Do Electricians Have Podcasts?

Are there any good podcasts for electricians? We look into this below and also answer:

  • Are the electrician’s podcasts informative? 
  • Can anyone listen to an electrician’s podcast?
  • Are they good if you’re learning?

Electricians have podcasts to represent the pulse of the industry. They are informative, covering a wide range of relevant topics. The podcasts are suitable for the public, and some great tips and pointers can be picked up by listening to professional electricians.


What topics are covered in an electricians podcast?

Just about everything and anything can be discussed in the podcast. Of course, it’s electrician centric as you would expect, but there is diversity amongst electricians, and it is interesting to hear the views first-hand.

Topics covered how to become an electrician to how females work as electricians and the challenges they need to overcome compared with their male counterparts.

Have you wondered if you should secure your electrician’s van to the hilt to prevent the theft of your tools?

You will be surprised by what you hear in the electrician’s Monday club podcast.

Do the podcasts use actors reading from a script?

No, the electricians on the podcasts are real working men and women talking about the industry and their experiences.

It’s clear there are no scripts in use as the conversation twists and turns during the broadcast.

Where can you find electrician podcasts?

Spotify, iTunes, youtube and other platforms across the broadcasting industry. There are also radio broadcasts such as FIXRADIO, where listeners can tune in and listen and talk to established electricians in the industry.

You can find electricians from your local area on podcasts discussing issues that you as a homeowner might be facing.

How many electrician podcasts are there?

There are many worldwide, but for the UK, there are:

  • Electricians Monday Club
  • Electricians podcast EGTE
  • The electrician show podcast
  • ECA

It goes without saying there is weekly content from electricians in the UK such as Nick Bundy, Jordan and Cory from Artisan, fat Sam and more that cover installation work.

Are electrician’s podcasts boring?

No, there is relevant information that pertains to most homeowners, and if you are a landlord, you must listen to the podcast and find out what’s affecting your business in the coming year.

There is lots of friendly banter amongst the characters, and the different personalities come to the fore as they get into deep conversation and a huge amount of banter.

However, boring is subjective, and if you spend your life as a nursery teacher or gardener, then you may find some of the topics a little dull.

Which is the best podcast to listen to?

The one that interests you the most, if you are worried about the latest changes to the 18th edition, then find a podcast that covers that subject.

There are changes afoot that will affect electricians and consumers, and having the information from the horse’s mouth will enable you, the homeowner talk with a little more authority.

How else would you ever know to ask your electrician what RCBO he intends to fit your EV installation, so it is safe at all times? If he isn’t fitting a type A, you will have an unsafe circuit!

Are the electricians on the podcast mates?

Not always, but they are friendly and work together to deliver the best possible outcome for their customers.

The banter flows between male and female tradespeople may make them seem like close friends, but the truth is that’s just the type of people the industry attracts.

Is the host of the podcast an electrician?

Not always. If you listen to FIXRADIO, the host is a professional broadcaster who will bring in qualified local electricians who can talk about what’s happening in the industry.

With this podcast, listeners can phone or email questions which are great for getting specific information on relevant issues.

Whereas other podcasts like the electrciansmondayclub is hosted by fat Sam who is a qualified and working electrician who has a lot of valid input, and some crazy input to liven up the podcast.

What can you learn from listening to an electrician’s podcast?

A lot, and it’s not always electrical.

Do you know that some insurance companies prefer electricians not to put deadlocks and security plates on the doors of the vans doors?

Allegedly when a thief breaks into an electrician’s van to steal the tools, deadlocks and other security measures cause the thief to bend the doors and which can write off the van.

The tools are cheaper to replace than a van. It’s loosely related to electricians’ daily work, but it’s an important fact to share.

Do other countries have electrician’s podcasts?

Yes, you can listen to podcasts from the US, Australia and New Zealand that are broadcast in English.

In many ways, electricians worldwide take the lead from UK electricians because the laws in the UK and the regulations are more advanced in terms of electrical safety.

And there are also tips for UK electricians to pick up by listening to their counterparts in other countries.

Many UK electricians do work overseas after qualifying for many reasons, and it’s useful to know what’s going on should you decide to use your skills in a foreign country.

Do females listen to electrician’s podcasts

Yes, there are female electricians being interviewed on how the industry is changing and what’s being done to attract more females to become electricians.

With only 1% of the industry’s electricians being female and the upcoming shortage of electricians, there has never been a better time for females to learn the trade.

Can a female become an electrician in the UK?

Yes, there is a shortage of electricians worldwide, and the UK wants to attract more females into electrical apprenticeships to bridge the gap.

Females are highly sought after by both contractors and customers who, according to a survey, trust female electricians more than their male counterparts.

Check the back catalogue of podcasts from ECA for complete information about what it takes to become an electrician as a female.

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