Best Hammer For Electricians

When you buy tools for a job or need a new one, you want to get the right tool that can last. This is why you need to consider the hammer and which one to use.

The best hammer for electricians is not the same as the best hammer for carpenters. When you know what to look for, you can get the right hammer for whatever job you might have.


Best electricians hammer

  1. Top Pick: Wiha Hammer Head
  2. KS Tools hammer
  3. Southwire hammer
  4. Wiha 832-38 
  5. Hultafors hammer



Top Pick

Wiha Hammer Head

  • Discover the Amazon top pick: Wiha’s electrician’s hammer!
  • Experience perfect balance, ergonomic handling, and improved access.

KS Tools hammer

  • Discover the lightweight and durable KS TOOLS hammer today!
  • Enjoy easy handling, great grip, and a polished finish.

Southwire hammer

  • Upgrade your hammer to the heavy-duty Southwire electrician’s hammer!
  • Experience maximum power, comfort grip, and extended neck.

Top Pick

Wiha Hammer Head


  • Lightweight
  • Easy clip removal
  • Perfect for tight spaces


  • Not a budget hammer

This is our top pick, and it’s also currently Amazon’s choice pick. This is because it’s relatively affordable, has the most reviews and currently holds a 5-star overall review (which is rare). When using a hammer in tight spaces and corners, unsightly marks can be left behind. This is not true of Wiha’s electrician’s hammer. 

The U-shaped striking surface and flatter top provides optimum access to tight spaces. Plus, its optimally uniform weight distribution promises perfect balance, delivering impact and fatigue-free work. 

What we like

Ergonomic: This hammer unites ergonomic handling, balanced weight distribution, and a non-slip handle. This electrician’s hammer fits perfectly into the hand, ensuring a secure hold when striking.

Improved access: Perfectly suited for use in confined working environments thanks to the combination of a square and round head shape.

Efficient: Its optimally uniform weight distribution promises perfect balance, delivering impact and fatigue-free work.

What to look for

As an electrician, you know that having the right tools is important. Having the best hammer for the job can make a big difference in your work. But how do you choose the right one? There are many factors to consider, such as weight, handle size, and head type.

90% of the time, you’ll need a hammer for clipping cables (depending on your daily work), so it’s a good idea to look for a hammer you can use in confined spaces and has a claw for when you have to pull any clips back out. 

Weight: The heavier the hammer, the more force it can deliver. However, a too heavy hammer can be difficult to control. Generally, you won’t need a heavy hammer.

Handle size: The handle should be long enough so that you can comfortably grip it and use some leverage. It should also be thick enough so that your hand doesn’t slip off when you’re swinging the hammer.

Head type: There are three main types of heads: flat, round, and claw. Each has its own

There are three main types of hammers: flat, round, and claw. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for the job.

Electricians Hammer Reviews

KS Tools hammer


  • Lightweight
  • Great for use in tight places
  • Affordable


  • Not a claw hammer

You’ll be delighted with the quality, solid construction and excellent grip. Excellent for use in tight places. It’s also very lightweight, however, it doesn’t have the claw hammer back, so it’s not the best if you need to remove nails or clips with it. Another point is that its great value for the price.

The head and edges are polished, and the head coating is made from structured powder-baked lacquer. The hammer head is also made of high-quality special steel, so it’s a very durable hammer.

What we like

Lightweight: The minimal design and fibreglass handle make it easy to carry and use daily. 

Good brand: KS TOOLS is a rapidly growing brand with the company already successfully been in business for 10 years amongst the international competition.

Durable: The impact area surfaces are inductively hardened.

Southwire hammer


  • Good grip
  • Less shock during use
  • Comfortable and well balanced


  • Fairly heavy

This is a great alternative to our top pick. It’s fairly heavy because it’s constructed from durable drop forged steel, so it will stand up to the rugged work environment. It’s slightly more expensive, however, Southwire electrician’s hammer is equipped with the power you need to get the job done.

It features an extended neck and integrated romex staple remover. Plus, as an added bonus, the handle is lightweight fibreglass which is needed because the hammer is fairly hefty.

What we like

Great handle: The comfort grip handle and tether/lanyard hole makes your job easier and safer.

Heavy duty: 18 oz head Constructed from drop forged steel for maximum power and durability.

Extended neck: extra long neck is ideal for reaching into outlet boxes and other tight areas, making it the perfect hammer for electricians

Wiha 832-38 


  • Easily replaced when worn
  • Pleasant in the hand
  • Excellent quality 


  • Changing the heads is very difficult 

Another hammer from Wiha, however, this is more of a mallet hammer to be used when you can’t leave hammer holes if a slip-up happens. We think the hickory handle is spot on, but you can always put some tennis racket grip tape (or electrical tape) around the handle to make it more comfortable.

It has two ends with a different levels of firmness (see below), and you can even use a hex key and change the faces if needed. Overall, it’s one of the best mallet hammers you can buy for the money. 

What we like

Safety hammer: With a wooden hickory handle, a round impact head. The all-rounder with safety in all details.

Two heads for firmness: The black head is medium soft: For plasterwork, laying tiles, drywall. The orange head is hard: For assembly and disassembly work, and construction work.

Lasts forever: After a few years (if needed), the ergonomic hickory wood handle and impact heads are sold individually as spare parts.

Hultafors hammer


  • Lightweight 
  • Good design for clipping and removing clips
  • Handy size


  • Expensive

This is the most expensive electrician’s hammer on the list. It’s a versatile hammer with a U-shaped striking face which is useful for tapping in cable clamps in confined spaces. This shape makes it possible to work close to ceilings and corners without leaving marks on surrounding surfaces, and the straight claw makes it easy to get at and remove nails and cable clamps in tight places.

A positive with this hammer is that it’s insulated along the entire length. This allows you to pick several hand positions along the shaft to hammer, and tap out claw items in relative safety, although no electrical safety ratings exist for this hammer that I have found.

What we like

Good grip: Ergonomically designed handle for good grip along the entire handle, regardless of power or precision. The black rubber handle grip is some form of hardened neoprene, and it seems very durable and provides an excellent gripping surface. 

Electricians claw: Really handy hammer, the jaws of the hammer are wider than normal claw hammers, which is really effective at removing redundant cable clips from walls.

Good size: Smaller than a traditional claw hammer, makes it a handy size to fit in the tool bag.


We wholeheartedly recommend the Wiha hammerhead, this is an excellent hammer for various jobs an electrician might encounter, and that’s why we recommend this hammer. It’s also a bonus that it’s affordable. 

We hope we helped you out. Happy shopping. 

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