Best Video Doorbells Without Subscription

Home security is not a matter of joke, and you need to install upgraded systems and equipment to keep your house protected at all times. 

In this context, installing video doorbells or WiFi doorbells can help you enhance your home security system and ensure better safety and protection. The doorbell cameras will allow you to see and record the video footage if someone is lurking around your front porch. You can also track who’s coming and going around your house to avoid any break-ins. 

Most of the top video doorbells, including the Ring video doorbell, require subscriptions for you to access any recorded video footage.

But, if you’re looking for video doorbells that require no added monthly fees or subscriptions to view the recordings, we’ve got your back. Today, we’ll review the best seven video doorbells requiring no subscriptions. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get on with it! 


How Do Video Doorbells With No Subscription Work?

Many smart video doorbells, like Ring or Nest, don’t have built-in memory storage, so you have to subscribe to their cloud to access and view any recorded footage. In contrast, video doorbells without subscriptions have local storage, and the video recordings get saved on their Homebase unit or the device itself.

Once the footage is stored locally, you can access it anytime you want without paying any subscription fees. But, if the video is locally stored on the system’s base unit, you can usually access or view it when you’re at home.

Another drawback with local storage is that anyone can steal the footage stored on the device, and this is particularly true for wireless devices with no base unit. However, some video doorbells use a separate Homebase inside the house to store the footage so that you can access it safely even if the outside device gets stolen for some reason. 

Top 7 video doorbells without subscription reviews 

  1. Eufy 2k Video DoorBell 
  2. Amcrest Video Doorbell
  3. Blink Video Doorbell 
  4. Arlo Video Doorbell
  5. Eufy Dual Video Doorbell
  6. Brinno Peephole Camera
  7. Lorex 2k WiFi Video Doorbell



Top Pick

Eufy 2k Video DoorBell 

  • Get professional-quality security footage with Eufy’s 2k video doorbell.
  • Upgrade your smart home security with voice commands and message recording.

Amcrest Video Doorbell

  • Enjoy hassle-free security footage with Amcrest’s SD card storage.
  • Get advanced surveillance features and two-way audio with Amcrest.

Blink Video Doorbell 

  • Boost your home security with Amazon’s affordable Blink video doorbell.
  • Enjoy hassle-free local storage and easy installation with Blink.

Top Pick

Eufy 2k Video DoorBell 


  • Alexa and Google Home compatibility
  • Provides all features without subscription 
  • Footage stored on the base unit 
  • Excellent battery life 


  • Might lag and run a bit slow

You’ve probably heard about Eufy because of the brand’s superb power banks, but lately, they’ve become quite popular on the market for their smart security devices. The Eufy video doorbell is the only available product with a professional-quality Sony sensor for recording videos of 2k resolution. 

The Eufy 2k video doorbell is arguably the best video doorbell that stores video footage locally and doesn’t require a subscription. Thanks to its excellent local storage, you can access the video from anywhere at any time, even if it’s saved on the base unit back at your home. With this video doorbell, you can also access all the advanced features, including motion detection, without any subscription. 

Moreover, you get two device options – wired and battery-powered versions. The wired variant doesn’t come with a separate base unit and utilises your existing doorbell cables to store the footage on the device itself. So naturally, the wired device has a larger and bulkier design than the battery-powered version. 

Speaking of the battery-powered device, it has a battery life of four to six months, which is better than most of its competitors. It also has a base unit inside your home, where all the recorded video is stored. Thus, you can easily access the footage even if anyone steals the outside doorbell. 

To top it off, this Eufy video doorbell works well with Google Home and Echo to upgrade your smart home security system. You can use simple voice commands to view the recorded footage using a Chromecast. 

It also helps you to record and play different messages to visitors if you can’t answer the door right away. Hence, it can be your one-stop solution to improve your home security without wasting a single dime on subscriptions. 

Amcrest Video Doorbell


  • Resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Customise several activity zones 
  • SD card for local storage 
  • Free cloud storage for one year 


  • Not compatible with Google Home 

If you’re a tech-savvy security geek, Amcrest brings you a range of smart home security devices, and their latest video doorbell is just another outstanding addition to the product lineup. Thanks to its built-in SD card, you don’t have to pay hefty subscription fees or rely on cloud storage to access video recordings. 

It also pairs well with the wide network of Amcrest video recorders and the Blue Iris video management software (VMS). In that way, you can enjoy the advanced security features of this video doorbell without the burden of paying any monthly charges. It is compatible with existing traditional and digital chimes to offer high-definition surveillance videos of 1920x1080p resolution. 

Furthermore, the built-in speaker and microphone allow two-way audio, so you can easily speak with visitors without needing to get up and open the front door. The doorbell camera also offers an extra wide 140-degree viewing to help you cover every possible angle of your front porch. You can select the parts of the camera angle you want to view on the monitor with its customisable activity detection zones. 

On top of this, the PIR motion sensor sends alerts via push notifications or email, and you can instantly view the footage recordings from your mobile device using the Amcrest Smart Home app. You also receive a one-year free subscription to Amcrest SmartHome Cloud with this device, allowing access to the surveillance recordings no matter where you are. 

But, keep in mind that the SD card storage isn’t compatible with the Amcrest Cloud, so the videos stored on the microSD card won’t be available on the cloud platform. In addition to this, the Amcrest video doorbell doesn’t allow Google Home integration, so you can’t access any of its security features through simple voice commands. 

Blink Video Doorbell 


  • Local storage through Sync Module 2
  • Compatible with Alexa 
  • 1080p HD video 
  • Easy WiFi connectivity 


  • Limited customisation options for motion detection 

Once the market for video doorbells without subscriptions started to expand, Amazon took the opportunity to introduce its own affordable video doorbell with Blink instead of making Ring subscription-free. So, the Blink video doorbell is powered by the technological brilliance of Amazon to boost your smart home security system. 

The Blink doorbell pairs with Sync Module 2 to store all video recordings locally without using any cloud platform that might require you to pay additional fees. Once you connect the video doorbell with the Sync Module 2 using a USB drive, you can access all the surveillance footage from home. 

The combination of these two smart home devices offers the cheapest video doorbell option without any monthly charges. You can also check out its cloud storage because the video doorbell comes with a one-month free trial of the Blink Subscription Plan. However, you’re under no obligation to sign up for the subscription plan once the trial period expires. 

On top of this, the installation is pretty straightforward, and you can do it yourself in a few minutes. After setting it up, connect it to your home’s WiFi network using the mobile app, and you’ll be good to go. It’s also compatible with Alexa, allows you to access recorded videos through voice activation, and supports two-way audio. 

By pairing the doorbell with Alexa, you can receive chime and motion detection alerts on your phone and arm or disarm the front door to enhance home security. But, the customisable motion detection options are pretty limited, and it doesn’t support Google Assistant or Google Home smart devices. 

Arlo Video Doorbell


  • Local storage with Arlo smart hub 
  • Incoming calls for visitor alerts 
  • HD video and night vision 
  • Integrates Google Home and Alexa 


  • Premium features require a subscription 

When it comes to the best video doorbell without subscription, Arlo has made some truly groundbreaking advancements. Their budget-friendly video doorbell offers outstanding smart features that can go head-to-head with any premium smart home security device. It comes with all the nifty details that can upgrade your security system, from motion detection to night vision. 

With the Arlo video doorbell, you will receive motion detection alerts on your phone to track any potential lurker. But once a visitor rings the doorbell, it’ll go through like an incoming video call so that you can see who’s at the door. Thanks to its 1080p video quality and crisp night vision, you can also monitor all your visitors round the clock. 

Moreover, the Arlo Smart Hub connectivity ensures the local storage of all surveillance recordings to optimise the performance of your security cameras without the hassle of monthly subscriptions. You need the Arlo Smart Hub to store the footage on your hard drive or SD card without subscribing to cloud storage. 

The Arlo smart doorbell comes with a built-in alarm that sends an alert and gets triggered every time there’s a lurker around your front porch. Its microphone and speaker also allow easy two-way audio if you want to talk to your visitors without getting up. In addition, the video doorbell fully integrates Google Home and Alexa to allow voice recognition, live streaming of recorded videos, and much more. 

However, this Arlo video doorbell also comes with some clear disadvantages. For instance, you can view the locally stored videos on your smartphones or laptops only if there’s a strong WiFi connection because poor connectivity can be an issue. Not to forget, you’ll need a subscription to access all the premium features of this smart doorbell, including cloud storage, intelligent alerts, and activity zones. 

Eufy Dual Video Doorbell


  • Two security cameras
  • Dual sensors for better motion detection 
  • Easy subscription-free access 
  • Offline video storage 
  • Wired and battery-powered variants 


  • More expensive than ordinary Eufy doorbells 
  • Larger and bulkier design 

Moving on, we bring you another video doorbell from Eufy with two doorbell cameras and dual motion detection sensors to offer better security and complete protection. So, thanks to this Eufy doorbell, you can access all the advanced home security features without the financial hassle of monthly charges.

The dual cam technology eliminates all blind spots and offers a complete view of your doorstep and front porch. Furthermore, the downward-facing video camera is movable so that you can adjust it to any angle for an unobstructed view of the porch. Both cameras produce high-quality 2k videos, capturing every minute detail. 

In addition, the dual motion detection technology featuring radar and infrared sensors can help detect near and far away objects, eliminating almost 95% of false alarms. Thanks to the dual sensors, you’ll be notified immediately if someone leaves a package at your doorstep. Not only this, but you’ll also receive security alerts if anyone approaches the package.  

Moreover, the Eufy video doorbell uses a Homebase to store all the recorded doorbell footage locally inside your home. You can access all these smart features without any subscription, including the offline storage of your video recordings. It’s also available in two options – wired and battery-powered wireless doorbells. So, you can go for either variant based on your requirements and preferences. 

But, on the downside, since the doorbell comes with two cameras, it has a much larger and bulkier design compared to ordinary Eufy video doorbells. The dual camera and dual sensor features also make it much more expensive than any video doorbell without subscription. That’s why carefully consider your budget if you want to purchase this Eufy video doorbell.  

Brinno Peephole Camera


  • Indoor LCD screen 
  • Recorded videos directly sent to your inbox
  • No subscription required 
  • Captures photos of visitors automatically 


  • Doesn’t support smart home devices 

If you found none of the above smart devices good enough to float your boat, we have the Brinno Peephole Camera. It offers an alternative style compared to the typical video doorbells and allows you to take a quick peek at whoever’s standing at your front door. 

In fact, the camera is highly power efficient and lasts up to six months while safely storing all the security backups without a subscription. It might not offer two-audio and remote view features, but it can automatically take photos of every visitor to monitor any irregular activity closely. The knocking and motion detector sensors also work together to track the activities of your visitors. 

Moreover, the camera is completely inconspicuous and can be installed perfectly inside the peephole of your front door. So, none of the visitors will know when the device is taking their picture and stealing it will be an almost impossible task. The installation process is also pretty straightforward, and you can simply follow the tutorials and user manual to set up the device effortlessly. 

On top of this, the indoor LCD screen records and shows the interactions every time the doorbell rings. It sends the recordings to your email inbox, and you can easily view them on the laptop or desktop at any time without any hefty monthly fees. 

However, this device won’t be of any help if you are planning to integrate smart devices, like Alexa or Google Home, into your security system. Similarly, remote access to recorded doorbell footage is also out of the question. But overall, it’s quite an upgrade from the traditional peephole and can greatly help kids and elders who can’t always reach the peephole.

Lorex 2k WiFi Video Doorbell


  • Crystal clear 2k video resolution 
  • Coloured night vision
  • WD Purple microSD card for local storage
  • Built-in Person Detection 


  • No chime alerts 

Even though Lorex home security devices are quite well-known among homeowners, their latest 2k WiFi doorbell is head and shoulders above their other products. Since it’s a wired doorbell, you can easily install it by connecting it with your existing doorbell cables. Furthermore, with an impressive 2k video resolution and a 164-degree wide-angle viewing, it captures all the tiniest details. 

The LED light has outstanding low-light capacities and automatically activates when the device detects even the slightest of motions. You can also adjust the light exposure of the doorbell cam to enhance the video quality, thanks to its HDR quality. Not to mention, the doorbell offers a coloured night vision to double up your home security even in the pitch-black darkness of night. 

On top of this, the WD Purple microSD card allows you to store the recorded surveillance footage locally with no additional monthly fees. Its base unit offers sufficient local storage and is safely placed inside your home for better security. The two-way audio allows you to record personalised messages and communicate with your visitors without opening the front door. 

Moreover, thanks to its built-in Person Detection technology, the Lorex WiFi video doorbell can detect any activity around your front porch. You will receive instant notifications on your Lorex Home mobile app whenever the device detects a motion or activity. It also sends app notifications when someone rings the doorbell, so you’ll know who’s visiting even if you’re not at home. 

You can easily integrate the video doorbell with smart home assistance devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo to operate the doorbell effortlessly. But, on the downside, the device doesn’t come with any chime alerts, so you’ll only know about the incoming visitors by checking your mobile notifications. 

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re still having trouble deciding on the best device for your home security system, it’s time to look at some key features that might make the decision a bit easier. So, let’s take a look! 

1. Wired Vs. Battery-Powered 

When it comes to installing video doorbells, you get two options – wired and battery-powered models. If you already have an existing doorbell or installing cables seems more convenient to you, going for a wired video doorbell can be quite hassle-free. You don’t need to worry about battery life or battery recharge with wired doorbells. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an easy installation, a battery-powered video doorbell can be a much better choice. But, make sure to compare the battery life of your chosen product with others to get the best pick. 

Furthermore, check whether the device comes with a removable rechargeable battery or if you have to take the whole thing down to recharge it. Removable batteries are always better because you can avoid taking down the device every time it needs a recharge.  

2. Video Storage 

The best feature of a subscription-free video doorbell is local storage of all your video recordings to avoid cloud storage. While some doorbells store videos on the devices, others have a smart Homebase hub to store the recordings locally. 

If the recording is stored on the device itself, there’s always a risk of losing it when someone steals the doorbell. Thus, you’ll have no surveillance footage to determine how the device got stolen or who stole it. 

In contrast, it’s much safer when the device comes with a Homebase because your recorded videos will remain safely stored in the base unit even if the doorbell gets stolen. In that way, you can access the recordings from a laptop or PC to stream all your surveillance videos. 

It’s always best to look for video doorbells with a base unit inside the home, locally storing videos for better protection. 

3. Alerts And Motion Detection 

The accuracy and sensitivity of the motion detection sensors greatly influence the performance quality of video doorbells. You don’t want to receive random false alarms due to poorly built motion sensors.

Some video doorbells without subscriptions, like Eufy, allow you to access all their advanced motion detection features with no additional monthly charges. However, with many other video doorbells like Arlo, you’ll need a subscription to enjoy their smart motion detection. 

In the latter case, even though these devices offer certain features without a subscription, premium features, such as motion detection are usually hidden behind a lofty paywall. Therefore, always go for video doorbells offering subscription-free motion detection alerts. 

4. Video Resolution  

The efficiency of a video doorbell in showing all the minute details of a recording depends on the video resolution. Although most doorbell cameras can seamlessly record and store videos, only a handful offer HD resolution. Since the whole point of installing a video doorbell is to correctly identify and monitor the activity of your visitors, the device loses its reliability without excellent video resolution. 

In this context, you can consider the Eufy video doorbells that offer an excellent 2k resolution, capturing every minute detail. The Amcrest or the Blink doorbells are also pretty good at recording high-quality videos of 1080p resolution. You can choose any of these video doorbells to record all your surveillance footage maintaining superb resolution. 

5. Smart Assistance Compatibility

If you prefer to upgrade your smart home security system by integrating AI-based voice assistance devices, like Google Home or Alexa, look for video doorbells that are compatible. Smart assistance integration allows you to use simple voice commands to stream recorded doorbell videos, lock or unlock your front door, and more. 

Furthermore, pairing smart home assistance devices with your video doorbell allows you to enjoy the added benefits of smart speakers, chime alerts, and instant voice activation. In this context, the Eufy or Arlo video doorbells can be a great choice because they integrate both Alexa and Google Home. On the other hand, the Blink video doorbell is only compatible with Alexa. 

6. Affordability 

Any smart home security device is bound to be more expensive than traditional devices, so video doorbells are no different. That said, video doorbells without subscription offer a much more affordable option because you don’t need to pay any additional monthly charges. So, the upfront installation cost is all you need to consider in this case. 

It’s best to look for doorbells that offer premium smart features at an affordable price for you to upgrade your home security without breaking the bank. 

For instance, the Amcrest video doorbell allows you to customise activation zones without paying any extra fees. In comparison, the Arlo doorbell requires a subscription to offer access to such premium features. It basically comes down to your budget to select the best product that can offer great value for your money. 


It’s natural to have tons of questions if you haven’t used a video doorbell before and want to try it for the first time. Below we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions that can help you make the right buying decision. 

Do video doorbells need WiFi connectivity? 

Yes, most video doorbells need a strong WiFi connection to notify and send alerts on your mobile app whenever they detect any activity or motion around your front door. Even though you can use any existing wires to power up the wired video doorbells, you’ll still need a WiFi connection to record, store, and access surveillance videos. 

Furthermore, without WiFi connectivity, you can’t control the operations of a video doorbell using a smart mobile app. So, whether you want to install a battery-powered or wired smart video doorbell, you’ll need a good home WiFi network. 

Will you receive alerts and notifications if you’re not at home?

As smart home security devices, all video doorbells pair with their individual mobile apps to send you alerts and push notifications even when you’re not at home. Once you access the device from the smartphone app, you can stream recorded videos and monitor the activity of all visitors. 

Some doorbells also help to record personalised messages and offer two-way audio for you to interact with the visitors when you’re not at home.

What’s the ideal battery life of a good video doorbell? 

Depending on your wireless video doorbell model, its battery life will vary. Temperature can also be a determining factor in maintaining the longevity of lithium-ion batteries, especially under freezing temperatures. 

Moreover, the battery life will automatically increase if the doorbell model has advanced motion detection sensors that can limit camera usage. Most wireless models offer a battery life of 2 to 12 months, but it’s best to change the batteries around 2 to 6 months with regular usage. 

Does a wired doorbell last longer than battery-powered doorbells?

Even though the installation process of a wired doorbell can be somewhat cumbersome, it offers much better longevity than any wireless battery doorbell. Once the doorbell is installed, there’s no hassle of recharging or replacing batteries. 

Additionally, the performance of wired doorbells won’t vary with temperature fluctuations. You may need to install a transformer if you don’t have one, but the result will be worth it in the long run. 

Can you use a Ring doorbell without any subscription? 

Since Ring is considered the industry leader when it comes to video doorbells, they offer very limited features without a subscription. You’ll receive the usual notifications when the doorbell rings or if there’s any activity around your front door without paying additional subscription charges. 

However, you can’t access or view recorded videos if you’ve missed an event without a subscription. You’ll also lose almost all the smart features of the doorbell that allow the customisation of push notifications if you don’t pay for the additional monthly fees. To sum it up, you can’t experience the optimal performance quality of a Ring doorbell without a subscription. 

Final Verdict 

Choosing the best video doorbell without subscription is no easy task when you have so many excellent products. You need to go through all their features, price tags, performance quality, and other factors to make the best choice. So naturally, more options lead to more confusion. 

That said, we hope our recommended products can help to clear some of that confusion. But if you’re still feeling a bit hesitant about selecting the most suitable product, we suggest you go with the Eufy 2k video doorbell

It offers outstanding video quality, and you can enjoy all the advanced features of this smart video doorbell without paying any added monthly charges. You can also choose between wired and battery-powered versions of this Eufy doorbell. 

However, you can try out other products from our list based on your requirements and preferences. On that note, we’ll sign off. Until next time! 

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