Best Multimeter for Electricians: Top-rated Multimeters

Multimeters or multitesters are essentially tools that electricians use to troubleshoot and locate faults during connections. If you select the right multimeter, you can get accurate and fast readings. With this in mind, we put together this list of best multimeters to aid electricians in purchasing top-notch tools.

Multimeters have various functions ranging from battery testing to an electric circuit’s voltage determination. Furthermore, multimeters come in handy for other occupations apart from electricians. DIYers and hobbyists often use the tool for testing their homes’ wiring and building sensors and motors. Thus, it is a sought-after tool that needs to be selected rightly.

We’ll have you know that before the invention of this multimeter, people used individual meters to check circuits’ voltage, current, and resistance. However, the creation of multimeters enabled users to perform various tests with this single device. Hence, you can save money as you don’t have to purchase a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter separately.

While multimeters are essential tools in the electrician’s toolbox, they can also cause problems if they are not of good quality. For starters, you can only get error-free readings if you use a good multimeter. Moreover, many companies have come up with their tools, making it difficult for people to know which is good and which to do away with. 

As a result, we wrote this article to answer people’s questions about the best multimeters. We also ensured that the tools we picked satisfied the interests of a do-it-yourself homeowner, an HVAC pro, and an electrician. We studied tests on each device, and we were satisfied with the efficiency of these multitesters.


Our top picks for multimeter for electricians are:



Top Pick

Klein Tools Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

  • Experience Unbeatable Durability and Versatility with Klein Tools MM600
  • Get Accurate Readings and Easy-To-Use Functionality at an Affordable Price!

Best for Electrical Troubleshooting

Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter

  • Fluke’s electrical multimeter is a highly ranked tool for efficient troubleshooting.
  • The sturdiness and batteries testing feature make the fluke multimeter reliable.

Portable and Multifunctional

KAIWEETS Clamp Multimeter

  • Lightweight Efficiency: KAIWEETS clamp multimeter – accurate, advanced, and versatile.
  • Technical Support: 3-year after-sale service and lifetime technical assistance.

Top Pick

Klein Tools Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Solid meter
  • It comes with thermocouples, test leads, and batteries
  • Easily accessible battery compartment
  • Low battery indicator


  • Too small test leads

Klein Tools, the manufacturer of this auto-ranging digital multimeter, has been in business since 1857. The company has earned the trust of millions of users because of its consistent efficiency and manufacturing of exceptional products. Significantly, its MM600 multimeter is built to endure a 2m fall. Thus, alongside other wear and tear, it can withstand the rigours of working in an active construction site if needed. Furthermore, this exceptional tool can take AC and DC current and voltage measurements, measuring up to 1000V and 10A, respectively. In addition, Klein digital multimeter is an advanced meter and works adequately to check the temperature and capacitance of circuits.

It is essential to note that you should not use it to measure the resistance of live currents. In addition, you should not use the tool in wet weather and electrical storms.


Variety of Tasks: Klein digital multimeter can carry out many duties. The tool can measure up to 10A of electrical current and more than 600 AC/DC voltage. In addition, it carries out resistance testing effectively. You can also use your digital multimeter for other purposes like duty cycle tests and capacitance checks.

Easy-To-Use: One feature of this multimeter that attracted us was its easy usability. You do not require expertise in the electrical field before you can use it. With a quick digest of the instruction manual, you can use Klein’s digital multimeter for your desired purpose. Furthermore, a sizable backlit LCD screen makes it easy for users to see the readings in dark places. Lastly, you can take readings easily because of its auto-ranging feature.

Affordable: Unlike some other brands, Klein’s digital multimeter comes at an affordable price. However, this does not lower its efficiency. The tool enables DIYers and electricians to get their desired device without exceeding their budget.

Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter


  • 3-year warranty
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Accurate measurements
  • Large white LED backlight
  • Holster with probe holders for easy storage
  • Safety rated
  • Sturdy build


  • A lot pricier than the other multimeters

In 2011, Fluke developed their electrical multimeter. Since its invention, the product has become sought-after as it is very effective for electrical troubleshooting. Furthermore, this tool has a feature that prevents inaccurate readings, often caused by ghost voltage. Fluke’s electrical multimeter also has an AutoVolt, enabling it to perform automatic AC or DC selection. Due to the presence of all these features, the tool works effectively and has never disappointed its users.

Significantly, the product does not only work in sunlight as it has a large white LED backlight that enables it to show precise readings in the dark. Moreover, this fluke multimeter possesses a min/max/average feature that allows users to detect/record signal fluctuations if any. Markedly, you can use this tool for various purposes ranging from checking resistance to continuity of a circuit.


Highly Ranked: Fluke’s electrical multimeter is highly ranked among multimeters. Due to the efficiency of the tool and the desirable features, it has become viral among users. Markedly, the product ranked 34 in multitesters.

Sturdiness: Notably, the fluke multimeter is well-known for its sturdiness. It might seem heavy to some people who like light tools, but its sturdiness is also an endearing feature to most electricians and HVAC technicians. Thus, if you want an excellent robust measuring device, you should use a fluke electrical multimeter.

Batteries Testing: The device possesses a low impedance voltage measurement mode. Thus, you can test your batteries during operation. Furthermore, you can easily change and replace the batteries of this tool. Therefore, if the ones that come with the multimeter run down, it is easy to purchase the batteries for replacement.

KAIWEETS Clamp Multimeter


  • Accuracy
  • Battery-powered
  • Double insulation
  • Useful in automobile repair
  • Very portable
  • Lightweight
  • Automatically shuts down after fifteen minutes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Short probe leads

KAIWEETS clamp multimeter is one of the lightest multimeters on our list. However, that does not diminish its efficiency. The tool accurately measures duty cycle, AC/DC, and voltage. Furthermore, this tool is an advanced one as it can also check resistance and capacitance. Additionally, the clamp multimeter carries out diode continuity and helps to do temperature checks on the circuit.

Significantly, this multimeter is not only beneficial for factories and labs but can also be used in homes by do-it-yourself users. The presence of low impedance in this tool helps it give accurate readings as it does not calculate ghost readings. In addition, the KAIWEETS clamp multimeter also has a low pass filter, which enables it to get correct measurements of variable frequency drive signals. Notably, this multimeter allows people to measure the current easily. Instead of clamping the meter around the whole power cord, you can put it around one of the wires.


Multiple functions: KAIWEETS clamp multimeter possesses a two-color backlit display. The tool’s LCD back-light displays orange when the voltage is more significant than 80V or the current greater than 3A. When this happens, it shows this color to warn users of high voltage. The tool can test liquids and air conditioning units for their temperature. Additionally, you get to know when your device has a low battery.

3-Year After-sale Service: The company offers customers the opportunity to receive technical services after three years of purchasing the tool. They also enjoy lifetime technical support from the company. Thus, after you buy your multimeter, you can visit the company’s website to seek technical advice or request support.

Money’s Worth: You get more of your money’s worth when you purchase this tool. Although the KAIWEETS clamp multimeter is pretty cheap, its efficiency is more significant than its value. Thus, if you are looking for an efficient and affordable tool for your electrical works, you should choose KAIWEETS.

Ingco Auto-ranging Digital Clamp Meter


  • Digital display
  • Powered by AAA battery
  • Low battery indication
  • Useful for professor electrical issues
  • 90 days refund
  • Supports all measurements
  • Supports non-contact ac voltage detection
  • Exceptional customer service


  • You need to read the manuals before you get the hang of it

Ingco is an international brand that produces affordable and practical tools. The company recognized that top-quality tools were always expensive. Thus, they focused on manufacturing top-quality tools that would be sold at affordable prices. For the past 16 years, the brand has produced one of the best tools and has become many people’s favorite worldwide.

While researching the best tools, we were not surprised that the Ingco multimeter could perform a wide range of tests. With your Ingco multitester, you can measure capacitance, frequency, temperature, and AC/DC voltage and current. Moreover, the tool is easy to use. After you digest the content of the instruction manual, it will be easy for you to handle the device and use it for numerous purposes.


Excellent Clamp Meter: Ingco multimeter has dual functionality. It works efficiently as a clamp meter and a capacitance meter. Additionally, the tool works for testing professional electrical issues. All in all, you can use the clamp meter for automobiles, industry, and homes.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Ingco is 100% sure of the efficiency of its products. As a result, the company offers a 90-day replacement guarantee. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the function of your multimeter, you can contact the company by email and receive your response within twenty-four hours. In addition, you can also get a refund if your tool is not to your satisfaction.

Replaceable Battery: This clamp meter uses replaceable batteries. Thus, you can easily purchase new ones for your tool when the current one gets terrible.

Draper 41818 Dmm201 Digital Multimeter


  • Compact
  • It comes with a transistor tester
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • User-friendly device
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Reliable temperature sensor
  • Accuracy
  • Easy to read


  • Some products can not be delivered outside the UK

Draper digital multimeter is the last brand on our list. However, its function is also top-notch. Like the other brands, the draper digital multimeter is very effective in checking circuits’ resistance, capacitance, and frequency. Furthermore, the tool is very effective for diode and continuity testing.

Notably, the draper multimeter has a backlit LCD screen, enabling users to see the digit it displays in dark places. Additionally, the tool comes with an auto power-off which shuts it down after a period. This tool’s other features are test leads and data hold features.


Fully Featured: Draper Dmm201 digital multimeter is ideal for a wide range of functions. You can use the tool to check batteries and test broken wires. Furthermore, the device has a thermometer that can be used for liquid testing. Thus, you can even use it to check the temperature of your bath. However, you should note that checking the temperature of baths and beverages is not the ideal function of the tool.

Freeze button: Unlike some multimeters, a draper multimeter has a freeze button. Thus, you can save the current reading on the screen if you need it for a purpose. This feature makes it unnecessary to get a book to write down readings since you can freeze them.

30-day Money-back Guarantee: The company is sure of the efficiency of its products. For this reason, it offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to customers. This way, you can get back your money if you don’t find the company’s product satisfactory. However, people hardly return their purchased tools, as they are always effective.

Buying Guide– Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Your Multimeter

Regardless of where you search for a multimeter online, their specifications might look too advanced and sometimes confuse you. Thus, we have outlined the simple factors you should look out for when you want to purchase your multimeter.


Before placing an order for a multimeter, ensure it is safe for you. While using a multimeter, you will be working with electricity. Therefore, it would be wise to choose a multimeter with insulation to protect it. You can go for tools with CAT IV/CAT III safety rating. These are often quite safe and durable. Plus, they don’t need to be changed ever so often.

Correct Measurements

Another criterion you should look out for before buying your multimeter is its ability to offer correct measurements. Since multimeters are essential diagnostic tools, choosing the ones that provide accurate measurements that can be read easily is crucial. We advise electricians to always choose multimeters with digital displays for easy and more precise reading. Fortunately, all the multimeters on our list are digital. Analog multimeters are not bad but have fixed displays showcasing many ranges and units. Thus, deciding the suitable range to read during measurements can be challenging.

Low Impedance Mode

It is very tricky to accurately measure the voltage as ghost readings can alter the measurements. However, devices with low impedance do not read ghost voltages, and therefore the readings are more accurate. Often, ghost voltages result from induction from foreign light sources like magnetic fields. Ghost voltages are hazardous as they confuse an electrician that a negative reading is positive during live wire measurements. Since low impedance multimeters do not pick up ghost voltages, you should choose one with the feature.

Auto-ranging Meters

It’s better to purchase a multimeter with automatic ranging meters. Thus, you don’t have to necessarily follow the incremental range pattern. Your tool will find the accurate range of testing by itself without burning out or experiencing overloading. Furthermore, you should choose a multimeter that can test 600 volts and AC up to 400A. While buying an excellent auto-ranging multimeter is more expensive, you enjoy a better chance of long-lasting equipment.

Number of Electrical Properties Measured

A typical multimeter can measure three electrical properties – voltage, current, and resistance. At the same time, the best multimeters for electricians are more advanced because they have more features. The multimeter can measure many electrical properties like capacitance, conductance, frequency, decibels, temperature, duty cycle, and inductance. 

Some multimeters also have sensors that are used for taking measurements outside of those earlier mentioned. Therefore, when buying a multimeter as an electrician, go for a device with more features to accommodate other electrical quantities. For instance, purchase a digital meter that can take frequency measurements, test diodes, etc., outside the other typical measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a more accurate AC reading?

It is more challenging to measure alternating current than direct current. This is because alternating current cycles frequently between negative and positive current in a continuous wave. While most multimeters get their average value by multiplying the reduction factor with the peak value resulting in the solid average, it doesn’t produce the most accurate reading. Fortunately, modern multimeters use true root mean squared to get more accurate values. Thus, you get a correct reading using a practical and exceptional multimeter.

How do I measure current using a multimeter?

While using a multimeter, you will get to measure currents the most. This is because the current measurement is the easiest way to detect most problems. Markedly, clamp meters were invented for more accurate and quick measurements of currents. Using the clamp meters, you can encircle the wire and thus measure the net current through magnetic induction. Importantly, you do not necessarily have to expose the wires.

Is it advisable for an electrician to get a clamp meter rather than a multimeter?

A clamp meter is only more beneficial than a multimeter in measuring high currents. However, an electrician should get a multimeter since it has more advanced features, design tools, and better resolution than a clamp meter. Above all, an electrician should get a multimeter as it is way better.


There is a limit to what an electrician can do in detecting circuit problems without a proper tool. Thus, it would be best if you got a good tool like a top-notch multimeter for effective working. While several brands offer supposedly top-quality tools like multimeters, there are also many scammers. For this reason, it is crucial to research thoroughly before choosing the best multimeters for electricians.

To make it easier for people to get exceptional and right tools without stress, we have researched and selected the top five brands with top-rated multimeters. All these multitesters possess digital displays and high insulators. Thus, you can utilize the tool for a long time without continuous repairs. Furthermore, these multimeters are available at affordable prices, making it easy for prospective buyers to place their orders. However, you should note that different companies have diverse shipping options. Thus you should select the option that works best for your time and budget.

Multimeters have been established as an essential tool and also a necessary tool for the home. Especially if you want to study engineering or have a little knowledge of electronics, you can need it for little troubleshooting exercises like measuring voltage. For this reason, you should consider getting a friendly-budget multimeter.

You won’t regret purchasing any of the multimeters on this list as they have undergone thorough vetting. However, if you want to choose a brand not discussed in this article, you can go through the buyer’s guide. This way, you will know the factors to consider when shopping for a multimeter.

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