Best Smart Outdoor Lights

All thanks to smart outdoor lights, your garden, backyard, and driveway can now be a part of your smart home setup. 

So, why go for normal outdoor lights when you have smart variants that respond to voice assistants and help save electricity? In fact, they have brought a revolutionary change in the arena of home decoration and security. Yes, you heard us right! Now there are smart outdoor lights that can successfully ward off intruders. 

And to help you choose the perfect option, we tested multiple smart outdoor lights, watched hundreds of Youtube videos, and spent considerable time going through relevant forums. This allowed us to come up with our top ten suggestions and a few tips and tricks that will help you choose nothing but the best.  

So, let’s take a look!


Best smart outdoor wall lights



Top Pick

Philips Hue Turaco

  • Create the perfect outdoor ambiance with Philips Hue Turaco lights.
  • Smart control options make lighting your home easier than ever.

Philips Hue Discover 

  • Brighten up your outdoor space with Philips Hue Discover lights.
  • Versatile settings make this smart light perfect for any occasion.

Innr Smart Outdoor Spotlight

  • Add magic to your outdoor space with Innr LED smart lights.
  • Easy installation and compatibility with other smart home devices.

Top Pick

Philips Hue Turaco


  • Easily connects to other Hue outdoor light options
  • Comes with exceptional smart features
  • Well-designed option


  • Does not function with HomeKit

To give your outdoor space the best ambient lighting, consider installing the Phillips Hue Turaco outdoor smart lights. Its white light output is not too bright but will create a warm ambience outside your house. 

Product Description

When it comes to installation, this product will not give you a hard time. The package has all necessary cables that are required for the job. However, you will have to purchase a “Philips Hue Bridge” separately, which is necessary for smart control. Once you have it, you will have to connect the bridge and install the lights to get started. 

Moreover, you would be happy to know that the light comes with a “Philip Hue” app that lets you control the lighting remotely. So, the moment you get inside the car, the app can turn the light automatically in your driveway or garden. 

This smart outdoor lighting can perform another very impressive feat. When you are not at home, it can mimic manual light operation to give intruders the impression that there is someone at home. 

The Philips Hue outdoor light is as smart as it can get. You can easily control it with your voice, using platforms like Google Assistant or Alexa. This is one of those smart lighting options that enable you to choose from 16 million colour choices and can be easily connected with five other Philips hue outdoor lights, which is a huge plus.

Philips Hue Discover 


  • Bright- 2300 lumen
  • Compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit
  • 16 million colour options
  • Can be connected with five Hue outdoor lights


  • Does not come with a built-in motion sensor

If your outdoor space becomes too dark after nightfall, the Philips Hue Discover light can come to your rescue. This is one of the best smart outdoor lighting options as it features a powerful LED light with millions of colour options. Let’s check what more it has to offer!

Product Description

Hands down, this is the brightest light in the Philips Hue range that you can try, with an output of 2300 lumens, which is equivalent to 80W. So, rest assured that if you install it as a guiding light in the driveway, you won’t face any trouble parking at night. 

Also, the brightness will deter unwanted visitors from entering your property and improve your home security without requiring additional security lights. Install them on your driveway or backyard, and they will light up the moment you enter these outdoor spaces. 

Moreover, this is a great option for mimicking your presence so that you can travel without having to worry about break-ins. The settings on Philips Hue Discover can be adjusted in a way that switches on the light randomly at times to give the impression that someone is home. 

Besides, it will help you create the perfect ambience for weekend parties on your backyard or lawn. Just increase the brightness and let your hair down! On the other hand, if you just want to sit in the garden after a long day at the office and unwind, you can increase its warmth to create a serene atmosphere. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best smart flood lights out there. However, you will have to install an additional motion detector if you wish to detect motion.

Innr Smart Outdoor Spotlight


  • Affordable 
  • Five additional spot lights can be added
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa


  • Isn’t compatible with HomeKit

With this set of LED smart lights, illuminating your garden after sunset will become quite convenient. It offers up to 16 million colours and can easily give your garden or balcony a magical touch. 

Product Description

Innr has become a popular name in the world of smart home devices due to the range of user-friendly features its products provide. And when it comes to garden lights in the UK, Innr has proved to be a great competitor to Philips Hue in terms of functionality and prices. 

For one, this light set is comprehensive, and there are not too many extra things needed for their installation. In a pack, you will find three spotlights, a smart control box, and a power adapter. If you want to add more spotlights, you can very well do so. But, keep in mind that you can add a maximum of five lights. 

In case you have Zigbee-compatible hubs, these spotlights will connect directly to them. Therefore, you can rest assured that they are compatible with Amazon Echo, Smart Things, and Philips Hue. 

Also, these are compatible with the Innr extension cables but you will have to get your hands on the Outdoor Extension Cable to extend the connector cable. However, it does not come with the package, and you will have to buy one separately. 

The only complaint that people have with this item is that all the lights must be controlled as one and not as independent units. However, when it comes to colour depth and brightness, these spotlights are no less than some of their premium competitors. 

Philips Hue Lily


  • 5 spotlights can be connected with one power supply
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and HomeKit
  • Millions of colour options


  • Relatively expensive

This is the perfect spotlight to give a unique touch to your outdoor space at night. We loved how this option is great bet for feature lighting and can be monitored individually. You can also opt for multiple units to get better coverage and brightness. 

Product Description

By now, you must have understood how Philips has focused on bringing innovation to its Hue lighting line. This option, in particular, allows you to connect more than five spotlights to one power supply. And it stands out because even though the lights are connected to one power source, they can all be operated individually. 

On reading the package carefully, you will notice that the light requires the Philips Bridge Hub to provide access to its full range of features. However, you can easily operate it through the Zigbee protocol, which is a mesh network. You can even place the light in the farthest corner of the garden, and you will have no trouble operating it. 

One major selling point for this Hue light is the fact that it is compatible with almost all voice assistants and third-party apps. Many of these integrations allow you to enjoy novelty features such as disco lightning. At the same time, it enables you to enhance the security system in your house. In case there is a problem, it can notify the security system to get switched on. 

Although most users are satisfied with the performance on offer, these smart garden lights can easily shoot up your home decoration budget.  

Indarun Decking Lights


  • No need for an additional hub
  • Wi-Fi controller can integrate the light with smart home
  • 6 to 30 light options


  • Not compatible with HomeKit

When it comes to decorating flower beds, the Indarun Decking Light set is a perfect choice. These smart floor lights work as great feature lighting and last for a long time. 

Product Description

With this set of smart LED light bulbs, you can enjoy a range of lighting options. You can easily adjust the colour, brightness, and blinking speed of these multi-functional LED floor lights with the help of the controller or the application. We suggest that you read the user manual properly to understand how you can adjust the lights to the tune of the music. 

Furthermore, if you have any problem using the controller while changing the settings, simply switch to the remote control. But keep in mind that when you use the remote control to adjust colours or change the brightness, you cannot be too far from the lights. For best results, stay within a radius of 15 metres or less. 

As mentioned earlier, these smart bulbs make a great bet for outdoor lighting, especially in your garden as they are built to be waterproof and dustproof. So, they won’t get damaged easily and you don’t have to put in much effort in maintaining them either. 



  • Comes with outdoor security cameras
  • Camera feed can be accessed from anywhere
  • Works with Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit
  • Night vision feature


  • Relatively expensive

Why invest in normal smart lights when this option offers an additional integrated smart outdoor camera? Once the light is installed, you can keep a check on your garden or outdoor space from the convenience of your home! 

Product Description

As homeowners, security and visibility in your garden must be of primary concern. And that is where this light comes into the picture, as it’s a great bet to prevent home invasions. 

In case an unknown person or vehicle enters your property, you will immediately receive an alert, and the camera present in this light can stream feed 24×7. You can see clear pictures of your garden at night, as the camera comes with a night vision feature too. 

And the best part is that you can enable customised alerts by adjusting the alert-zone features and marking the specific areas you would like to monitor. This allows you to determine what kind of intrusion should trigger an alert. 

Moreover, you would be happy to know that this light comes with an integrated smart flood light feature. This motion detection feature can easily scare away intruders by functioning as path lights at night. 

Also, you don’t need to pay any subscription fee for accessing the updates, features, and storage space. All data that is recorded gets stored on a secure microSD card that is installed in the camera and can be accessed any time you wish. 



  • Does not require extra hubs
  • Cost-effective option
  • 2000 lumens output
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Must be in the range of a Wi-Fi router

Unlike its costlier competitors, the Novostello smart outdoor flood lights will not leave a dent in your pockets. The set consists of two lights and is perfect for lighting up gardens, yards, and outdoor seating areas at night.

Product Description

When we thought of energy-efficient multi-functional flood lights, Novostello is among the top names that popped in our heads. 

These Wi-Fi flood lights work with voice control assistants like Alexa Echo Dot and Google Assistant. You can control them by connecting them to the Smart Life app on your smartphone. This app is available on iOS and Android platforms and lets you control the lighting from within your home or outside. 

Moreover, this light set comes with a timer and other customisable settings. If you return home late from the office, you can set the timer to ensure the lights are switched on at the right time. Likewise, they can be automatically switched off to prevent wasting electricity. 

Once you invest in these lights, you will be able to reap benefits for a long time, as they come with an IP66 waterproof tag and an exceptional heat sink feature. So, you can rest assured that these lights will resist the elements to keep your outdoors illuminated. 

Philip Hue Strip


  • Durable construction
  • Comes with IP67 rating
  • Works with Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit


  • Strip cannot be extended or shortened

Installing the Philip Hue light strip is a great idea to brighten up your outdoor space at night. And if you feel experimental, you can use it as indoor smart lighting too!

Product Description

Even if you have no prior experience installing smart lights, you will face no problem working with this one. This light strip is 2 metres long and can easily be installed by anyone. Everything that you need to set it up can be found in the package. So, you don’t need to buy cables or any other pieces of equipment separately. 

Other than that, we were impressed with the fact that it offers so many colour options. There are 16 million colours ranging  the entire spectrum from warm to cool white light. If you are planning a backyard BBQ party with friends, you can select the colour tone accordingly. And if you want to just sit by the pool after a tiring day, you can turn the light to a comfortable, warm yellow. 

Moreover, this light provides you with the ultimate security and convenience. If you enter your driveway after sunset, the light will automatically turn on and brighten the entire space. And when you are not at home, it will mimic your presence to keep intruders away. 

Philips Hue Lily XL


  • Saves electricity
  • Comes with a voice control option
  • 10 million colour options
  • Keeps your house secure


  • Additional Philips Hue Bridge required

You can transform your garden or backyard into an exceptional outdoor space with the Philips Hue Lily. It comes with all the essential smart features and is a great bet if you want to cut down on electricity wastage. 

Product Description

With this item, you will be able to add beautiful colours to your outdoor space, as you no longer have to stick to just the basic white and warm tone. It gives you the opportunity to play with more than 16 million colour options, which you can access through the Philip Hue app. 

Additionally, the smart control feature of this light will help you feel more secure at night. It will automatically switch on the light as you enter the driveway, making it easy for you to see everything around. 

And when you are out on vacation, this light will keep the home safe by mimicking your presence. It operates randomly, giving intruders the impression that someone is home.

Moreover, it’s compatible with various voice assistants like Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant to help you enjoy hands-free control. Simple voice commands through your smartphone will be enough to adjust the light settings. 

Furthermore, you can set the timers to ensure the light operates at the right time. This will help you significantly cut down on electricity wastage.

Indarun Decking LightsPhilips Hue CallaIndarun Decking Lights


  • Resistant to water-based damage
  • Durable design
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit


  • A bit expensive

Before wrapping up, we have the Philips Hue Calla light for you. There are hundreds of positive user reviews that throw light on its functionality and cost-effective operation. So, without any delay, let’s check out its main features. 

Product Description 

Calla can be categorised as a “path light,” ‘pedestal light,” or “bollard light,” depending on where you install it. Whatever you choose to call it, you will surely be impressed with its design. It has a short post with a light installed on the top portion. A light with a minimalist and modern design like this can be a great addition to your outdoor space. 

Additionally, it’s made of powder-coated aluminium and comes with weather-proof features, which enhances its longevity. Although it may seem like an expensive investment, the durability on offer surely makes up for the price. 

In the package, you will find a short built-in cable, which is around 2 feet long. But to make things easier, the manufacturer has also included a 15 feet extension cable that allows great placement flexibility. The cables are well insulated and will last for a long time even with minimal maintenance. 

Advantages Of Installing Smart Outdoor Lights

To be honest, smart outdoor lights are a must to keep your garden and outdoor space secure and functional at night. Let’s take a look at the advantages that these lights have to offer. 

1. Voice Control

In this modern era, voice assistants have taken control of almost all residential appliances and fixtures, so there’s no reason why your outdoor lights should be left behind. Hence, you don’t need remotes or a manual controller to change the settings when required. 

Some lights also allow voice assistants to modify the settings, even when you are not at home. 

2. Setting Routines Or Schedules

Many smart outdoor lights come with a scheduling feature,  so you can modify the settings and make them do certain things at specific times of the day or night. 

For example, you can set a routine to make the lights switch on when it gets dark and make them switch off every day after sunrise. Setting schedules is extremely helpful as you do not have to give the same command to the light controller daily, especially when you aren’t at home.

3. Added Security

If you use these smart outdoor lights with other smart devices, such as cameras or video doorbells, they all will get connected to the same ecosystem. This will enable you to access them all remotely. Most of the smart outdoor lights that we have mentioned on our list come with motion detectors that turn on the light the moment it detects any movement in the area. 

So, if someone tries to trespass into your property at night, these lights can come to your rescue. 

Then, there are other options that come with a smart control feature, which adds an extra layer of security. 

It essentially mimics your presence and randomly switches on the light at different times. So, there is no way anyone will understand you are not home. This works as a great safety measure and discourages intruders from entering your property. 

Things To Look Out For When Buying Smart Outdoor Lights

We have indeed presented you with a number of choices. However, we won’t be surprised if you are still feeling confused about which one to pick. In order to make the best choice, it is essential that you keep a few factors in mind. And we will now discuss some of them in detail.

1. Colour Changes

When it comes to colour options, there are two things to look for: hue and brightness. Most of the options on our list offer the flexibility to choose from across the colour spectrum. You will be able to enjoy cool blue, warm yellow and everything in between. They actually come with a dial/colour wheel, and you can click on any colour you like. 

And the other thing to take note of is the brightness, especially if you use them as indoor smart lights. All the smart lights allow you to adjust the brightness as and when required. Some options even let you adjust the light to the rhythm of the music. So, you can put on some songs and see how the light’s colour and brightness change in tandem. 

2. Water Resistance

It goes without saying that smart outdoor lights are going to be installed outside your house, mostly in your driveway or garden. So, it is essential that they are sturdy and can handle weather-based damage. We suggest that you look for items that come with an IP56 rating. This reflects that the product is suitable for outdoor use and is water-resistant. 

When purchasing the best outdoor lights, we suggest opting for ones that can handle water and dust damage. That way, you will never have to worry about the lights getting damaged because of rain, snow or storms. 

If you stay in an area that receives heavy rainfall throughout the year, you can even go for lights that come with an IP44 rating. Outdoor lights with an IP44 rating are built to remain protected from humidity, dust, and splashes. Take note of the environment that you stay in and your requirements before making a purchase. 

3. Smart Sensors

To make the most of smart outdoor lights, it is best that you go for ones that come with smart sensors. This way, the lights will get switched on automatically after it gets dark outside and switched off when the sun comes out. As a result, you can bring down your electricity consumption significantly. 

Outdoor Smart Light Alternative/Hack

It is true that smart outdoor lights are a great way to create ambient scenes and have complete control through voice. But it might be the case that you have just shifted to a new house and do not have the budget to add smart ambient lighting to your outdoor space. 

Don’t lose heart, though! If you are happy with basic functionality, we are here to share a great DIY technique that can help you replicate the same results. Before we get on to it, let us tell you that you will need basic electrical and DIY skills for the purpose. 

Putting A Smart Plug To Use

You will need to drill a hole in the corner of your window or door for this hack to work. Then, put a few outdoor string lights through this hole and connect them to an indoor plug socket. After that, simply add a smart plug in the socket. Voila! You’re done. 

However, remember you can only use simple on/off lights that do not come with additional flashing modes. Hence, it is best to use good-quality LED string lights and pair them up with a smart plug of your choice. In most cases, the distance between the plug and the first bulb will be around two metres, and the string will start very close to your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can smart outdoor lights work without Wi-Fi?

Most smart lights can easily function with or without an active internet connection. However, you will need to connect them to Wi-Fi if you are planning to control the settings remotely. If you are away from home and want the lights to perform automatic scheduling or brightness adjustment, they have to be connected to an active internet connection.

2. Can Smart Lights Be Hacked?

Most smart lights do not come with cameras or audio-recording equipment. So, there’s hardly any chance that they can be used for spying. However, many users have faced the problem of hackers managing to get into their entire system because of firmware flaws in the lights. 

So, unless you want the smart lights to cause a security breach, read their labels properly and check if they are safe and won’t cause any risks. Take all the necessary steps to ensure that no sophisticated hacker is hacking into your system and getting access to other devices that are connected to your W-iFi.

Final Words

When building a smart house, there’s no reason why you should leave out smart outdoor lights! And we hope that after reading this guide, you will now have a better understanding of how to choose the best one. 

If you want an added layer of security, choose lights that come with smart outdoor cameras. For the highest safety, you can even opt for ones that come with night-vision features. And while choosing the light, do not forget to check if it is compatible with your existing voice assistant. 

If you liked reading this guide, do not forget to come back for more reads. We will see you again soon!

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