MyBuilder vs Checkatrade

How can you find a reliable, professional tradesperson that is able and willing to do a job to a good standard?

It’s always been a problem for the public to find a reputable tradesperson who can be trusted on price and the quality of work delivered. But now you can check online with lots of registered tradespeople and many reviews that can help you make up your mind.


Is MyBuilder a good site?

The overall rating is 2 out of 5 for MyBuilder. Is it a good site to establish yourself as a reliable tradesperson? Not really. Many other tradespeople are bidding that it’s hardly worth logging into the site for the same job.

If you get shortlisted, you have to pay and then only to find you don’t get the work. 

It’s not just tradespeople who have a gripe, as many disgruntled customers were hoping that MyBuilder was going to be the answer to their prayers, but it has just added to their woes if you are to believe the reviews.

How long does the MyBuilder application take?

2 days. For a tradesperson registering for the first time, you have to wait a couple of days for them to get into gear or for the bots to understand the request.

Why does it take so long to register? You can only guess they appear to be inundated, But maybe they are not inundated with registrations but with complaints from customers!

When you first register with MyBuilder, you have to verify your account either by email or phone. If you select the email, you will need to wait for the link to pop up. If by phone, you need to wait for a text.

Can you trust MyBuilder?

50/50. Information from Good Housekeeping indicates 94% satisfaction with Mybuilder and says that MyBuilder responds quickly. The review is all about the website and not about the registered tradespeople, making the Good Housekeeping review somewhat useless.

Even though the Good Housekeeping panel says that 90% would recommend MyBuilder, there is nothing more than a subjective notion and no empirical evidence as to the website’s performance.

How do you pay for MyBuilder?

Online. You will receive a monthly statement with the leads you have received, and you can pay online using a credit card or debit card, which is convenient for you.

If you get a lead, the fee is payable for that lead if you get the job. Fees can range from £2.00 to £35.00 depending on the size of the job you have quoted.

What should I look for when hiring a builder?

There is a step before you look for a builder. Assuming you have your drawing plans in hand, you should ask an architect or quantity surveyor to give you a fairly accurate appraisal of the costs involved, from labour to all the purchased materials.

Once this is done, approach as many builders as you need to. There are no limits, such as 3 quotes to get a builder you feel comfortable with who will give you references.

Approach the references by explaining why and what you would like to know.

Ask to see a copy of the builder’s public liability and any other insurances they gave. Establish who pays for the materials and when. There should be a schedule and a stage payment agreement that both parties should adhere to.

What checks does Checkatrade do?

Background checks. Checkatrader does exactly what the name suggests. It checks out tradespeople to see if they are legit or just scammers.

They want to see a photo ID, business listings, and files from the company’s house if you are limited, and they will do a full credit check to make sure you can handle jobs of a certain value.

You need a minimum of 5 recommendations from previous clients before registering for Checkatrader.

Can you be on Checkatrade with a criminal record?

No. When you register, you agree to criminal record checks. The information you provide to Checkatrader will be shared during your application process with such bodies as Trading Standards.

What is a good score on Checkatrade?

Prospective users need to have their wits about them when hiring tradespeople through sites like Checkatrade and MyBuilder. 6 out of 10 or above. This is where Checkatrade falls apart and loses some credibility.

If a tradesperson gets rated 5 and higher, that is recorded on the tradesperson’s profile. Still, suppose the tradesperson gets a lower score. In that case, it is ignored, which leaves the unsuspecting homeowner none the wiser that they may be hiring someone who has a bad reputation despite relying on Checkatrade to have done their job.

Is it worth being on Checkatrade?

It depends. If you want to utilise Checkatrade fully, you will pay around £600.00 per year. That’s quite a lot of money.

If you consider what £600.00 could buy in terms of a website and social media advertising, it may be better to do your own thing.

Checkatrade does not guarantee tradespeople work, so why would you pay for the service? There are many free listing sites to be taken advantage of in your local area. With a carefully crafted social media presence and a decent website, you can generate your own leads.

Can tradesmen get a bad review removed from Checkatrade?

Yes. The fact that you can get bad reviews removed should sound alarm bells to any prospective user looking for a tradesperson.

This is how the tradesman gets a bad review removed from Checkatrade:

  • Gather any paperwork and receipts.
  • Meet with the client and explain what has gone wrong and why such a situation occurred.
  • Discuss what rectification you are willing to make and when the job will be completed to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • A deadline must be set for the works to be rectified.
  • Allow the tradesperson to complete the work to a satisfactory level.

Are Checkatrade reviews anonymous?

Yes, Anyone can write a stunning review! The purpose of anonymous reviews is not to make false representations good or bad or indifferent!

Which is better, MyBuilder or Checkatrade?

There is a hair’s breadth between both companies, and if you read reviews on both companies, you will see they are almost identical, maybe Checkatrader edging ahead slightly.

Check with your local council for a list of registered builders before making any decisions.

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