NASA Electrician Interesting Facts

Does NASA have electricians working on their space rockets and vehicles? Can anyone become a NASA electrician?

NASA has electricians working in their facilities and electricians working in their rocket facilities. Electricians are required in most walks of life in space exploration. If you have the qualifications, you can apply to NASA as an electrician; depending on your expertise, you may wish to work as part of facility maintenance or as a rocket scientist.


Does NASA have electricians?

Yes, without electricians, NASA’s facilities would grind to a halt. Electricians are required to keep the facilities operating. The scope of the works can vary from lighting to fault-finding circuits.

NASA has 10 sites across the US, with its headquarters based in Washington DC and the main production facility in Florida. There are plenty of scopes to be employed by NASA as an electrician.

How do you get a job at NASA?

Apply. It’s an easy process to apply to NASA for a job, and the job listings are on USA-Jobs, which is the federal government website that includes positions at NASA.

You can browse all of the jobs at NASA and create a profile and submit your resume.

Do electricians make good money at NASA?

Yes, an electrician makes 9% over and above the national average for the same job, which takes a journeyman electrician’s salary to approximately $73,000 per year.

Depending on the location and your skill level, some electrician jobs attract around $125,00 per year, which is astronomical for a journeyman electrician.

What does an electrician do at NASA?

It’s pretty much like an electrician’s facility’s job; you will deal with high voltage and maintaining the electricity system to the facility. Some electricians will be maintaining the office electrical system that includes light fitting and switches.

You could be pulling cables for a new control panel or replacing a faulty outlet socket in the human resources department.

Is it a good job being a journeyman electrician at NASA?

Yes, as an electrician, you get a lot of benefits such as 401K, healthcare, vision, dental, and life insurance, and that’s not to mention it’s a great place to work and has job security.

Even with competition for SpaceX, NASA is a government body, and it decides what work is placed where. There is lots of competition in the effort to explore space, so working for NASA is a long-term proposition for the journeyman electrician. 

However, plenty of contractors works at NASA to decide which is the better route for you in the long term.

How can I join NASA as a student?

It can be a difficult process. The NCAS project for community colleges and students across the USA has an interactive learning camp.

The course culminates in a four-day training course at NASA’s facilities. From there, you can apply to become an intern.

What does an electrical engineer do at NASA?

Electrical engineers have different roles depending on their expertise. Typically electrical engineers design and develop electrical systems and sensitive electronic equipment.

This electrical system can be used in advanced avionics or other in-flight operations during a mission.

Computers play a pivotal role in designing and incorporating electrical systems that could be used in orbit.

Is it hard to get a job at NASA?

Yes, NASA recruits the best people it can find coming straight from university. 

While getting to a position where NASA offers you a job can be daunting and off-putting, it’s not entirely impossible.

The process of being hired is rigorous and disheartening in many cases. Still, NASA will only ever recruit the very best students to maintain their edge in the industry.

The key to getting a job offer from NASA is to make yourself get noticed in a good way. Be active and passionate about what you do and your field of expertise.

It is possible to get the job you dream of.

Can I work for NASA without a degree?

Yes, if you are not applying for a professional job or a scientific position, then you can apply to work at NASA.

Like many employers, the thing that gets you through the door is your experience and attitude.

Can I work for NASA if I’m not American?

A non-American citizen is rarely allowed to work for NASA. YOU must be a US citizen to work as a civil employee at NASA.

If space exploration is your ultimate goal, then you could apply to join the International Space Partners or Agencia Espcacial Brasileira.

Can electrical engineers work in space?

Yes, electrical engineers are one of the disciplines required to work in space. There are electrical developments that can be made in space, and a greater understanding of what is required is gained by the electrical engineer working in space,

It’s not just electrical engineers who can work in space. It’s other services from engineers to computers that are needed in space.

What is the highest paid job in NASA?

NASA jobs are not as high as some of its competitors, and when you consider a journeyman electrician can earn $125,000 per year at NASA, it puts the pay disparity into perspective.

RankJob TitleAverage Salary
1Group Leader$158,752
2Program Manager$110,701
3Software Engineer$100,661
4Software Developer$96,699

How can I become a NASA engineer?

You need a pretty good education and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from an accredited university in the USA.

NASA does not recognise engineering technology as a qualifying degree. You may wish to consider a degree in life science, and mathematics to become a more attractive prospect for NASA.

If you can’t work at NASA, where next?

There are alternatives, such as SpaceX, where a lot of talent from NASA transferred. The key is to have the right qualifications and the right attitude to find the job of your dreams.

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