Best Video Doorbells

How many times have you wanted to know who rang the bell without having to get out of bed? 

We have all been there, and we know how annoying it can be, especially if you are in the middle of some important work. That is where a video doorbell comes in. 

If you are unsure about all the benefits it can bring you; we recommend going through our detailed guide here. We have defined a video doorbell and written about its benefits before moving on to the best video doorbells on the market today. 

So, do not wait any longer and start reading! 


What Is A Video Doorbell? 

While you are upgrading the different sections of the house, it is essential to check the doorbell as well to complete your home renovation. After all, you may have a smart home, but without basic security measures, you are always at risk of theft. 

A video doorbell is a lot like the intercom system where you can see whoever comes to your doorstep. There is no need to open the door, and you can still communicate with the person outside. That is not all; the most interesting part about these video doorbells is that you can communicate with the other person from wherever you are around the world. 

You will need a working Wi-Fi connection and an app downloaded on your smartphone. This makes the doorbell an essential security measure. You can always keep a watch over the front door and whoever arrives there. Also, you can get packages delivered and ensure they are on your doorstep by checking the live footage. 

In case of thefts, you will have video evidence of it which can help police find the guilty one. 

Advantages Of Having A Video Doorbell 

From the previous section, you must have a fair idea about smart doorbell options and how they work. In this section, we will discuss the advantages of having video doorbells installed in the house. 

1. Check Who Is Knocking 

You can always check who is at the door before opening it. The built-in doorbell cameras are a huge benefit, and you will never have to talk to suspicious strangers again. Also, if you are not in a state to go out, you can always interact with the person through the intercom. 

If it is about a delivery, the person can be asked to leave the order at the door. You can then check if the delivery has been done through the camera and collect the goods when you wish to. 

2. Security Measure 

The HD video doorbells will give you the same security as security cameras. You can figure out who may cause trouble and talk to them just over the intercom. Also, if you notice any suspicious activities in front of the house, you can record and inform the police. The recordings can be used as evidence if needed. 

3. Provides Peace Of Mind 

Have you ever been on holiday and kept thinking about whether the house is safe? There is no need to worry once you have video doorbells installed. You can then keep a watch over the front of the house and ensure that nobody is trying to break in. 

Also, you can interact with delivery guys and ask them to deliver your goods to a neighbour if needed. 

4. Convenient Choice 

There is no need to leave everything and run to the door every time the doorbell rings. It has now become as easy as picking up a phone call. 

So, you might be feeding the baby, working in the garden or doing laundry, and you will not have to rush. Just check who it is and have the conversation through your phone. Also, you can live stream to your TV screen or a smart hub, which will help to see and speak to the guest. 

Best video doorbells reviews

  1. Best Choice For All-Rounder Performance: Ring Video Doorbell 4 by Amazon
  2. Runner Up: Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell
  3. Needs No Subscription: eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
  4. Premium Quality Pick: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  5. Perfect For Google Home: Google Nest Doorbell
  6. For Apartment Use: Ring Door View Cam by Amazon
  7. Affordable Choice: Ring Video Doorbell Wired by Amazon



Top Pick

Ring Video Doorbell 4 by Amazon

  • Get the ultimate home protection with Ring Video Doorbell 4!
  • Crystal-clear HD video, two-way audio & perfect motion sensing!

Runner Up

Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell

  • Get a video call instead of a notification with Arlo Video Doorbell.
  • See everything with the 180-degree wide viewing angle of Nest doorbell.

Needs No Subscription

eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

  • Discover Eufy Video Doorbell: No monthly fees, 2K resolution.
  • Choose wired for pre-roll recording or wireless for low-power use.

Top Pick

Ring Video Doorbell 4 by Amazon


  • Known for its motion detection capacities
  • Connects with Amazon Alexa 
  • HD Resolution of 1080p
  • Hardwired and battery powered 
  • Quick release pack of batteries
  • Standard or colour pre-roll
  • Provides real-time notifications 
  • No lag faced with notification and activity detection 


  • Monthly fee charged 

Bring home one of the best options that have become popular among customers in the UK. The Ring Video Doorbell 4 by Amazon can become a part of your smart home accessories and can provide you with a host of features. 

It offers crystal clear HD videos and two-way audio, and it does not lag at all. So, you will get a notification on your phone as soon as the doorbell rings or someone reaches the doorstep. 

Also, it has perfected motion sensing, and you will get the benefits of zone detection in case of any motion. This can be set to a particular distance in front of the door, and the doorstep will be monitored. You will get a notification as soon as someone steps into the zone marked for detection. 

Moving on, the device can connect with Alexa easily, and you can use it with Fire TV, Echo Show and other Echo devices. The Ring video doorbell will stream live audio and video from outside, and you can keep a watch. 

Further, the introduced pre-roll is in full colour. This allows the Ring doorbell to capture an incident for a few seconds before any motion is found. It is possible with the help of a rolling buffer, and you can know more about any suspicious activity happening outside. 

However, know that there are no advanced motion detectors installed as in the Ring Pro. So, if you live in a place, which sees robberies, then getting an upgrade will be your best bet. 

On the downside, a subscription is needed to use all the features of the video doorbell. You will have to purchase it separately, and the same goes for Cloud storage space. 

Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell


  • Battery life for up to six months
  • Can connect to Arlo smart hub 
  • Uses video calling for quick alerts
  • Artificial intelligence detects cars, animals, people
  • HD 1536 x 1536 resolution 
  • Clear night vision 
  • Waterproof and withstands snow 
  • Built-in two-way speaker and audio 


  • Doorbell has to be removed for recharging 

If you are worried that the app may not function well at all times, then the next option is for you. The Arlo Video Doorbell operates in a different way than the previous product, and you will receive a video call instead of a notification in the app. 

If the Arlo doorbell detects motion, then it will be sending notifications to the phone and storing the recording in Cloud if you have Cloud space. This feature is similar to the ones that are provided by the other video doorbells. 

Moving on, a screenshot of whoever is standing or moving outside is sent along with the notification in case of motion detection. This should allow you to see who is on the front porch and take necessary actions. 

Plus, you can connect the Arlo smart hub to the Arlo video doorbell when needed to continue with local recording without subscriptions. That is not all; the Nest doorbell is similar to the Arlo video doorbell and will provide a viewing angle of 180 degrees. 

You should be able to see it in a 1:1 ratio, and the wide viewing will allow you to see the person completely. But the edges may not be in proper shape because of the fishbowl effect of the camera. 

Additionally, you can subscribe to the Arlo Smart Hub, which will provide you with artificial intelligence features. The doorbell will be able to recognise animals, cars, and people as well as outdoor activities. It will also store recordings in the Cloud for you to access later.

Moreover, it comes with an excellent battery life, which should last for six months before you need to recharge. So, bring home this compact doorbell and get it installed by professionals to enjoy its benefits! 

eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


  • 2K video quality 
  • Quick real-time notifications
  • Long battery life for four to six months 
  • No extra charges for local storage 
  • Two-way audio provided
  • Holiday and fun-themed ringtones


  • No battery version provided 

Are you afraid that you will have to pay heavy subscription charges? The eufy Video Doorbell will be an incredible option as it protects the house without having to pay subscription charges. It allows smart home integrations, and you should be able to enjoy its nifty features. 

Adding on, the doorbell provides crystal clear footage with a 2K resolution. It has a Sony sensor, which helps in recording the footage. 

Now when compared to the Ring doorbell or the Nest doorbell, this one provides a simple solution as you do not have to commit to a monthly fee. Just pay the one-time fee in the beginning, and that is all. 

On top of it, you should know that Eufy doorbells are of two kinds. They have wired doorbell options as well as battery-powered wireless options. You may want to know about the key points that separate both of these choices. 

Wired Doorbell

The wired doorbell edition comes with pre-roll recording, which will be in constant buffer mode. This records three seconds before the actual recording begins. Also, the product is a lot more compact and sleek than the battery-powered wireless option. 

Wireless Doorbell 

The wireless doorbell will come with a base that is placed inside the home. This will store the video feed, which can be used later to identify thieves. Plus, it uses low-power technology, which ensures that the battery lasts for a long time. 

However, when compared to the Arlo video doorbell, this one has some limitations. It does come with artificial intelligence, but it can only distinguish between a human and non-human. The Arlo, on the other hand, can detect cars, people and package deliveries and can even track faces. 

Also, the eufy video doorbell can only detect motion in one zone per camera. However, if you have a restricted budget, the eufy video doorbell is indeed a great choice. It will provide 1080p videos and is similar to the 2K version. The only difference is that the quality is slightly lower and the product is cheaper. Plus, the footage is stored within the device in the wired option. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2


  • HD head-to-toe view
  • 30-day Ring protection plan free trial
  • 1563p HD video quality
  • Works with Alexa 
  • 3D motion detection 
  • Two-way audio with noise cancellation 


  • Difficult to install 

If budget is not a problem, then the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the option to go for. It is one of the most advanced doorbells on the market and features a whole lot of upgrades. 

You can enjoy 1536 HD videos, which are of superior quality than the usual 1080p HD videos provided. The images are clear, and you can easily recognise people on the other side of the camera. 

Also, the ring doorbell allows one to connect with Fire TV or other smart displays in the house. It is the most affordable video doorbell, which shows videos in a 1:1 ratio. So, you can get a complete image of the person standing outside. 

Additionally, the doorbell is pretty thin when compared to most smart doorbells, with a thickness of 2.2 cm. 

When compared to the Ring 4 model, this is better as it offers 3D motion detection. The wired doorbell will show an overhead view of the guest as they walk toward the doorstep. Then you can let them in depending on the need. 

The only issue with this product is that it is wired, and the installation process can be complicated. You will need professionals to come in and do the job for you. 

Google Nest Doorbell


  • Crystal clear footage
  • Voice responses can be pre-recorded 
  • Facial recognition allowed
  • Three hours of events recorded 
  • Quick real-time alerts
  • Easy to install without professional help
  • Differentiates among parcels, animals and people 


  • Lags sometimes when detecting the motion 

The Google Nest Doorbell is packed with a number of premium quality features, which makes it stand out. It has an amazing video quality featuring 1600 x 1200 pixels. Plus, the video recording is of HDR quality, and you can see the guest from head to toe in all kinds of lights. 

That is not all; you will get two-way audio features that will allow you to talk to the visitor from inside. Also, you can pre-record messages that can then be used to answer guests. 

Besides, you will be glad to know that this video doorbell connects to Google Home and Alexa and will work with Google assistant. However, if you have Chromecast or Nest Hub, then footage can be streamed immediately as soon as the activity is detected. 

Plus, the video doorbell can recognise and differentiate among parcels, people and vehicles. You will receive notifications when human activity is spotted. Hence, you will not be blasted with notifications every time the neighbourhood cat walks by the front door! 

Apart from that, you must be wondering what special features this video doorbell has, considering it is from the house of Google. Well, the doorbell is a unique one that can recognise familiar faces and will tell you the name of the person and alert you if it is a known face. 

This is a pleasant surprise, and you may not always have to rush to the door if it is a familiar face. However, remember to opt for a Nest Aware subscription if you are to enjoy all the features of this doorbell.

Ring Door View Cam by Amazon


  • Does not require drilling 
  • Detects knocking 
  • Works with Alexa
  • Comes with theft protection
  • Quick replies with a pre-selected message
  • 1080p cam video quality 
  • Great audio quality 
  • Motion detection zones are adjustable 


  • No free cloud storage 

The best choice for rented apartments where you cannot drill holes is the Ring Door View Cam by Amazon. It acts as an alternative for a peephole camera, and you will not have to drill into the walls to attach it. You can easily fit it and then remove it when not needed without leaving any marks on the door. 

So, this device is installed on the door itself and not on the door frame. It can detect knocks and inform you immediately. Also, it can detect motion and gets activated when the doorbell is pressed. 

Moving on, you will love the advanced motion technology, which will allow you to monitor and adjust the motion sensors that are built inside the device.

That is not all; you will receive real-time notifications every time somebody is at the door. If you are busy, you can just use one of the Quick Replies that can be set on the device to respond. 

On top of it, the brand offers theft protection and promises to replace the smart video doorbell if it gets stolen. Also, like most video doorbells, this one works with Alexa, and you can use it with Echo Spot and Echo Show. 

In hindsight, it does not have local storage, much like most other options here. However, you can get the Ring Protect subscription, which will help in storing clips in the Cloud. Another thing to make a note of here is that the field of vision is very narrow when compared to other video doorbells. 

However, the device is a replacement for the peephole, so we will not hold this minor drawback against the device. 

Ring Video Doorbell Wired by Amazon


  • Affordable video doorbell
  • Connects and works with Amazon Alexa
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Two-way talking 
  • 1080p HD video quality 
  • Sleek and slim design 
  • Provides accurate night vision 
  • Comes with a fish-eye lens 


  • Design is not attractive 

If you are looking for an affordable smart doorbell, then the Ring Video Doorbell Wired by Amazon will be the perfect fit. It provides a video resolution of 1080 pixels, and you should be able to see your guests clearly. 

Additionally, you will never have to miss a guest with the motion sensors in place. This will only detect the chosen area, and you can set it accordingly. 

Moreover, you can get speedy responses as well as connect with Amazon Alexa with the help of the Ring app. But there are some drawbacks with this product. This is a wired video doorbell, and you will have to take professional help to install it in place. Also, there needs to be a power point near the door to connect it. 

Comparison Table 

If you find the reviews too detailed to read, these quick facts will allow you to compare the video doorbells at once. Read on to know all about them. 

1. Ring Video Doorbell 4 by Amazon

  • Video doorbell cameras with a resolution of 1080p
  • No local storage, but paid Cloud storage is available 
  • Wired and wireless options available 

2. Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell 

  • Video resolution of 1536×1536 pixels 
  • Smart hub and Cloud offer storage 
  • Wired and wireless options available

3. eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

  • HD quality of 1536 pixels 
  • Cloud storage available 
  • Wired video doorbells only

4. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

  • Video clips with 2K resolution 
  • Local storage available 
  • Wired and wireless options available 

5. Google Nest Doorbell 

  • Video resolution of 1440 pixels 
  • No local storage options but cloud storage available 
  • Only wired options 

6. Ring Door View Cam by Amazon 

  • Video resolution of 1080 pixels 
  • No local storage, but paid Cloud storage available 
  • Wireless units only

7. Ring Video Doorbell Wired by Amazon 

  • Video resolution of 1080 pixels 
  • Paid cloud storage available 
  • Wired options only 

Buyer’s Guide

While this may be an exhaustive list, you may still want to look for more video doorbell options on the internet. But before you do this, consider reading through the below factors that will help you make a decision. 

1. Wireless V/s Wired Video Doorbell 

If you want to replace existing doorbell wiring with new ones and a new doorbell camera, you will require professional help. Hence, wired doorbells are not frequently chosen by people who do not want to take on a complicated installation process. 

Also, it can involve drilling into walls, which a lot of apartments may not allow. This is especially true for those living in rented houses. 

On the other hand, wireless and battery-powered smart doorbell options are perfect for rented spaces and for those who want to take on the installation process themselves. These are generally easier to install as there are no wires to connect, and you will not require a power point. 

2. Voice Assistance 

Most smart video doorbells can be integrated with a voice assistant, which may have become an integral part of the household. Google and Amazon are the major players in this field, and they have their own voice assistants. The Ring video doorbell works perfectly well with Alexa, while the Nest doorbell works with Google Home. 

For other video doorbells, you will have to check if they can connect with the voice assistant in your house. 

3. Pre-Roll

Ring doorbells were the first to come up with pre-roll technology. It makes sure that you get a proper video with all the incidents recorded before the doorbell is rung or motion is detected. Now, most video doorbells take one to two seconds to begin recording after motion is detected. 

You may then lose out on data that could help you get a better understanding of what is happening outside. For example, if someone is lurking outside, then you know which direction they came from or see the vehicle they drove in. 

Hence, if you live in a street that is prone to robbery, then it is best to get a video doorbell with pre-roll technology. 

4. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has become a part of some of the more advanced video doorbells. It allows the system to recognise who or what is outside and send a warning accordingly. Hence, the video doorbell will be able to recognise an animal, parcel or people outside. And you will not be warned if a stray cat is just roaming around. 

That is not all, the Nest Hello can even recognise different faces, and it can announce the name if the face is already saved. This will mean you can always get to know if a family member or a close friend has come to the door. 

5. Motion Detection 

All the options that we have mentioned here have motion detecting capacities. So, anytime there is movement outside the front door, you will be alerted with a notification on the phone. However, devices like Google Nest and Ring video doorbells have an added capacity of being able to detect motion in certain zones. 

You can set this zone so that you are not flooded with false alerts. 

6. Storage 

Most video doorbells will not offer storage locally, and you will have to get a subscription. Then you can get access to Cloud storage, where all recordings can be saved. Now while purchasing, check this out and the amount of money needed to continue storing the videos. 

However, if you live in a safe place or already have a security system in the house, there is no need to pay extra. Just purchase a video doorbell that sends notifications to your phone, and you should be set. 


How to get the best video quality? 

While comparing the best video quality, you may find that there are a lot of things to consider. The frame ratio, resolution, sensors and night vision have to be made note of. We feel that the Eufy Video Doorbell, Dual Ring Doorbell and the Nest Hello prove to be great options in this case. 

Which type of video doorbell is easy to install? 

Even if you purchase the best video doorbell camera, it may be a task to install, and you may have to take professional help. However, we believe wireless video doorbells are the easiest to install as they do not have any wires to connect. 

You can get a battery-powered video doorbell, which lasts for around six months before the battery needs to be recharged. 

Which one to choose between Nest and Ring? 

If you are going to replace your existing doorbell with a new one, then both Nest and Ring will be good options. Nest Hello may be slightly superior because of the advanced features that it is packed with. It has Google Home integration, along with facial recognition, both of which are important features if you live on a busy street. 

However, Cloud storage may cost a little more if you are picking Google Nest. 


While choosing today’s best deals, do not forget to check the subscription plan for storage. You may be able to afford the video doorbell easily, but the subscription can burn a hole in your pockets.

Now we know this was a long and detailed guide with a lot of information that may be difficult to digest all at once. So, take your time and go through the guide once more if necessary. And if you are still confused, we recommend the Ring Video Doorbell 4 by Amazon if you are looking for all-rounder performance. 

On the other hand, if you do not want to pay for a subscription, then the eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is a great choice. Hope we have been able to solve your problem now. 

See you soon! 

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