Best Label Maker for Electricians 

As an electrician, you can only keep track of so many wires and switches without labelling. Disorganisation can occur when you don’t know what each wire is used for or what each button does, making you seem unprofessional. Therefore, investing in a wire label maker makes your work easier and adds professionalism to your job. 

An industrial label maker is bulky and not easy to haul around, especially when you are working on something and need to label it quickly before you forget. Having a handheld label maker will come in handy in such a situation.

A handheld label maker can also create labels for industrial use. The best label maker for electricians does not always have to be electrical; there are labelling machines that use a rechargeable battery.

For this reason, we did our due diligence, checked out the best label makers on the market, and came up with the five top picks. A high-quality label maker for electricians should be easy to operate, sturdy, and print clear and readable labels. 


Top 5 label makers for electricians (Detailed review)

  1. Brother PT-E110 – Best Overall
  2. Brother P-Touch PTD600 – High-resolution Display 
  3. Dymo LetraTag LT-100H – Best for Home and Office Use
  4. Dymo LabelManager 160 – Comes With a Qwerty Keyboard
  5. Brother PT-H110 – Best Handheld Gadget



Top Pick

Brother PT-E110

  • Print pro-level labels quickly with Brother P-Touch label maker!
  • Get durable, industry-compliant labels with Brother PT-E110!

High-resolution Display 

Brother P-Touch PTD600

  • Create pro-level labels with Brother P-Touch label printer!
  • Experience high-resolution printing with Brother P-Touch label maker!

Best for Home and Office Use

Dymo LetraTag LT-100H

  • The Dymo LetraTag LT-100H is the ultimate label-making machine with easy-to-use features and durable tapes.
  • Create clear and long-lasting labels with the Dymo LetraTag LT-100H, perfect for home, office, and industrial use.

Top Pick

Brother PT-E110


  • Thermal printing technology 
  • Three-year warranty 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Durable labels 
  • Print labels in various tape widths
  • Water and fade resistant
  • Multi-line labels
  • One-touch keys


  • Excess label tape needs to be cut manually

The P-Touch label maker for electricians is the best compact label maker and can print up to 12mm labels. It weighs only 400g. The Brother PT-E110 label maker contains a QWERTY and numeric keypad that lets you make labels easily with letters and numbers.

You can easily hold the P-Touch label maker in one hand and type with the other; if you prefer, you can carry it as you would your smartphone and make continuous labels. The screen displays up to 15 characters in only two print lines, ensuring that users see the content of their labels. 

Creating labels with this Brother labeling machine for electricians is easy and fast, thanks to the five dedicated keys right below the screen, giving you quick access to labelling functions. The one-touch keys also let you enter numbers quickly with one finger.

With this device, you can print labels in various tape widths, which are 3.5, 6, 9, and 12mm wide labels industry compliant. The device also comes with Brother TZe tapes available in several size combinations and 60 colours. In addition, the device includes up to 200 icons on your labels from several categories such as security, audio, electrical, video, etc. 

Furthermore, this device was designed to last. You get a three-year warranty when you buy the Brother PT-E110, and Brother genuine tapes used by this device are tested under rigorous conditions to ensure they last. These tests found that Brother labels are resistant to abrasion, water, fade, and temperature. Additionally, this label maker is made with moulded rubber bumpers to prevent breaking in case of dropping.

Finally, you can use the Brother PT-E110 for several functions, including cable wrapping, faceplate labels, horizontal and vertical wraps, and printing multiple labels with sequential numbers. However, this device may have a poor label cutter, as some users stated needing to finish the cutting with scissors.

Brother P-Touch PTD600


  • PC/MAC compatible 
  • Multiple font sizes and symbols 
  • High-resolution display 
  • Fast printing 
  • AC adapter/ AA batteries for power
  • USB interface 
  • backlit display
  • QWERTY keyboard


  • Excessive cutting of label tapes

The Brother P-Touch is an automated electrical label printer with a backlight. Create labels using thermal printing technology on this device. It is a top label maker and popularly used by electricians. It is famous for its high-resolution colour-printing and wide keyboard, making typing much more effortless than other label makers. 

This label maker can print lines on a high resolution; you can make custom labels without needing external lighting, thanks to its backlit display. You can use this label maker alone for printing labels; however, for additional functions, you can connect the device to a PC or MAC with a USB cable. 

You should only use high-quality tape rolls for this label maker to maintain its durability. You can get the Brother TZe, one of the most commonly used labels according to industry labelling standards.

The P-Touch label maker has an easy tape loading design and uses dual power for convenient outdoor and indoor usage. This labelling machine can be used indoors as an electrical label maker, or you can put six AA batteries for when you use it outside.

Due to its industrial features, you can use this label maker for labelling electrical and patch panels, wire and cable flags, vertical wraps, etc. In addition, the only printer output for this label maker is monochrome, like the other label maker from Brother.

When you buy this labeling tool, the items included in the box are your PC- connectable label maker, AC adapter, USB cable, User Manual, P-Touch editor software for windows and MAC, and a Brother TZe starter tape. 

Dymo LetraTag LT-100H


  • Label grabber 
  • Home and office use
  • Uk and European version 
  • ABC keyboard
  • Multiple fonts, symbols, and clip arts
  • Access frequently used labels
  • Dual power source
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • multi-line labels
  • high-resolution display


  • Cartridge replacement may be costly

The Dymo LetraTag LT-100H is easily the best industrial label maker on the market. This portable label-making device is ideal for home and office use. With thermal printing technology, this device is automatic and uses monochrome printer output for printing clear and long-lasting labels. 

Moreover, this Dymo label maker makes it easy to access symbols, and you can underline, bold, and text size your labels. Additional features include a nine-label memory, date stamping, auto-off power-saving function, two-line printing, and a label grabber to ease printing with one hand. 

The convenient memory recall of this label maker makes it the best label printer for electricians since it is easier to make continuous labels. This way, creating labels is effortless since you can always access your most commonly used labels.

Dymo LetraTag label maker is easy to operate due to its navigation buttons that allow quick access to the label maker’s features. Therefore, you should take advantage of this label maker with a 13-character LCD screen and print labels of up to 12 mm in width. 

In addition, this industrial label maker weighs 280g and uses the ABC keys instead of the famous QWERTY keyboard found on similar devices. It uses an AC adapter and AA batteries for power, and the automatic shut-off helps prolong battery life. 

You can opt for the LT100H exclusive set when buying this label maker. This set comes with three Dymo industrial labels tape cartridges to help you start instantly. Dymo industrial labels are known for their fade resistance and durability.

Furthermore, All LT100H label makers come in the UK and European versions and have the same features and functions. Nevertheless, the difference is that the European version is smaller, and the device weighs only 150g. Be sure to check what version you prefer before making an order. 

Dymo LabelManager 160


  • Dual powered
  • Last label memory 
  • Automatic power-off feature
  • Customised labels
  • Thermal printing 
  • USB interface 
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Hotkeys


  • AC adapter is sold separately 

A Dymo label maker can easily make labels for electrical and patch panels and other electrical gadgets. This labelling device uses Dymo’s industrial labels and guarantees the production of clear, durable, and water-resistant labels.

The Dymo LabelManager uses the QWERTY keyboard, therefore making entering texts easier. It also has one-touch formatting keys that let you quickly edit and customise your labels for a professional look. 

This Dymo label maker is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around. Like the LT100H, the Dymo LabelManager 160 uses six font sizes, four boxes, and eight text styles to create labels. The label maker also allows up to 200 symbols and clip art images to polish your labels and make them perfect. 

This label maker has a large LCD screen that clearly shows what you are typing, and with its convenient memory recall, you don’t have to worry about retyping a label content. In addition, to save power and extend battery life, the device has an automatic power-off feature.

You can purchase an AC adapter or six AAA batteries to power this device. However, you should note that the Dymo LabelManager 160 purchase does not include the batteries, and you must buy the AC adapter separately.

The Dymo LabelManager 160, like most label makers, uses thermal printing technology and monochrome printer output for printing continuous labels. In addition, you can use a USB for connectivity and hardware interface. This label maker for electricians can also print labels on heat shrink tubes, electrical panels, and electrical symbols.

When you buy the Dymo LabelManager 160, it also comes with the user manual and Dymo industrial labels cassette, which may be vinyl labels. The Dymo brand sells the best label maker for electricians and offers a one-year limited warranty on the purchase of this device. 

Brother PT-H110


  • Handheld gadget
  • Visible and smudge-proof label tapes
  • Designed to last
  • Fast printing 
  • LCD screen for content review


  • Leaves an inch of free space on the label

The Brother PT-H110 is another label-creating device from the Brother UK brand. This device is handheld, sleek, and weighs only 400g. It is suitable for home and office use and also popular among electricians. 

The Brother PT-H110 is available in black and white/grey colours. When making an order, you can opt to buy the label maker with or without the tape cassette. Although, we recommend buying them together, especially if you do not have any tape in hand. The Brother TZe’s tapes are available in over 60 colours, and you can select your preferences when ordering.

This device can create durable labels on notice boards, filing cabinets, office equipment, etc. Electricians use it mainly for cable flags and horizontal and vertical wraps due to its cable marking function, which prints a flag label that you can quickly wrap around wires. Like other Brother label makers, this device also prints up to 12mm in width. Its LCD screen can display up to 16 characters in a single line, letting you see what you are typing. 

Since the device uses thermal technology for printing in the TZe tape, you do not need ink or toner before making a perfect label. You can also personalise your labels by choosing from several symbols, fonts, frames, and font styles.

In addition, this device uses a USB for the hardware interface and six AAA batteries for power. Removing batteries when the device is not in use will save the battery life as there is no automatic power off. Brother PT-H110 label maker has been tested under several conditions to ensure that the device lasts and the labels it prints are durable. 


A label maker is convenient for labelling several things. Electricians use label makers to mark wires and cables and differentiate plugs, among other things. Picking a good label printer to create detailed labels may not be as easy as you think, and you need to access the best label makers that meet industry label standards to look professional.

The best label maker for electricians should have a label cutter, be able to format label text, and have a quick access memory bank. Moreover, your label maker should have one-touch keys to create labels quickly and hotkeys to access symbols easily.

Although there are many label makers, this article reviewed the best label makers that comply with industry labelling standards and produce more detailed labels than other label makers. Therefore, you should buy the best label maker that allows vertical and horizontal wraps of cables and tools to enhance your professionalism.

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