Best Hammer Drills for Electricians: Top Picks and Reviews

Drilling holes with a hammer or SDS drill is a crucial part of the electrical industry. However, with all the options available, knowing which one will work efficiently can be daunting. This is because these drills come in different sizes and features, and with one mistake, you can end up with a drill that’s hard to use in tight spaces.

Such misfortune will make your drilling sessions a nightmare and take longer than they should. Therefore, we interviewed professional electricians and examined numerous reviews to compile this guide on the best hammer for electricians. We have included the drills’ features, how they will benefit you, and their flaws.

In addition, we’ve covered the factors you should consider when buying a hammer drill to help you pick the right one. You will also find detailed answers to the frequently asked question regarding these drills. 


Our roundup of the best hammer drills for electricians

  1. Bosch Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS – Overall best seller
  2. DeWalt DCH253N-XJ – Best choice cordless drill
  3. Makita DHR242RMJ- Best brushless rotary hammer drill
  4. Makita HR2630– Best corded lightweight hammer drill
  5. MPT 1500W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill– Best drill for the heavy workload



Top Pick

Bosch Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS

  • Unleash Your Inner Handyman with Bosch’s SDS Rotary Hammer – 900 Watts of Chisel-Crushing Power!
  • Get More Done in Less Time with Bosch’s 760 RPM Reversible Hammer Drill – Perfect for Electricians!

Best choice cordless drill

DeWalt DCH253N-XJ

  • Unleash Your Inner Handyman with DeWalt’s Best Cordless Hammer Drill – Lightweight and Powerful!
  • Work Comfortably in Any Position with DeWalt’s Multi-Position Cordless Drill – Perfect for Electricians!

Best brushless rotary hammer drill

Makita DHR242RMJ

  • Experience Uninterrupted Drilling with Makita’s Cordless Drill – Quick Charge Time and Second Battery!
  • Get Efficient and Comfortable Drilling with Makita’s Lightweight Cordless Hammer Drill – Perfect for Electricians!

Top Pick

Bosch Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS


  • High quality
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Easy controls
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Minimal vibration


  • Blunt SDS drill bits

Due to its design and efficiency, the Bosch Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS plus GBH 4-32 DFR is our top pick. This SDS drill is powered by corded electricity, hence suitable for long working hours without power interruptions. This drill is among the best due to its 900 watts maximum motor power, which delivers 4.2 J of the impact that enables fast chisel removal rates. With a depth stop of 310 mm, you can precisely drill using this Bosch masterpiece without messing up.

The Bosch Professional Rotary Hammer has a 760 RPM speed, making your drilling process faster. In addition, the speed is fully reversible, making it versatile. This power drill also includes a keyless chuck, making replacing the drill bits faster. Furthermore, it has a vario-lock that enables 36 variable, fixed chiselling positions. This feature gives you an optimal working angle between the chisel and the wall, making it the best drill for electricians.

Considering its immense power, the Bosch Professionals includes rotation clutch control in this hammer drill to give you back control by disengaging power. This feature prevents the drill from binding and injuring you when working. This Bosch drill comes in a robust metal gearbox housing, making it durable and weighing 4.7 kgs. It also comes with an auxiliary handle, making it easier to control, balance, and manage. In addition, it has a vibration to enable you effortlessly continue drilling in time-intensive applications. 

DeWalt DCH253N-XJ


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Sturdy
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to operate
  • Multi-position handling


  • No anti-rotation system 

The DeWalt DCH253N-XJ makes it to this list as the best cordless drill due to its drilling features and efficiency. This best choice among rotary hammer drills uses one Lithium-ion battery to function, making it suitable for use in areas without power. In addition, this battery has a long life and will serve you well.

This cordless hammer drill weighs 2.5kgs and is also equipped with vibration control of 6.6m/s2, which reduces your fatigue and elongates operating periods. This drill gun-shaped handle makes it comfortable to use. In addition, you will find using it even on top of a ladder easy due to its multi-position side handle that enables you to drill in any position efficiently.

DeWalt DCH253N-XJ has a power output of 400 watts and 2.1J impact energy, and this compact tool suit is the best cordless drill. In addition, this SDS drill has a maximum drilling capacity of 26 mm on wood, 24 mm on concrete, and 13 mm on metal, which is powerful for a small and portable unit.

This SDS cordless drill for electricians has a speed of 1200 RPM, making it ideal for fixing holes into concrete and drilling anchors. It also has a variable speed trigger ideal for chiselling in tiles, plasters, and render. In addition, DeWalt considers the need for lighting in poorly lit areas and equips this cordless drill with a bright white LED. The light has delay features that improve visibility and provide flashlight functionality, making it a good drill for electricians.

Lastly, this cordless hammer drill has a dust extractor, making it dust solution compatible. This feature makes your workplace clean and saves you from follow-up cleaning. It also keeps you safe from the harmful dust of the item you are drilling. It will help if you choose this cordless hammer drill if you have light-duty electrical work. 

Makita DHR242RMJ


  • Soft start
  • Lightweight 
  • Shocks proofed
  • Brushless
  • Speed and torque control 
  • Adjustable depth stop


  • Not ideal for long working hours

The Makita DHR242RMJ is a cordless drill run on a rechargeable 18V Lithium-ion battery, which has 36 minutes of charge time. The short charge time enables recharge as you use the second battery to ensure that your work goes on uninterrupted. This feature makes it a good drill for electricians who work on light duty.

This cordless drill has a brushless motor that delivers up to 950 rounds and 4,700 blows per minute. In addition, the motor enables cooler running by eliminating carbon brushes, which reduces energy by 30%, giving it a longer battery life and 50% longer run time per charge due to its efficiency. 

The Makita rotary hammer drill has a unique rubber joint construction that suppresses the vibration of the drill to the battery terminals. This feature minimizes battery failures such as poor electrical contact or terminal breakage. The terminals are also multi-contact to reduce power resistance and increase connection stability despite the vibrations of the drill. 

On weight and comfortability, this cordless hammer drill is made of plastic and metal, giving it a total weight of 3.8 kgs. In addition, it has an easy-grip handle that provides you with a comfortable grip when in use and gives you maximum power thrust– features essential in a drill for electricians. The lightweight, comfortable handle, and shock absorption features make this cordless drill ideal for this line of work.

This model of Makita hammer drill has three-mode operations: rotation only, rotation and hammering, and hammering only. The three operations make this drill suitable for different functions and efficiently drill through different surfaces. Additionally, it has a one-touch slide chuck that enables you to change the drilling bits effortlessly. 

Makita HR2630


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable handle


  • Lacks LED light

No products found.

The Makita HR2630 is a corded hammer drill that equally possesses features that make it ideal for electricians. The electric cord power supply enables you to work uninterrupted without worries of recharge. This drill has a 240 volts capacity, powered by an 800-watt motor, and a speed of 1200 RPM, making it powerful and suitable for masonry but fits in this list due to being an all-rounder. 

Performance-wise, this model is a professional standard drill that can give you 2.4J of impact energy with around 4600 impacts per minute. This feature makes drilling various surfaces a breeze. Furthermore, this power drill has a depth stop feature to pick the right depth for your project. In addition, it has a sensitive speed trigger that allows you to work on different materials comfortably. However, note that efficiency will depend on using the correct drill bits. 

Three different rotational modes are another notable feature of this powerful machine. The modes include hammering only, rotation, and rotation with hammering. In addition, the Makita HR2630 comes with a modified lever to change the operation mode depending on the drilling surface. It also has a lock-off switch that enables you to lock the trigger when working to maintain the set speed. 

The 2.8kg drill is easy to use with its rubberized grip handle, which features an intelligent trigger. The ergonomics and position of the trigger enable you to increase the speed by pulling it back. Furthermore, this drill has an SDS drill holder that is equally easy to operate due to its one-touch sliding chuck. The Makita HR2630 has forward and reverse functions as well as an adjustable handle to enable working in confined spaces. 

MPT 1500W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill


  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Broad application
  • Replaceable carbon brush


  • Short drilling depth

The MPT 1 Inch SDS-Plus is another good drill for electricians that deservedly makes it to this list owing to its ability to handle heavy workloads. This heavy-duty drill has a maximum of 1050 watts and a speed of 930 RPM, enabling it to work efficiently on any type of surface. In addition, it’s powered through an electric cable which allows it to function for as long as you will be working. This makes it a great hammer drill for long working hours.

This power tool has the drill mode, hammer drill mode, and chisel mode, which you can easily switch using a lever. This feature makes it ideal for use on wood, masonry, steel, and concrete. In addition, the MT 1 Inch SDS Plus is lightweight despite being so powerful, with an average weight of 6.9kgs, making it easy to move around when working.

The drill comes with a rubber handle that adjusts 360 degrees, making it easier to use the machine in tight spaces. In addition, you will get an extra handle when you buy this workhorse, making it easier to control and stabilize in the event of a recoil. This feature prevents injuries that you might sustain when the drill bit snags and kicks back.

The MPT 1 Inch SDS-Plus also has a double layer dustproof air inlet that protects the equipment from damage. In addition, it has a replaceable carbon brush that you change whenever you see any sign of breakage or burning to reduce damage to the drill. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Hammer Drills for Electricians

To get the most from your hammer drill, it must have the right features. Therefore, it’s best to consider the following factors when shopping for your SDS drill.

Type of Drill

These power tools are either corded or cordless drills. Each type has its pros and cons. It helps to consider this factor if you want a drill suitable for electrical works. The cordless drills use rechargeable batteries, whereas the corded ones are powered directly by electric outlets. Therefore, cordless drills enable you to use them even in areas without a power source. The corded drills, on the other hand, provide consistent service without requiring battery replacement or recharge. However, note that you will efficiently do your work if you buy the best cordless drill. 

Drill Size

Drill size refers to the diameter of the drill chuck, which holds the drill bit. The hammer drill comes in ¼ “, 3⁄4 “, and ½ “sizes. Each of these sizes differs in power, with the ¼” being suitable for less power-intensive jobs, the 3⁄4″ for light projects, and ½” for heavy application repair works. Therefore, it’s best to consider how intensive your work is and then use that as a guide to choosing your hammer drill.


A hammer drill handle is an important feature you must consider when shopping for this equipment. There are two distinctive handle models: the Gun shape and the T-handle. The latter features a base flare shaped in the letter T and has a high grip which inhibits slippage when in use. In comparison, the Gun-shape handle, also known as the Pistol shape, comes in the shape and design of a handgun. This design allows you to apply pressure directly at the bits back for power drills. In addition, the handle position and design will make your work easy when using right-angle drills in tight spaces.

Motor Power

Motor power and wattage are essential parameters when buying electric power tools like a hammer drill. The higher the power and wattage, the more the efficiency. A hammer drill with more than 800 watts will come in handy if you intend to use it as a hole cutter. It’s safe to say that powerful hammer drills will help you drill effortlessly, even on hard surfaces.   


Machines like hammer drills aren’t cheap, requiring buying durable ones for a better return on investment. Therefore, you should consider this factor when shopping for your drill. Checking the construction material and building quality is best to ascertain durability. In addition, you can consider the warranty period. Most of the corded and cordless drills in this review have extended warranty periods—a sign of durable machines.

Motor Speed and Torque

The motor speed of a hammer drill refers to the rounds per minute the drill spins. Therefore, a faster motor speed will give you better performance. However, your choice will depend on the type of work at hand. In addition, it will be best if you choose a drill with a variable speed trigger to enable you to adjust the speed and torque appropriately. Note that speed will help you drill into softer materials, while torque is essential when drilling holes on dense material.  


Most drills have keyless chucks for easy and quick bits’ change. However, it will help if you go for a hammer drill with a keyed chuck. This feature will call for manual tightening using a chuck key, which gives you better retention. As a result, you will worry less about the bits loosening and falling out of place during high-impact hammering. 


Light is a necessity for corded and cordless drills. This feature will enable you to safely and efficiently work in tight and dark spaces. Therefore, you need to consider it while shopping for a hammer drill suitable for this line of work. 

Brushless Motor

It’s also essential to consider if the drill has a brushless motor or not. The reason is that battery-powered cordless drills need to conserve energy enabled by a brushless motor, which is more energy-efficient. Therefore, choosing a cordless drill with a brushless motor will give longer working power than the same cordless hammer drills with a brushed motor. In addition, the brushless motor in a drill significantly lowers susceptibility to wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hammer Drills for Electricians

Hammer drills can be confusing due to the wide range to choose from and the similarities in features. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions in this section to help you choose the best hammer drill for electricians. 

Can you use a hammer drill on steel?

Yes, you can. However, you will need heavy-duty titanium and cobalt hard bits since the regular drilling bits can’t cut through steel. You can tell high-speed steel, such as cobalt drilling bits, by their black colour. Note that cobalt drilling bits are the best for cutting steel because of their strength and the ability to withstand heat for long without the need for cutting fluid or cooling. 

Which is the best hammer drill to buy?

The answer to this question will depend on your application. For an electrician, we can firmly say that the best drills are Bosch Hammer Drill, DeWalt DCH253N-XJ, Makita DHR242RMJ, Makita HR2630, and MPT 1500W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill. These are the SDS drills that we have researched and interviewed various professionals to ascertain the quality and performance. The selection includes both corded and cordless drills. 

Which is the best between corded and cordless drills?

Corded hammer drills have a constant power source, a comparably higher torque, and last longer. If you are looking for a durable power drill, it’s best to go for the corded hammer drill. The cordless drills are versatile, compact, and convenient since you can use them off-grid. However, these cordless drills aren’t suitable for heavy workloads since they require battery recharge. In addition, some don’t come with the battery included, which means you will incur additional costs. However, the best cordless drill will serve you well.

What is the difference between SDS and hammer drills?

SDS refers to Slotted Drive Shaft, and these types of drills don’t differ from the hammer drill. So, SDS drills are a type of hammer drill. The only notable feature that can differ between the two is that SDS drills are more powerful than the standard hammer drills. 

What is the difference between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill?

The difference between these two types of drills comes in how they work. While a rotary hammer pounds away with a lot of force to drill, the hammer drill vibrates on the surface as it drills it. In addition, the rotary hammer is more powerful than the two as it can beat about five times less than a high-tech hammer drill. It uses a drive piston that pumps a flying piston by air pressure. 

What are the safety precautions in using hammer drills?

Hammer drills are power tools that require safety precautions to protect you and the drill itself. Therefore, it will be best to put on your protective eye gear, stand on both feet when drilling, hold the hammer drill by its insulated grip, and ensure the bit you are using isn’t worn out or broken. In addition, you should keep your working area clean and don’t touch the drill bit before it cools down.


Hammer drills are necessary for electricians to make holes when installing various boxes and other applications. However, it would be best to have a light but equally, powerful drill to get the job done. In addition, depending on your worksite, you need either a corded drill or a cordless one but with long battery life. 

Rather than having to scour the internet looking for a suitable drill, we have compiled this review of the best hammer drills for electricians. The information provided by this article was gathered through extensive research and interviews with professionals. In the end, if you use this information to compare the best hammer drills, you will save time and find a powerful tool that won’t disappoint you.

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