Lighting For Fireplaces

How do you make your fireplace look more inviting and homely? Can you use lighting to set the ambience?

There are several ways you can make your electric fir look even better. Change the light bulbs from over-bright to something warm and homely. If you have friends over, set the ambience by using a dimmer light bulb with a warm glow rather than a stark brightness.


Can you use lights in a fireplace if you don’t have an electric fire?

Yes and no. Yes, if you have a recessed gas fire and no, if you have an open fire or log burner.

Downlights give an incredible ambience to a room, and when strategically placed within the fireplace, they can bring a new dimension to the room.

You can use dimmer lights in the fireplace as the fireplace is a focal point but then continue the theme with some brighter corner downlights to give the perfect ambience in the room.

However, you should be cautious when using electric lighting if you have an open fire or log burner. These two fires that alone can set the perfect scene can present a problem with downlights.

These types of fires give uncontrolled heat, and there is a possibility the transformers at the rear of the light fitting could melt.

Can downlights be used in an inglenook fireplace?

Yes, Inglenook fireplaces are the exception to the rule. You could have a raging fire in an inglenook fireplace yet have enough area to fit downlights without the downlight being damaged by the heat.

For smaller inglenooks, downlighting is perfect for when the fire is not being used, the lighting accentuates the room’s feature, drawing all eyes towards the focal point.

Can you fit downlights in a hollow fire mantle?

It depends. You would need to assess the material and if it is combustible? It seems like a difficult job that would mean removing the mantle and teasing the lights inside. It could be done, but there are easier ways to bring attention to your fireplace.

You could consider using flameless candles or low voltage Christmess tree lights if you have an attractive fire mantle.

Clear Christmas tree lighting wrapped in a vase with a few flameless electric candles would beautify the room and the fireplace. There is always more than one way to skin a cat!

What temperature do LEDs fail?

Approximately 85℃. Led lights do not handle temperature particularly well. At around 50℃, the light output decreases to about 90% of the bulb’s rated capacity.

You may not notice the diminishing light, but it is a significant loss in light emitted, making them redundant as a lighting source for a fireplace.

Do electric fireplaces have light bulbs?

Yes. Electric fireplaces use bulbs not as a heat source but for aesthetics. Traditionally electric fireplaces have been functional and nothing more.

Nowadays, functionality is not good enough, and you look for something pleasing to the eye. Electric fireplaces utilise bulbs, a fan that runs from the thermal heat rise and the shade screen to create the illusion of flames.

How do I make my electric fireplace brighter?

If you have a canopy with your electric fireplace, you may find it is fitted with LED downlights for a nicer affect. The truth is if the LED downlights in the canopy are too brought, they will wash out the flame effect from the fire.

Choose dimer and warmer bulbs for a better effect, the flame flickers should be more visible, and the room will feel cosy.

Can you make the electric fireplace more attractive?

It depends. You have the option to experiment with bulb brightness to achieve a more homely look as long as the bulb fall inside the manufacturer’s parameters.

You can certainly try to use a dimmer bulb and even a coloured bulb available to change the appearance of the artificial flames.

Where should fireplace lights be placed?

2 feet out from the fireplace. If you cant illuminate the fireplace itself, the next best option is to have external lights illuminating the features of the fireplace.

Strategically placed lighting with some flexibility can be directed at features within the fireplace, maybe the fire mantle or other features. You can use a warm glow for the desired effect of warmth and calmness.

Don’t need the warmth, just the effect?

There are options available that can certainly give the effect of a fire but without the heat.

While the fireplace is a focal point in the room, it can be hard work and is only lit on high days and holidays, so how do we get the most out of the fireplace and enjoy the glow? has the perfect answer for you. You can buy led battery powered simulated fireplaces that you can insert into your fireplace and have that warm glow you have been looking for.

For around £23 you can achieve the look you have been searching for.

Can you use LED Christmas lights to illuminate the fireplace?

Yes, Christmas lights are not just for Christmas. You can take advantage of these string lights all year round.

You can find all kinds of brightness and even decorative shades to make your fireplace look beautiful and warm.

They are only for decoration, so if your fire is working and generating heat, you should take great care when using Christmas tree string lights around your fireplace.

Again has you covered with an array of suitable lighting to adorn your fireplace.

Is lighting a fireplace safe?

Yes, As long as you follow simple rules like checking where most of the heat is, so you don’t melt your light fittings and transformers, you can find a good working solution.

If you are unsure, you could call your qualified local electrician for advice. Your electrician will have a catalogue of every bulb and fitting suitable for you to use, and they would be happy to do the installation on your behalf.

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