Best Tool Pouch For Electricians

Electricial work requires a lot of tools, from screwdrivers to pliers, from hammers to pliers, and some separate storage. That’s why a tool pouch is an essential item for every sparkie and anyone who finds themselves often in need of specific tools.

If you have a tool belt, below you’ll find the best tool pouches you can buy online. They attach right to it. But if you do not have a belt, you can opt to end up with a pouch that fits your pocket.


The best tool pouches are

  1. Top Pick: TOUGHBUILT Small Electricians Pouch
  2. Milwaukee Electricians Work Pouch
  3. Milwaukee Electricians Work Belt
  4. Baffect Electrician Pouch
  5. Baffect Canvas Tool Pocket Pouch



Top Pick

TOUGHBUILT Small Electricians Pouch

  • Customizable Pouch System: Choose pouches for various needs, fits seamlessly with belt clip.
  • Versatile and Convenient: Has enough space for tools, notebook, and additional screwdrivers.

Milwaukee Electricians Work Pouch

  • Built to Last: Made of 1680D ballistic nylon with double-stitched rivets for extra strength.
  • Versatile: Integrated handles and belt loops with metal D-rings allow for easy transportation.

Milwaukee Electricians Work Belt

  • Powerful: Heavy-duty belt with reinforced D-rings and puncture-resistant pockets.
  • Comfortable: Padded and breathable belt fits waist sizes 30-53 inches.

Top Pick

TOUGHBUILT Small Electricians Pouch


  • Well built and very durable
  • Fast access to your tools speeds up the job
  • Easy clip system makes it versatile to remove
  • Size is perfect to clip on your belt


  • Doesn’t really accommodate a UK socket tester

With the ToughBuilt System, you can choose pouches for various needs, and the belt clip fits seamlessly. Even though it says ‘electricians pouch’ in the title, this is a great all-rounder, because you can fit quite a few tools in the main compartment, a notebook or scraper in the back, and still have space on both sides for additional screwdrivers, etc. 

Plus, you’ll find a tape chain, and a pouch with the Velcro flap is good for keeping folding knives or small adjustable spanners in. Due to the folding stand on the back, you do not have to wear this while working, and you can put it down on any flat surface. This pairs well with ToughBuilt’s mega supply pouch, so I can carry everything I need to a job and then put the pouches down when I’m working.

What we like

Build Faster, Strong, and Work Smarter: Designed to help professionals save time and hassle.

ToughBuilt Quality: All ToughBuilt products are designed, engineered, tested, verified in the USA, and manufactured to our strict quality standards.

ClipTech pouch clips on & off any belt: This tool pouch is easy to clip on and off any belt. 

How to Choose a Tool Belt

Choosing a good tool belt is largely a matter of personal preference, just like choosing a good tool bag or uniform. However, electricians may find that certain features make the most sense for their job. 

If you need to keep the basic tools with you at all times and out of the way, an unfussy, no-frills belt will do nicely, but if you need to store lots of little things, a tool belt with extra buckles and pouches might be the best choice. 

A tool belt with suspenders is the best choice for security, comfort, and avoiding back pain if you regularly carry around a lot of tools.

In addition to safety measures, electrical work requires a belt-often made of leather, nylon, or canvas-that keeps tools hidden and keeps them out of the way. The material of the tool belt is up to the discretion of the wearer. Belts that hang too low or have too many extra compartments are best avoided. 

Leather is coveted for its longevity, whereas nylon or canvas may be preferred for their lightweight nature and ease of cleaning. Last but not least, keep in mind your budget.

Instead of keeping your screws and drill bits in the bottom of your pouch, check out this accessory.

Tool Pouch Reviews

Milwaukee Electricians Work Pouch


  • Made for electricians 
  • Separate sections
  • Integrated hip pad


  • Relatively affordable

Electrician’s Pouch by Milwaukee Hand Tools is made of 1680D ballistic nylon, double-stitched with rivets for extra strength. Integrated handles allow easy transportation and provide an easy mounting point on common job site materials. The pouch’s solid base allows it to stand up even when fully loaded. 

Integrated belt loops allow the pouch to be worn on a tool belt, and centre-mounted metal D-rings allow the pouch to be worn from a shoulder strap evenly. Besides puncture pockets and pouches, the pouch has a metal tape measure clip that secures a tape measure for easy access.

What we like

Popular brand: Milwaukee is a well known brand, so you know you’re getting a quality product.

Heavy duty: It’s made out of 1680 denier nylon, so it’s tough and durable.

Belt clips: There are plenty of clips and loops to attach the belt to your belt or hang it as a satchel. 

Milwaukee Electricians Work Belt


  • A full work belt not just a pouch
  • Rear padding
  • Built for electricians and tradies


  • Is on the expensive end

Another product by Milwaukee. However, this is a padded and breathable work belt, not just a pouch. It can fit waist sizes 30 – 53 inches. This heavy-duty belt features triple reinforced D rings, puncture-resistant pockets, a tape measure clip, and a hammer loop.

Even when full of various tools and fixings, it remains comfortable and balanced. The pouches are attached with Velcro.

What we like

Durable: It’s double-stitched, up to 4x stronger riveted seams, and is made from 1680D ballistic nylon.

Plenty of space: Not just a pouch but a full belt with plenty of loops, and it has 3 pouches attached. 

Reviews: This belt has plenty of reviews, most of them being 5 stars. 

Baffect Electrician Pouch


  • Wear-resistant
  • Skid-proof bottom
  • Compact


  • Might be too small for people

It carries all the tools you’ll habitually need at work and room for consumables. It’s a durable pouch, and you can take tools in and out without it tipping over. With its tear-resistant 600*900D Oxford cloth for extra strength, it can be used for a long time. Tool pouches like this are finely crafted with close stitches and strong wear resistance.

There are plenty of tool loops to keep your hammers, tape measures, electrician tapes, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and other tools organized and to hold them firmly since each tool kind has an individual pouch to hold it. The toolbag has a mesh bag on the back for documents and drawings.

What we like

Adjustable waist strap: We’ve added an adjustable waist strap to the package. It makes it easy to hang the tool bag around your waist. The waist belt can be removed after work, and the bag can be carried by the handle.

Handle: It has a handle to easily take it off and carry it around. 

Compact: Hold all your tools in the small pouch.

Baffect Canvas Tool Pocket Pouch


  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Internal loops


  • Small

The second is from the brand. It’s similar to the pick above, but smaller and more affordable. Although it may seem small, this pouch can hold almost everything in a toolbox. Still, it has multiple loops and enough space to keep your hammers, tape measures, electrician tapes, and other tools well organized.

Easily hang this tool bag from your belt or around your waist with its sturdy reusable self-fastener. It’s ideal for electricians, carpenters, craftsmen, workshops, HVAC technicians, mechanics, plumbers, drywall workers, gardeners, welders and others. If you don’t wear a belt with your work pants, no worries – we have included an adjustable waist strap.

What we like

Durable & strong: A heavy-duty, tear-resistant 600*900D Oxford cloth for extra strength and durability. This pouch is made with double-layered Oxford cloth and a PE partition at the bottom.

Puncher proof: Does matter how many screwdrivers you hold in your pouch daily, it will never punch a hole in the bottom. 

Easy to care for: If it gets dirty, the tool pouch is easy to clean with soap and water.


We’ve looked at a few different options covering most of the different types of punches and belts you can buy. Whichever you pick, having a pouch to keep everything you need nearby is a must when on the job. Plus, it saves you bending down and looking for all your tools all the time. 

Our best tool pouch for sparkies is the small pouch by ToughBuilt. It ticks all the boxes and doesn’t break the bank too. 

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