Do You Need An Electrician To Install A Ring Doorbell?

Is it even possible that you would need to hire an electrician to install a doorbell in your home? Can there be anything complicated about a doorbell?

If there isn’t existing power where the Ring doorbell will be placed, you may need an electrician to provide that. However, these types of doorbells are more reliable than a battery doorbell once installed.


Is Ring doorbell easy to install in the UK?

Yes, there is no need for an electrician to fit a Ring doorbell in most cases. It’s an easy install with simple to follow instructions.

This doorbell is best fitted to where your existing doorbell was located, so you can use the wires from the circuit breaker to make the installation easy.

With more doorbells now having cameras built-in they make security better for your home.

What transformer do I need for a doorbell?

The manufacturer will decide which is the best transformer to use for your doorbell, and it will be dependent on how much technology is built into the doorbell.

If you should opt for a Ring doorbell, you can use a transformer rated at 16-24VAX 50 or 60Hz 10-40 VA.

What voltage is needed for a doorbell?

It depends on the doorbell you have selected for your home. You should read the instruction and the specification sheet to see what is recommended in all cases.

Most doorbells require a step-down transformer that matches the doorbell’s voltage requirements.

If you have selected a Ring doorbell commonly used, the volts needed will be between 16-24 volts.

If your transformer is outside this specification, the doorbell will not work.

How do you know what voltage my doorbell transformer is?

You may need to use a multimeter and check across the terminals of your transformer. But make sure you know what you are doing before proceeding with this method. The transformer is connected to 230-240 volts which could easily provide a fatal shock.

Assuming you are confident and have a multimeter at hand:

  • Disconnect the doorbell. You may need to remove the outer casing by gently prying it off.
  • Set your multimeter to AC voltage, this is the V with a wavy line over it (if you don’t know this symbol, you are not competent to do this job)
  • Connect the two probes to the doorbell and read the voltage. If the voltage is out of specification, your doorbell may not work or could be damaged if connected to this power supply.

Can you get shocked by doorbell wires?

Your doorbell is connected to a transformer that is stepping down 230-240 volts to maybe 6 volts, so you will be safe unless the transformer develops a fault.

Can a doorbell transformer cause a fire?

Anything is possible in the world of DIY! If an electrician has installed your doorbell, there is zero chance of your transformer setting on fire.

Transformers have high leakage resistance, and in the event of a short circuit, the breaker will trip in a nanosecond.

Should the doorbell transformer be hot?

No, if your doorbell transformer is hot, there is something wrong with the transformer, and you should trip the breaker to the consumer unit to be safe. By flipping the red breaker to the down position, you have now killed the power to your home if you can’t find the dedicated breaker.

If your transformer is warm, it works fine and needs no attention.

How much does it cost for an electrician to fit a doorbell?

It can depend on a few factors, such as your location. If you live in London or the surrounding areas, the electrician’s labour rates are higher than those elsewhere.

Will the electrician need to chase out a wall? These are just a couple of variables that can affect the installation cost.

Below is an average table based on 2022 labour rates.

LabourTime takenAverage UK cost
Standard doorbell installation1-3 hours£80-£200
Ring doorbell installation2-3 hours£120 – £200
Nest doorbell installation2-3 hours£120 – £200

So, you can see that the installation rates are very reasonable and should make you think if it’s really worth your time and the hassle it causes to fit a doorbell into your home.

Are doorbells wired to a breaker?

Not always, but they can be. Often you can find a doorbell wired in a lighting circuit. This is fine and can be a convenient way of installing the doorbell.

If you have a spare way in your consumer unit, you can ask your electrician to use a dedicated circuit and fit an RCBO to the circuit for safety.

How do I turn off my doorbell power?

It’s an easy process, mainly if your doorbell is on its own dedicated circuit.

  • Go to the consumer unit and turn off the breaker to the doorbell
  • Remove the doorbell button by prying gently
  • Remove the doorbell chime bars
  • Unscrew the wires inside the doorbell enclosure
  • Disconnect the transformer

Do doorbell cameras need power?

Yes, the camera in your doorbell needs an AC power supply to make it work. The power supply is not mains direct to the doorbell. This would be dangerous, to say the least.

The power supply comes via a step-down transformer which sends 13-36 volts to the doorbell.

Are doorbell cameras an invasion of privacy in the UK?

Maybe! Back in the later part of 2021, there was a court case in Oxfordshire between Fairhurst v Woodward where the defendant had used a Ring doorbell to record images and speech. The judge in the case rules that the Ring doorbell was an unjustified invasion of privacy.

You may need legal advice as to where you can install and use the data captured by the camera if needed.

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