Do You Need Am2 To Be An Electrician?

What does an am2 mean to a customer? Do customers need to ask to view the am2 certificate before letting an electrician work in their home?

The AM2 is the certification a young electrician goes through to be assessed as an electrician. The younger electrician will undertake 5 assessment modules that include electrical work that an electrician would encounter daily. If you are ever unsure about an electrician, ask for the credentials.


Who needs AM2

If you are an electrician working for some time, you do not need to have an am2. The anm2 is designed to make sure younger electricians who have completed a 4-year training course have the required skills to work in your home.

What does AM2 stand for?

Achievement Measurement 2, is a practical skill-based exam containing 5 test modules to ensure the qualified young electrician is up to speed with their practical skills.

AM2 is administered by the National Electromechanical training (NET).

After completing the assessment successfully, you can be recognised as an electrician.

Is the AM2 test hard for a young electrician?

The Am2 test is designed to challenge the best young electricians to identify gaps in their knowledge and training.

Candidates who have applied to do the AM@ have some resources to study before the assessment.

The AM2 is a gap analysis covering the shortfall of training and not a way of backstepping a qualified apprentice electrician to destroy their confidence.

What do I need for AM2?

You will need to provide evidence of your training, including evidence of achieving an NVQ Level 3 diploma.

Competence-based qualifications:

  • City and guilds 2357
  • EAL.1605
  • JIB mature candidate assessment.

The AM2 is by no means an easy ride for the candidate being assessed.

How long is the AM2?

It takes 16.5 hours to complete and is very thorough in assessing competency and knowledge.

The AM2 also has a short online section. There are a series of timed tasks in specially equipped booths that contain typical wiring examples during this period.

Is AM2 part of NVQ 3?

Unfortunately no. You need to apply for an AM2 test, and then you will be advised of how, when, and where you can take the test.

Do you need an AM2 as a domestic installer?

No, a domestic installer is not considered a qualified electrician, although many have taken a 4-year course and attained their NVQ Level 3 Diploma.

Do customers need to see an AM2 pass certificate?

If they insist, why not! When an electrician passes the AM2, they can apply for a JIB gold card that states that they are an electrician.

This should be sufficient for the most curious customers as evidence that the electrician has completed a recognised training course and is qualified.

How can you become an electrician?

You will need to have at least 5 GCSEs with grades not lower than a ‘C,” and out of the 5 GCSEs, you must have maths and English.

Apply for a recognised apprenticeship with a local electrical company. The electrician’s course is 4 years long and will include a day release once a week during the academic year.

During the remaining time, you will be working alongside a qualified electrician learning the trade and picking up valuable skills that you will need in the future.

What personal skills will you need to be an electrician?

You will need some common sense, and the following will be an advantage:

  • Have an understanding of the industry and what sectors electricians work within.
  • Some knowledge of buildings, electricians work to building regulations and must be able to comprehend requirements.
  • Maths and physics will be a distinct advantage to enable the apprentice to understand drawings, and schematics and to be able to make fundamental calculations while on site.
  • Must be detailed oriented with a keen eye for detail.
  • Must be able to think fast on their feet and have problem-solving skills.
  • Be able to use their initiative and not wait for detailed instructions.

Together with the above, a resilient personality will help overcome mistakes and withstand banter.

Is it worth being an electrician in the UK?

Yes, Electricians are highly sought after tradespeople, and once qualified, the potential for high earnings is a reality.

There is a shortfall of qualified electricians of around 1500 each year, and the shortfall gap keeps widening as there are not enough youngsters coming into the trades.

If you work hard by the time you are in your mid-twenties, you could be earning close to a 6 figure salary that is enviable by anyone’s standards.

Is an electrician course hard?

It’s not easy, and you will be kept busy during your apprenticeship years. However, it’s not any harder than any of the other trades, and when qualified, you will be considered a prestigious trade.

What’s easier: a degree course or an apprenticeship?

If you are academic, then choose the degree course. It’s more desk-oriented, whereas the apprenticeship is about knowledge and hands-on experience.

An academic would probably struggle with an apprenticeship course, and likewise, the apprentice would likely sink into taking a degree.

Do electricians use a lot of maths?

Yes, but don’t panic. You can cope with all fundamental maths and should have learned most of it in physics classes in school.

If you can follow the laws of ohms and divide by 4, you are pretty much home free on the maths front.

Of course, you may be required to make some conversions, but everything is within reach. If you forget the formula, just google and use your calculator, it’s no big deal.

How much does an electrician make when qualified?

If you are employed and doing a few hours overtime, you can easily achieve 50k per year, but you can earn more if you want to earn more.

Being a qualified electrician is one of the most accessible routes to becoming self-employed. Once established, your earnings can skyrocket. Unfortunately so can the hours you work.

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