use it like a jigsaw; the reciprocating saws possess special features that allow them to operate up and down or to and fro, just like a jigsaw.

What’s the difference between a reciprocating saw and a Sawzall?

Sawzall and reciprocating saws are the same thing. The first reciprocating saw was called Sawzall. Due to its high usability, the reciprocating saw and Sawzall are now interchangeably used.


We hope you have found this guide interesting and informative, and now you can select the best recip saws for accomplishing your cutting and demolishing tasks with ease and perfection.

Keep all the necessary features in mind before opting for the best one. Thank you for staying until the end, and do share your experience with this handy guide.

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