Journeyman Electrician Tool List

Does a journeyman electrician require more tools than a standard electrician? Does the journeyman use quality tools all of the time?

The journeyman electricians’ tool list is extensive. They are the bread and butter of their trade, so it’s always a good idea to have all of the tools you need to complete the job easily. Having quality tools as a journeyman is vital. You can not afford for your tools to be breaking when you are at work.


What tools does a journeyman electrician need?

The journeyman electrician needs the best affordable tools available for a tradesperson. Durability and reliability are key factors in the choice of tools purchased.

What makes a good journeyman tool? Some tools will be subjective, meaning it’s a personal choice based on experience and word of mouth. Reputation is everything for tool manufacturers, and who wants a tool that could fail in the field?

Should you buy individual electrical tools or buy a kit?

Have you considered what is best for the journeyman electrician? Should you purchase your tools individually and try to pick the best from each range at the quality, you can afford?

Or should you look for a turn-key solution and buy a kit, hoping it will provide everything you need?

There is a case for both methods of purchasing tools, it’s easy to buy a kit of electrical tools, and you have hopefully covered everything you need in one swoop, and now you can get at it and start earning some money.

However, do you need one screwdriver of every size in a range? Do you need multiple pairs of pliers? Should you stick to one brand?

Brand loyalty

If you can get everything under one roof from a brand like Klein, Knipex or CK tools, you may be able to negotiate a better deal than the advertised prices.

Does the brand offer a lifetime warranty? It’s great to find products with a lifetime warranty. You break the tool and get it replaced free of charge, perfect, right.

What does a journeyman electrician need in their tool kits?

It depends on what your focus is. Is it industrial electric, or will you focus on domestic electrics? Both have very different requirements as your career develops.

If you focus on domestic electrics, you could argue your needs are limited to:

  • Side cutters, a brand you like
  • Wire strippers, maybe more than 1 pair
  • Multimeter
  • Screwdriver set VDE or equivalent
  • Hammer
  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • Decent electrical drill
  • Hacksaw
  • Retractable blade
  • Insulation tape,
  • Connector blocks 

Plus, a carry bag or a backpack for your tools.

Let’s jump into the basics.


What makes a good screwdriver? For many of you, the screwdriver has two essential elements for a journeyman electrician 1 insulated, 2 it fits in hand.

Let’s forget about the sizes for a minute. The journeyman electrician must have a fully insulated screwdriver and working hand tools. You should always choose VDE or the US equivalent.

Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver, 8-in-1 Screwdriver Set with Interchangeable Blades, 3 Phillips, 3 Slotted and 2 Square Tips

This is a great starter kit and will complete almost any job you have at hand. Klein is renowned for quality tools, and this small screwed river pack will not disappoint you.

  • This Klein screwdriver set comes in a convenient slimline carry pouch with 5 interchangeable blades. The screwdriver set is VDE and insulated to 1000 volts.
  • Each Klein screwdriver set comes with two# Phillips heads, two slotted ¼ inches one #1 Square and one # 2 squares and a 3/16 slotted blade.
  • A quick twist and lock collar for securely inserting the blades and removal.
  • Hardened steel interchangeable blades with slim tips to access the smallest terminal blocks.
  • VDE. ASTM F 1505, handle and blade insulated to 1000 volts, exceeding ASTM F1505 for insulation properties.
  • Electric and flame resistance insulation.
  • Comfortable cushion grip that fits easily into the hand, delivering maximum torque.

What do users say about the Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver set?

Versatility 4.7 stars

Durability 4.6 stars 

Value for money 4.6 stars

Where to buy the Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver set?

Klein Tools J63050 Cable Cutter, Journeyman Cable Cutter Cuts Aluminum, Copper and Communications Cable with Shear-Type Jaws

An essential for every journeyman electrician is a great pair of cable cutters that can cut easily through multiple materials without the need for swapping cutters.

The shear-type jaws make cutting clean and easy. These journeyman cable cutters are cut so clean they can be used on communications cable without cruising the comms wires.

  • Cuts up to an impressive 4/0 aluminum AWG without a ratchet system, 2/0 AWG soft copper and 100- pair 25 AWG comms cable. Clean cut everything with hardened steel jaws sheer jaws.
  • Cut with precision using only one hand, which is indicative of the sheering power of the Klein jaws.
  • Ideally suited for confined working spaces.
  • USA made by Klein tools.
  • Sheer jaws are beveled to provide the best sheering action in this class of tools, the jaws are mated to precision which protects the leading edge of the jaw.
  • Fits most tool pouches, and tool carry bags.
  • Insulated handles with dual material provide a superior gripping surface to prevent slips.

What do users say about Klein Tools J63050 Cable Cutter?

Durability 4.5 stars

Comfort 4.4 stars

Ease of use 4.4 stars

Value for money 4.3 stars

Where to buy Klein Tools J63050 Cable Cutter

KNIPEX Tools 13 72 8 Forged Wire Stripper, 8-Inch

If you are searching for the best tools at a great value, you must look at the Knipex forged wire strippers, nothing fancy and automated that can let you down on site, just good old fashioned quality engineering from Knipex.

Knipex offers the pinnacle of German engineering in their tools, and these basic reliable wire strippers will be in your tool bag as a cherished item for years to come.

These wire strippers, although basic in appearance, are reported as being a game-changer!

  • Screw cutting cuts 6-32 and 8-32 without threading and cut from either the front or the back.
  • Easy to use for locating ridges, the wire strippers are fast and efficient giving a clean cut without touching the core.
  • It’s not just solid wire you can strip the Knipex strips stranded wires with equal efficiency without touching the cores, range 10 to 20 AWG.
  • Outstrips the competition with higher cutting capacity with only 25% of the power needed to achieve the same results.
  • Knipex is able to cut cable and wires NM-B, BX and MC.

What do users of KNIPEX Tools 13 72 8 Forged Wire Stripper, 8-Inch say?

Comfort 4.7 stars

Ergonomic 4.7 stars

Easy to use 4.6 stars

Value for money 4.2 stars

Where to buy KNIPEX Tools 13 72 8 Forged Wire Stripper, 8-Inch

KNIPEX Tools – Cable Cutters, Ratcheting Type, Multi-Component (9531280SBA)

For every job, the journeyman electrician tackles, there is always one that can cause hassle when there is no real need. Cutting armoured cable with a hacksaw is a hassle and time-consuming.

For the journeyman electrician, time is money and having the Knipex ASW cable cutters will save time and money, allowing the electrician to complete the task efficiently and faster.

Of course, electricians are no strangers to Knipex products, but how many use their premium end products?

Knipex is synonymous with German quality and game-changing innovations, and this cable cutter will change your game!

  • Knipex superior engineering-grade products, VDE rated insulation up to 1000 volts
  • This product has garnered respect in the industry, pushing Knipex to the higher echelons of quality tools
  • This cable cutter is the 1st choice every time by tradesmen worldwide
  • Quality assured and comfortable in use with its ergonomic design
  • Sliced through ASW cable with ease leaving a clean finish
  • This tool has reached worldwide acclaim for its ease of use and engineering quality

What do users of KNIPEX Tools – Cable Cutters say?

5 out of 5 global ranking ratings make this tool a must-have for the journeyman electrician.

Where to buy KNIPEX Tools – Cable Cutters

Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter, Non-Contact AC Voltage Detection, Measures Resistance/Continuity/Frequency/Capacitance/Min Max Average, Automatic AC/DC Voltage Selection, Low Impedance M

If there is one tool a journeyman electrician can’t be without is a multimeter. Fluke multimeters are renowned for their reliability and features. The Fluke 117 digital multimeter is the state of the art when compared with multimeters from other brands.

It has a large bright display for working in poor lighting environments and is one of the best all-around multimeters available.

  • The Fluke multimeter is fitted with volt alert for non-contact voltage detection.
  • The fluke automatically selects from ACV to DC as it detects the voltage automatically. It has DC millivolts range:600.0mV resolution:0.1mV
  • Prevents false readings from ghost voltages through its low impedance design
  • LED display that is bright for working in poor light conditions
  • Can measure non-linear loads with its true RMS (root mean square) function
  • Can operate down to -10℃ to + 50℃
  • Up to a 400-hour battery life

What do users say about Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter?

Accuracy 4.8 stars

Easy to use 4.8 stars

Easy to read 4.8 stars

Where to buy the Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter

Klein Tools 80028 Hand Tools Kit includes Pliers, Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers, Backpack, and More Jobsite Tools, 28-Piece

The all in one solution to selecting your journeyman electrician tools. Klein tools have provided just about everything in terms of manual tools inside this Klein tool bag.

  • Klein professional 28 piece tool kit complete with Klein carry bag, safety glasses and a complete electrician manual tool kit
  • Pump pliers, lineman pliers, long nose pliers and diagonal cutting shears
  • Every Kn lien screwdriver an electrician need is included in the tool bag, Philips, slotted, square drive all with insulated cushion grip handles for maximum torque and grip
  • Nut drivers, 3/16/1/4/5//16/3/8/7/16/and ½ inch, respectively
  • Backpack with a total of 39 pockets complete with a tradesman pro tool bag
  • Folding hex key set
  • Folding knife
  • 25-foot tape measure
  • Non-contact voltage tester with a flashlight

What do the Klein users say about this product?

Sturdiness 4.7 stars

Value for money 3.2 stars

Comfort 3.0 stars

Where to buy Klein Tools 80028 Hand Tools Kit

Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2 in. Cordless Hammer Drill

Well, you will need a cordless drill, so let’s go with one of the best on the market at this present time.

The Milwaukee M18 offers all the punch an electrician is going to need. It is important to note that Milwaukee drills do not include a battery when purchased online.

However, the Milwaukee drill has gained its reputation for reliability and power within a short time.

It has become the preferred drill of the tradesman worldwide and will certainly be a good choice for the journeyman electrician.

The Milwaukee is competitively priced for the features it packs, but some claim the durability is questionable.

  • The Milwaukee has a unique 4 poles frameless motor designed for long life, The motor incorporated strong rare earth magnets which have made this Milwaukee drill the best in its class for torque at maximum RPM
  • It’s man enough for every job on-site, it has a 1/2-inch quick-release chuck that makes slipping something that other drills in this class do
  • The drill has a built-in LED bright light for when working in poorly lit confined spaces
  • Torque = 525in. Lbs

What does the user of the Milwaukee M 18 say?

Lightweight 4.0 stars

Value for money 4.0 stars

Battery life 3.5 stars

Durability 1.0 stars

Where to buy the Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2 in. Cordless Hammer Drill