Best Right Angle Drill For Electricians

Why are right-angle drills so popular with electricians, can’t a normal power drill do the same job? Are right-angle drills reliable?

Right-angle drills are perfect for getting into tight areas that a normal power drill can’t do, like drilling between floor joists or inside a cabinet. Right angle drills are reliable, with the biggest names in the industry manufacturing them.


What is a right angle drill and when do you need one?

Right angle drills are pretty versatile, and when you are in that tight spot, the right angle drill can solve your problem.

Right angle drills are perfect for electricians, plumbers, and the DIY enthusiast when you need to drill a hole or tighten a screw in a tight spot.

Right angle drill reviews



Top Pick

MAKITA DDA351Z 18V LXT Cordless Angle Drill

  • Makita DDA351Z: Compact. Powerful. Perfect for Electricians.
  • All-Steel Gearbox. Fan-Cooled Motor. Makita Dominates Power Tools.

MILWAUKEE C18RAD- 18V Li-Ion Cordless Right Angle

  • Milwaukee C18RAD-0: Optimal Performance. World-Class Durability.
  • Secure Grip. Multi-Position Handle. Longer Battery Life.

DeWalt DCD740N 18V XR Right Angle Drill

  • Tough Day Ahead? DeWalt DCD740 Has Got You Covered.
  • Compact Design. All-Metal Gearing. Multi-Grip Trigger. Maximum Durability.

Top Pick

MAKITA DDA351Z 18V LXT Cordless Angle Drill


  • Fast delivery
  • No outer packaging, the original boxes are really sturdy enough.


  • The original cardboard was not even glued shut and the lid was already open after transport.

Makita still retains its dominance in quality power tools, and the Makita DDA351Z 18V cordless angle drill will not disappoint its users.

The DDA351Z angle drills offer a compact drill that is powerful and yet has a profile to fit into compact spaces.

This lightweight and easy-to-handle right-angle drill has a slimline design making it the must-have tool for any electrician.

The ergonomic design incorporates a rubber grip for comfort and stability.

A precision-made all-steel gearbox gives the Makita DDA351Z smooth operation and extended durability. The 33 torque settings make light work of drilling through steel, composites, and wood surfaces.

The fan-cooled motor prevents the drill from overheating and extends the overall life of the Makita drill.

As standard, the drill is fitted with a 10mm keyless chuck for the ease of fitting and removing drill bits.

 An all-metal gearbox gives this tool extra durability for use on-site, and 33 torque settings make light work of tasks in wood and metal. A fan-cooled motor prevents overheating, and a 10mm keyless chuck makes fitting drill bits easy.

DDA351Z Features:

  • Compact design to work in tight spaces
  • Metal gear housing for robust onsite use
  • 4 pole LXT motor improves performance
  • Bright LED to illuminate the working surface
  • Rubber handle for comfort and stability with anti-slip
  • Electric brake
  • Forward and reverse rotation

MILWAUKEE C18RAD- 18V Li-Ion Cordless Right Angle


  • Super versatile
  • Good quality


  • Spin slowly 800rpm

The Milwaukee C18RAD-0 angle drill is all you would expect from Milwaukee power tools.

The C18RAD-0 produces 1500rpm with an impressive 20 nm of torque. The drill is compact, which gives it the ideal profile for working in confined spaces.

The C18RAD-0 is fitted with Milwaukee’s REDLINK™ overleaf protection, complete with a battery pack that gives this right angle drill the durability Milwaukee tool users expect from the best in class right angle drill.

The drill has an optimised power to weight ratio and an ergonomic design for the fast completion

of tasks.

The 10 mm single sleeve chuck provides the user with a grip that surpasses its rivals. The user controls the right angle drill due to the 10:1 electronic clutch.

The drill incorporates a multi-grip handle design for user comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1500rpm at 20 nm for optimal performance
  • REDLINK™ overload protection for electronic tools and a battery pack to deliver world-class durability
  • Optimised speed to power ratio 10:1 to enable fast completion of tasks
  • Secure grip 10 mm chuck gives versatility and grip for the user
  • Profile designed to access tight spaces
  • Multi-position handle designed for user comfort 
  • Perfect clutch control for driving screws
  • Battery cell monitoring provides the battery with a longer life and ensures maximum endurance while on site
  • Milwaukee fuel gauge, you can see the battery life remaining
  • Built-in LED to illuminate the working area
  • The REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery pack provides 2x more run time and up to 20% more power
  • The REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery pack give 2x more battery life and operates down to minus 20℃ than rival lithium-ion battery technologies
  • Milwaukee® M18™ are flexible
  • Cell separator

DeWalt DCD740N 18V XR Right Angle Drill


  • Nice and light
  • Powerful
  • The drill is very quiet


  • None

You may need a DeWalt right angle drill to get you through the day when you have a tough day ahead of you.

The DeWalt DCD740 offers all the power you will need. The DCD740 is a compact, lightweight drill with a profile that will fit into the tightest of spaces.

The DeWalt side angle DCD740 features the NEW XR LI-Ion battery technology to provide this compact straight angle drill with plenty of power for drilling and screwing.

The multi-grip trigger provides comfort and control when the user is working in confined spaces.

The best-in-class all-metal gearing provided the right angle drill with a longer run time and increased durability.

The DCD740 has an ultra-bright LED to illuminate the working surface with a delay feature that extends battery life.

DCD740N Features: 

  • The Dewalt DCD740N has two-speed settings with a reverse switch
  • 18V XR Li-Ion compact right-hand drill is designed to work in restricted spaces and provide adequate power for drilling and screwing
  • Compact 10mm single sleeve keyless chuck with an automatic spindle lock for speed of changing drill bits
  • Ergonomic design with rubber over mould for comfort and grip
  • Multi-grip triggers allow the user to operate the trigger from various positions.
  • Fan cooled motor for added durability and maximised power
  • Precision engineered all-metal gearing for more power and durability giving the drill a longer life
  • LED incorporating a delay for enhanced visibility when working
  • DeWalt Li-Ion slide pack design for easy battery insertion and removal
  • Steel belt clip with heavy-duty magnet ensures a better storage solution for drill bits
  • DeWalt multi-voltage charger for 18V,14.4V, and 10.8V XR Li-Ion slide battery packs


They all have something to offer the electrician and great features, but when it comes down to the crunch, the MAKITA DDA351Z is the top pick due to its heritage and rugged design.

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