Facebook Ads For Electricians

Do Facebook ads work for electricians and other tradespeople? Is there a better way to find new customers for an electrician in the UK?

Facebook ads are known to work for electricians because Facebook ads allow you to target a demographic likely to be homeowners who need electricians. There are so many platforms available to grow your business, many of them free.


How do electricians get more customers?

There are multiple ways an electrician can grow their business. It’s about deciding on a marketing strategy that you can deal with and create yourself in house.

Facebook is one such platform that will allow you flexibility in marketing your business and how to approach your audience.

Can you target age groups on Facebook Ads?

Yes. Facebook uses the term audience is your target group and what’s perfect for the electrician is you can get down into the weeds and be specific with your target audience.

Decide what age group your audience should be. It’s pointless targeting 20-year-olds. They rarely own property and do not need an electrician.

Remember, you are targeting an audience to grow your business and not be the local handyman. So, what age group would be more likely to buy a fixer-upper as a property? Below 40?

Can I target salary or earnings on Facebook?

Not specifically, but you can target a job title which will give you a good indication of the salary potential of that person.

You can also target districts. It’s pointless targeting a council estate the size of a small town, so be selective, and nowhere you are likely to pick up work.

Is Facebook worth it for electricians?

Yes. Look at Facebook as one of the many tools you have to exploit your marketing strategy. Facebook is unlikely to deliver everything you need to grow your business, but it will undoubtedly get you noticed.

Be flexible and bold in your efforts to attract more customers from your audience. Place a well-timed video and explain your business.

Offer a limited time for discounted work to get the ball rolling. Once you have happy customers, you will have Facebook and word of mouth to establish your business.

What makes Facebook ads successful for electricians?

Facebook has 48.1 million users in the UK out of the 67.5 million population, so it’s fair to say your target audience is definitely on Facebook right now.

Facebook’s analytics gives a lot of info to enable the electrician to change his advertising method and even change around the target audience.

Will Facebook deliver new customers fast?

It depends on the quality of your content. Make sure you have a well-worded description of your services that are likely to attract new customers.

Introduce some great images of your before and after installations to demonstrate the quality of your workmanship.

Facebook can deliver fast results but stand out from the local competition, assuming you are not the only electrician in your county.

Facebook could see you with new customers within a week or so. Don’t get hung up on likes for your page. They mean nothing and do not generate any income.

How often should you run Facebook ads?

Consider your Facebook ads as a campaign. It’s your strategic venture into finding new customers.

Campaigns run for weeks, not days, and you have more than 1 ad in your campaign. Run 4 to5 sets of ads over a month and see how things are going.

You can tweak your ad campaign if needed, but the object of the exercise is to have a low cost of acquiring customers, so keep it going.

Can you run a Facebook ad without a business page?

Yes. But you should take the time and make a business page, Facebook makes it easy for you, and it will only take a short time.

Hopeful, in conjunction with your Facebook ad, you have a live website. You can direct inquiries on Facebook to your website.

How do I improve my Facebook ad quality rank?

Having a marketing strategy is all about evolving, so you are in a position where you know exactly what works and what customers are looking for.

However, you need to keep on top of your Facebook ads and always look to improve your ads’ quality.

Here are 7 pointers for Increasing Your Facebook Ads Quality Ranking?

  • Make sure you use video ads. People engage with video more than still images.
  • Limit the frequency of the ad.
  • Create quality content, no one enjoys clickbait.
  • Get straight to the point and keep it honest.
  • Test frequently so you can change things up.
  • Make sure your ads are running at peak engagement times, its useless to target a 40-year-old executive at 4 pm.
  • Boost ad engagement.

Always keep in mind what you wish to achieve and how you want to be perceived by potential clients and your competitors in the market.

Which call to action button works best on Facebook?

The shop now would be the wrong CTA to use, so the only relevant CTA is “Learn More”

Statistically, the Larem More CTA is the button that drives most of the results.

How do I advertise on Facebook without paying?

Is it possible to advertise on Facebook without spending a penny? Yes, it is, and there is a formula you should follow to get the most out of your Facebook posts.

  • Embed your posts.
  • Create excellent content that stands out from the crowd.
  • Encourage likes and shares of your page. It’s all about getting the message out in your local area.
  • Ask your followers to receive notifications, so they are updated on what’s new on your page.
  • Give thought-provoking content that will elicit a comment from your audience.
  • Change your content often, keep it fresh and engaging, state what’s new, special offers, and what changed in the regulations.
  • Create a fan page and keep engaged with your fans.
  • Become a content creator.

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