How Much Does It Cost To Install A Chandelier

Generally, the cost of any electrical work depends on several factors. These include the hourly rate, type of electrical work, and how long the job entails. 

The same applies to installing a chandelier. 

Most homeowners and commercial places usually hire a qualified electrician to install a chandelier. It is because chandeliers are delicate and often difficult to install. Besides, chandeliers are generally quite bulky and require more hands for the installation. 

For installing chandeliers, the price will also depend on the following:

  • The wiring condition in your home or commercial point of installation – If the wiring is too old, it might need updating. Adding new wires will affect the cost of the installation. Furthermore, if the standard electrical cabinet is not enough to hold the chandelier, you may need to install a new one.
  • Size and weight of the chandelier – Elaborate and large chandeliers will be more challenging to install. The installation may also require additional labour costs. 
  • Height of the ceiling – Installing a chandelier on a high ceiling might require the use of a crane for lifting and mounting it. This, of course, will also add up to the overall cost of the chandelier installation. 

With that in mind, the following is a breakdown of how much it costs to install a chandelier. 

  • The average cost of installing a chandelier in place of an old one – £100 to £150. This excludes the chandelier’s price and assuming that the duration of work is less than four hours. 
  • The average cost of installing a new chandelier – £250 and above. This rough estimate also does not include the cost of the chandelier itself. The cost of installing larger chandeliers on high ceilings will understandably cost more. 

Things to consider while installing a chandelier – for homeowners. 

  • Understand the dimensions of the room where you plan to install the chandelier. Most homeowners choose a chandelier first and then struggle to find the right space to hang it. 
  • Unless you are familiar with electrical works, installing a chandelier as a DIY project is not a good idea. 
  • For replacing an existing chandelier, hiring a qualified electrician who charges full price may not be necessary. Instead, a domestic installer can do the installation at a lower rate.
  • If the electrical wiring in your house is old, it would be best to bring an electrician for evaluation before investing in a chandelier. He or she can determine if the wiring needs updating and if the existing consumer unit can power the chandelier. 

Only consider hiring an electrician for chandelier installation under the following circumstances:

  • The chandelier is large and needs additional hands for safe handling. 
  • You want to install a chandelier in a new place with no existing light fixtures. 
  • There is more than one chandelier you want to install. 
  • You have no experience installing light chandeliers. 


Top things to consider when hiring an electrician

  • Get several quotes from different electricians before choosing the right one. While making comparisons, be on the lookout for those who quote too low or too high. 
  • It is not rude to ask an electrician for his certificate or license. The license should be active and not an expired one. If you are unsure about the license validity, you can always check from the local office. 
  • Along with the licence, choose an electrician who has experience installing chandeliers. These delicate light fixtures need careful handling than a traditional light fixture. 
  • Check that the electrician has the necessary permits as well as insurance. This will keep you and the electrician out of trouble in case of an unfortunate accident. 

Things to consider while installing a chandelier – for electricians

Correct installation is paramount

For any light fixtures, a correct installation is critical. It can help minimise costly repairs, reduce maintenance, and extend the lifespan of the chandeliers. Even if you have prior experience installing chandeliers, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before the installation. 

Crystal chandeliers, in particular, come with specific installation instructions. For instance, the fixtures of the chandeliers should go up first, followed by the crystals. Skipping a step or two might seem like a good idea. But broken crystals of a chandelier can also mean a dent in your reputation as a qualified electrician. 

Know the weight limits

There are weight limits for every electrical cabinet. And even standard chandeliers can weigh more than 50 lbs. Installing a chandelier that exceeds the weight limit is not just a safety hazard. It is dangerous and can result in fatal accidents. So always, check the weight compatibility between the chandelier and the electrical cabinet. 

You might even need to install wood bracing on the ceiling to hold the chandelier in some cases. This, in turn, warrants the addition of a safety wire to act as a safety backup. Adding a wood bracing for chandeliers is rare but not uncommon. Only a qualified electrician is qualified to carry out this type of installation. 

Wiring procedures 

Chandeliers hang from their chains and not from the wires. Electrical wires are not designed to support any part of the light fixture, big or small. Hanging these light fixtures from the wire that connects to the ceiling can pull and stretch them. A chandelier of any weight pulling on the wires can also damage the roof over time. 

Also, hanging the chandelier from the electric wire can damage its internal wiring. Pulling and twisting the wire can result in a severe fire hazard. If the chandelier is correctly installed, the electrical wires should be free from the chain links from which the chandelier hangs. Furthermore, the wire connecting the chandelier to the power source should be a bit loose. 

Along the same lines, you should assemble the canopy of the chandelier before you install the wires. If you try to adjust the canopy cover while simultaneously mounting to the chandelier, it can twist the electrical cables and the light fixture’s internal wiring. Any type of tampering with the wires can result in devastating fire hazards. 

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