The Best Oscillating Multi-Tool for Electricians

If you ask a DIY enthusiast or a tradesperson an important tool they cannot forget in their projects, the majority may tell you an oscillating multi-tool. With its multi-functionality and versatility, the best oscillating multi-tool for electricians has become a household item. Buying an oscillating tool will complete your tool kit regardless of what you want to do as a seasoned electrician or amateur tinkerer.

Furthermore, selecting an oscillating multi-tool no longer depends on brands. Today, we can pick a multi-tool based on viable options like advancements in motor, battery, and vibration control features. We reviewed the numerous cordless oscillating tools and found some products you may like. 

With these oscillating multi-tools, you can do numerous things in your work as an electrician. You can work on tile, metal, grout, wood, stone, and mortar. Here are our top five picks on the market right now: 


Top 5 best oscillating multi-tools for electricians 

  1. DEWALT DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool
  2. WORD WX686.1 250W Sonicrafter Oscillating System with 19-Pieces Accessory Kit
  3. Makita DTM51Z Multi Tool, 18V Blue
  4. Dewalt DCS355N Oscillating Multi-Tool 18V Cordless Brushless 5 AH Battery Charger
  5. Ryobi ONE+ RMT1801M 18V Cordless Multi-Tool (Zero Tool)



Top Pick

DEWALT DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool

  • Revolutionize your DIY projects with DEWALT DWE315KT’s 300W amp motor and 22,000 oscillations/minute.
  • Effortlessly change accessories with DWE315KT’s quick-change system and work smarter, not harder.

WORD WX686.1 250W Sonicrafter Oscillating System with 19-Pieces Accessory Kit

  • Looking for a versatile and durable oscillating multi-tool? Look no further than the WORX WX686.1 Sonicrafter.
  • With its Universal Fit System and powerful brushless motor, this tool can handle any task you throw at it.

Makita DTM51Z Multi Tool, 18V Blue

  • Revolutionary: The DTM51Z is a cordless multi-tool that can work on PVC, sheetrock, wood, and more.
  • Long-lasting: The product has an 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type battery that powers it for longer periods, and it comes with a battery warning lamp.

Top Pick

DEWALT DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool


  • Quick change accessory system
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Electronic speed control
  • Tool kit
  • Bosch Accessory Fitment Adapter 
  • ‘Lock on‘ switch 


  • The delivery process could delay

The DEWALT DWE315KT 300W Oscillating multi-tool has a quick-change accessory system that ensures you make fast tool adjustments. When it comes to using oscillating multi-tools, this product stands out with its 300W amp motor that can provide you with at least 22,000 oscillations per minute. 

In addition, this oscillating tool has a variable speed feature that ensures that you achieve success in your plunge cuts and sanding activities. The DWE315KT oscillating multi-tool comes with quirky key features that solidify the model’s position on the market. 

When you buy this oscillating multi-tool, you get a TStakCarrying bag, sanding pad, a universal adapter, 37pc accessory set, a dust extraction adapter, and other tools. In this review, we have listed some benefits associated with good oscillating tools like the DWE315KT tool.


Three-way depth stop: With this feature, you can take complete control over aggressive cutting and its variable speed over what you grind or cut. For instance, you can adjust to constant speed to accurately trim or cut into metals or plasterboards. Aside from this benefit, you have a strong 300W amp motor that delivers thousands of oscillations every minute.

Quick change: As an electrician, you need an oscillating tool that can allow you to make a rapid change. Most people use cordless models because they can efficiently complete their DIY projects quickly. With this product, you can work seamlessly without struggling to attach accessories to your oscillating multi-tool. 

Tool-free system: The product offers power tools that ensure that you work on different platforms without difficulties. For instance, you can work in dark places with an LED light. A simple press activates the LED light to brighten your workplace.

WORD WX686.1 250W Sonicrafter Oscillating System with 19-Pieces Accessory Kit


  • A universal fit system
  • Clamping force
  • Carrying bag
  • one-year warranty
  • Rubber ergonomic handle 
  • Variable speed


  • Heavier than other options

If you want to use one of the best oscillating multi-tools on the market, you may have to spend time searching for the right tool online. However, professional electricians who desire multi-functional oscillating tools often consider the WORX WX686.1 250W Sonicrafter.

This tool can cut, sand, scrape, or saw. Its Universal Fit System allows you to use any blade on the product. Moreover, it features an aluminium gearbox, variable speed control, and carrying bag that accommodates any Heavy-duty tool. Whether you want to work on tiles, plastic, metal, or wood,  the cordless oscillating multi-tool offers a neat application. 

Its slim body shape provides a secure grip when you hold it. The WORX WX686.1 Sonicrafter has a 250W amp motor that supports unrivalled performances. 


Multipurpose:  Whether removing grout or making precision cuts, this product can handle it all. The WX686.1 Sonicrafter can execute multipurpose tasks like sanding, scraping, grinding, cutting, sewing, and more. 

Compatibility: The product can accept any accessory because of its Universal Fit System. Only a few oscillating multi-tools can work with blades, and the WX686.1 Sonicrafter can help you save time and money. 

Warranty: The WX686.1 Sonicrafter oscillating multi-tool comes with a special warranty that begins with one year manufacturer’s warranty. However, you can upgrade the warranty to three years in certain circumstances. The upgraded warranty can work when you sign up for the product online with the brand.

Brushless Technology: A brushless motor powers the multi-tool oscillating at least 22,000 oscillations every minute. In addition, you have faster speed and more power of cut, including preventing energy waste because of the brushless technology. It has a soft start feature for better application control and smooth start-up.

Outstanding Features:  The oscillating tool has a rubber ergonomic handle design, LED light, rotary tools, and a carrying bag. It also has assorted sandpaper sheets and a universal blade adapter.

Makita DTM51Z Multi Tool, 18V Blue


  • Soft start
  • Quick installation
  • Battery warning feature
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Anti-restart support
  • Compact design


  • LED light is not in newer models

Many major brands that produce the best oscillating multi-tools consider the comfort of their users. As a result, the DTM51Z comes as a cordless multi-tool with a variable speed dial. An 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type battery powers the product with a soft start. 

The DTM51Z can help you work on your PVC, sheetrock, plaster, wood, tile, or wooden flooring. Unlike a corded oscillating multi-tool, you can quickly move around with the product. The product has an anti-restart feature that can help you avoid accidentally starting the oscillating tool. 

The ergonomic barrel support has an ideal shape and circumference that can improve your comfort during usage. Additionally, the DTM51Z has an Oscillating Interface System, OIS, and is compatible with standard OIS accessories.  


Battery Alert: You don’t have to wait for the battery to drain completely before charging it. The powerful tool has a battery warning lamp that alerts you with red blinks when the battery is low. The lamp gives you a solid red blink if completely drained and shuts down immediately to protect your battery. 

Warranty: The oscillating multi-tool offers you one year warranty and extends it to two years if you can sign-up within 30 days of your purchase. However, the warranty has conditions you must meet. You invalidate the warranty if you use non-compatible chargers or batteries with the product. Therefore, we recommend reading the warranty policy before buying the product.

Cordless Oscillating Tool: The product has a variable speed control that allows you to move around during electrical projects. Since you don’t need wires, tangling may not be a challenge to you during your work.

Ergonomic Handle:  The manufacturer created an ergonomically shaped barrel support for additional comfort when using the product.

Dewalt DCS355N Oscillating Multi-Tool 18V Cordless Brushless 5 AH Battery Charger


  • Quick-change accessory system 
  • Depth control straight cut guide 
  • Dual-Grip variable speed trigger 
  • Bright LED light 
  • 28-Piece DeWalt accessory kit 
  • Universal accessory adaptor
  • Dust Extraction Adaptor 


  • Loud
  • No Variable Speed Dial

Electricians that want effective and easy-to-use oscillating tools use the DEWALT DCS355 Oscillating Multi-Tool. It has a brushless motor and Quick-Change Accessory System that makes attachments and blades changing easier. The product’s Dual-Grip Variable Speed Trigger offers application control and the ultimate speed required for your project.

Furthermore, the oscillating tool has a LED light for dark paces, while the 300W amp motor provides 20,000 OPM. The product serves DIY users and professionals because of its compact and ergonomically contoured handle. The cordless multi-tool system has as much power that can cut accurately without damaging your work surface. 

Suppose you are looking for a bare tool. In that case, this has standard professional features like a lock-on/off switch, 28-Piece DeWalt tool kit, universal accessory adaptor, and much more that make cutting, sanding, sawing, and other activities seamless. 


Ergonomic support: The oscillating tool has a comfortable ergonomic barrel grip that allows you to work for hours without pain. This product doesn’t disappoint with its multi-handle styling when it comes to power tools with ease-of-use features. 

Accessory changes: The product has a solid system for your accessory changes. No fuss, no muss, and no extra tools leave you struggling with attachments or changes. Although the product lacks the Starlock System, its universal fit system lets it work in tight spaces. 

Cutting speed: Most oscillating tools offer at least 20,000 OPM, and the DeWalt Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool is no exception. While it might be the fastest cutting tool, it ensures you get your work done quickly.

Price and value:  The tool kit offers you value for your money. You get the same accessories as other best oscillating tools at an affordable price. 

Ryobi ONE+ RMT1801M 18V Cordless Multi-Tool (Zero Tool)


  • 18V rating
  • Affordable
  • Three tool head attachments
  • Three-year long warranty
  • Several tool heads
  • High quality
  • No charger or battery 


  • Noisy
  • Magnetic catch may not work

The Ryobi ONE+RMT180M 18V comes as a cordless cutting and sanding multi-tool. A lithium battery powers the tool. You can consider this tool if you want a compact unit with a tool-free attachment system. If you wish to achieve flush cutting or work on tough jobs, Ryobi has made it easier for you with the model.

Equipped with an oscillating tool guide system, you can complete your tool kit with Ryobi ONE+RMT180M. The multi-tool has a lithium-ion technology that offers electricians at least 20,000 oscillations every minute you use the cordless model.

You can use the product for your fast cutting and sawing. In addition, it offers you an LED light that allows you to work in dark places


Lightweight & Easy-To-Use: The Ryobi ONE+RMT180M is lightweight and does not have difficulty moving it around. Furthermore, you can move around with it because of its cordless multi-functional activities. Since you enjoy a tangle-freedom to move it around,  the power tool can help you cut metal, drywall, composite, plastic, wood, and others with its ergonomic grip.

Plunge Cuts Without Damage: Although this oscillating budget multi-tool does not sacrifice its sharpness, it cuts without destroying the surface of your work. You enjoy a neat plunge cutting with the support of its variable speed feature.

Advance Features:  With the number of cordless oscillating multi-tools on the market, this product boasts a 6-position variable-speed wheel and 4-position pivoting head.

It also contains lithium-ion technology, six sanding sheets, speed settings, two sanding pads, a universal adaptor, a lithium-ion battery, and more.

Best Oscillating Tool: While most oscillating multi-tools have similar features, some have outstanding functionalities. The Ryobi ONE+RMT180M multiple tool offers battery-powered and corded tools with a variable speed trigger and grip zone moulding that ensures accuracy and comfort during use.

Buying Guide:  What to Consider When Buying the Best Oscillating Tool

Everyone has something in mind when buying oscillating tools. While most professionals demand fast performance and accuracy, others want models that have variable speeds. Regardless, we have listed some factors you should consider when buying any cordless oscillating tool.

Sanding and Cutting Speed: Speed is essential in removing grout and cutting drywall, wood, or nails. You should consider the blades’ functionalities and the ease of switching to a new task when using an oscillating tool.

Vibration Control: The ability of oscillating tools to withstand vibration should be one of the factors to consider. Some brands have perfected the act of handling vibration when their products work. Also, you don’t want a product’s vibration to affect your oscillation angle during your DIY project.

Ergonomics: Weight influences the best oscillating tools’ functionalities, especially on their ergonomics. Whether you use a corded oscillating tool or cordless models, you should consider the ergonomic support. Corded oscillating tools weigh less than cordless oscillating tools. 

If you work in tight spaces, length can affect your work. You should consider how the brand designed its handles. Also, check the battery connections when you work with the oscillating tool.

Blade Change: Most of the newer oscillating tools allow hands-free and easy blade change. The convenience and speed of changing a blade determine how effectively you can work with a multi-tool. 

We have brands that offer tool-free adjustments with secure blade changes. However, we avoid brands that make blade adjustments and changes difficult.

Oscillation Speed: You can determine the number of times your oscillating tool functions from the stated oscillation speed. The oscillating tools we listed have at least 20,000 OPM, making them ideal for your work. 

The variable speed dial lets you control how fast you want your oscillating tool’s head to turn. Most models have a variable speed trigger to help you achieve the right speed.

Power Rating: We recommend that you buy an oscillating tool with the correct power rating. The battery-powered oscillating tools have 12V or 20V as their power rating. You can consider using the 20V rating if you have a high-performance project. 

On the other hand, if you have corded oscillating tools, think of their power ratings in amps. For instance, they may come as 1.5A or 5A tools.

Value: Value matters more than the cost of the budget oscillating multi-tool. You should go for brands that offer you more with your money. Hence, you can weigh the cost of the multi-tool against its design and performance. 

Power Type: With the number of oscillating tools on the market, each model differs in terms of power input. The corded oscillating tool needs a socket input to function, while other models use a battery. 

The battery-powered oscillating tools come in handy and are easier to use than the corded oscillating models. Meanwhile, the corded oscillating tools provide high performance like the cordless multi-tools at a lower price.

Warranty: You don’t want to struggle with an oscillating tool that cannot meet your demand. As a result, you should check for the brand’s warranty before you make a payment. Some oscillating tools offer you one to five years of warranty. If you can obey the rules associated with the warranty, you can return a model that cannot satisfy your electrical support.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oscillating Tools

What’s the depth I can cut with my best oscillating multi-tool?

The length of an oscillating tool determines how deep your blade can cut into a plank of wood, metal, PVC, etc. Therefore, you should consider the blade’s length before making your cut. Some models come with blade lengths ranging between 1 to 3 inches. 

Can I suffer a deep cut from an oscillating multi-tool?

The oscillating tool’s mechanism may not work on your skin, but you should ensure carefulness when using an oscillating multi-tool. 

Will I receive a manual guide when I buy an oscillating multi-tool?

Handheld oscillating multi-tools have no manual guide. Therefore, you may find it challenging to cut items with precision. You can perfect your cutting skills with time. 

Is it possible for cordless oscillating tools to cut my tiles? 

Since most oscillating tools can adjust to different attachments, you can find the perfect attachment to trim, shape, file, and cut your tiles. You can cut shapes or gentle curves with your multi-tool. Additionally, you can create holes in your tiles with an oscillating tool. To achieve this function, a ceramic-cutting tool can serve you better. 

What can I do with my oscillating tool?

With our buying guide, you can know the factors to consider when buying an oscillating multi-tool. Also, you should know what your multi-tool can do for you. We recommend that you know what you want to do with your tool. The project and time duration determine the type of oscillating tool to buy.  

Why should I buy an oscillating multi-tool?

An oscillating tool saves you from buying different electrical tools for other projects. The multi-functional tool can help you with various functions. Therefore, you enjoy a hassle-free and convenient means of working on many electrical projects fast. 

Who needs to purchase an oscillating tool kit?

The oscillating tool kit is popular among electricians, home repair workers, construction workers, and some homeowners. Furthermore, you can use this multi-tool if you work on DIY projects.

Why should I use an oscillating tool instead of the conventional tool?

With an oscillating tool, you can work on different projects without tangling issues. The tool comes in handy and is easier to transport. Also, you can use the tool as a multi-functional gadget without stepping out to find an additional tool.

What type of work can I do with an oscillating multi-tool?

You can work on different remodelling, home repair, or construction projects with an oscillating multi-tool. Some of the multi-tool functions include removing grout, stripping flours, sawing, polishing materials, etc.

What are the popular oscillating multi-tools brands?

The market is flooded with reputable brands like Makita, Porter-Cable, Dewalt, Fein, Black & Decker, Rockwell, and Bosch. Each of these brands offers varying strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you can read user reviews on the oscillating tool you want to use.


Oscillating multi-tools have become one of the most versatile tools used by electricians for polishing, scraping, sanding, grinding, and sawing. They’re fantastic tools that work on materials like grout, tile, mortar, stone, metal, or wood. However, you may not get the ideal features from all the models on the market.

First, you should check what you want to achieve with the tool. Second, consider the time duration you want to use the tool. Lastly, you should have a budget to consider alongside these factors.

We have listed some of the best oscillating tools with variable speeds for your different projects. Finally, you can read our buying guide to know what to check when you want to buy an oscillating tool.

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