Best Angle Grinder for Electricians

Angle grinders are versatile equipment needed in any service garage, workshop, and construction site. Furthermore, it’s also one of the essential power tools for DIY project lovers who work with metal or stone materials. 

Grinders are suitable for grinding metal, cutting tile, rebar, and stucco. Moreover, it’s also ideal for routing mortar, sanding, wood carving, sharpening, and polishing. It’s also compatible with more grinding wheels varieties and accessories, making it versatile.

Since there are several angle grinders in the power tool industry, choosing the best quality makes it hard. However, we’ve researched and selected the best angle grinders available in the market. These angle grinders have distinct features that make them the best of the lot.

When selecting the best angle grinder to use on your projects, choose depending on horsepower or grinding disc size. Other features to consider when selecting this compact tool include arbour size, maximum rpm, and electric or cordless grinders. With the help of these angle grinder features, we hand-picked the best angle grinders depending on performance, quality, and durability.

You should read and understand the manual and safety tips well if it’s your first time using this machine. Moreover, always ensure that you use proper safety goggles, gloves, and protective shoes to prevent accidents, and get a grinder with good safety features. When changing the grinding wheels, ensure the power tool is unplugged from power output first.


Here are the top angle grinders

  1. Bosch 060193A300 GWS
  2. Makita GA4530R
  3. Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+
  4. Makita DGA463Z
  5. Einhell 4431119



Top Pick

Bosch 060193A300 GWS

  • Get exceptional performance and safety with Bosch 060193A300 GWS.
  • Experience the power of the most advanced batteries and fastest charging.

Makita GA4530R

  • Revolutionize your DIY game with Makita’s GA4530R Angle Grinder
  • Experience comfort and power with its lightweight build and 720W motor.

Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+

  • Unleash the power of the cordless angle grinder with Ryobi.
  • Lightweight, versatile, and with a small grip surface for reduced fatigue.

Top Pick

Bosch 060193A300 GWS


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Has two motion safety switch
  • Features Electronic Cell Protection and Electronic Motor Protection
  • It comes with a battery charge indicator
  • Features two-position handle
  • Bulletproof guard
  • Vibration control handle
  • Fitted with high-quality motor
  • Offers maximum speed of 10,000 RPM
  • Cordless angle grinder
  • Quick change wheel release
  • Comfortable and simple to operate
  • Ergonomic shape plus handle position to reduce vibrations
  • It has a cooling functionality


  • Safety cover fits in one place only

Bosch 060193A300 GWS is an 18V angle grinder that’s navy blue, and it’s one of the best power tools on the market. This angle grinder measures 10cm by 38cm by 16.5cm. Moreover, it has a compact design making it low weight at just 2.3kg. This makes it comfortable and convenient to work with.

Furthermore, this grinder has an anti-rotation safety guard that’s easily adjustable and offers reliable protection. Plus, the safety guard is bulletproof, which ensures that users will be protected against quick-moving debris when doing their tasks. In addition, with a power supply of 18V, this system will offer you the best performance.

Professionals from Bosch developed this angle grinder to offer exceptional results and superb working efficiency. In addition, this power tool has the most powerful batteries and is fitted with the fastest charging technology.

This tool has an ergonomic shape with a comfortable handle position. This helps reduce vibrations and is among the safest power tools.

This power tool cooling functionality is known as ‘CoolPack,’ and it’s also very effective. This technology helps extend the battery’s life and angle grinder durability by stopping the handheld tool from overheating.

Moreover, Bosch uses Electronic Cell Protection when designing the battery. This feature helps protect the battery and guarantees that it doesn’t overheat or overload during operation. They also use Electronic Motor Protection which guards the amp motor power against overheating during continuous operation.

With the two-movement switch safety features, the user must perform two distinct movements to switch on the angle grinder. The angle grinder will auto switch off when it’s just a single push. Thus, with the help of this feature, this equipment can’t turn on accidentally, preventing accidental harm to the operator.

Makita GA4530R


  • Fast and simple disc changing
  • It’s low on vibration, convenient
  • Has a potent motor
  • It comes with machined bevel gears
  • It’s durable
  • It has a soft start
  • Has double insulation
  • Features a lock-on switch
  • Anti-restart function
  • Well sealed motor and bearings to offer protection from dust and debris


  • Has no carrying case
  • It’s a bit expensive

Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder is suitable for fabricators, welders, masons, electricians, maintenance, etc. This is one of the most straightforward and comfortable tools professional contractors and DIY lovers can use.

This angle grinder weighs about 1.8kgs; hence comfortable to manoeuvre and handle. Due to this, you will not feel hand tiredness and pain. In addition, it’s fitted with a powerful motor of 720W. This motor will give you 11,000 RPM. The power tool is powerful enough for more tasks and suitable for professional and home use.

This angle grinder operates quietly. Thus if you have any DIY projects, you can work without distracting pets, kids, neighbours, etc. Furthermore, this angle grinder has a diamond blade, a side handle, a grinder disc, a safety lock nut wrench, and a grinding wheel guard.

This power tool has a lock-on switch that helps reduce operator fatigue. If you use this grinder for a more extended period, you need to flick the switch for it to continue grinding, minus holding the button any longer.

Another great feature of this equipment is it has a soft start option. With this, starting your work becomes simpler minus the grinder slipping. The motor has a proper housing sealed to block dust from getting in, extending the motor’s lifetime and product durability.

Makita brand uses dust-proof ball bearings with a dust ejection system. In addition, they coat the amp motor field with varnish and protective powder to improve its durability.

Makita GA4530R angle grinder comes with a lock button, making high grit grinding disc changing easier. All that’s needed is a “click and clip,” and you’re set to use it again. The side handle is positioned at an angle of 20 degrees for added comfort and control.

Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+


  • Tool-less wheel guard
  • Made with durable material
  • Fast and simple to adjust
  • Features three position auxiliary handle
  • It has a lightweight design
  • It’s compatible with every Ryobi One + batteries
  • Two-stage non-lockable switch
  • Spindle lock
  • Tool free wheel removal
  • Cordless offers more freedom


  • Batteries are not included
  • Not suitable for heavy tasks

This is a cordless angle grinder that features a 115mm disc. It’s best for light to medium grinding and cutting applications. In addition, this tool has a simple design plus an auxiliary handle which makes the grinder simple to control irrespective of the job. With the help of a three-position handle, you will have better control when cutting or grinding.

Moreover, a two-step non-lockable switch offers improved user protection and prevents unintended startup. The small diameter barrel grip is as comfortable as possible with the help of a GripZone plus an over-mold handle. Moreover, the handle has three adjustable handle positions. The distinct, uniquely small gripping surface helps in reducing fatigue when working with it for more extended periods.

This angle grinder has different weights, depending on its battery. With the battery, this good quality grinder weighs 2.9kg, and with no battery, it weighs 2.5kg hence lightweight.

Its spindle size is M14, and its no-load speed is 7500rpm. In addition, this tool operates with all Ryobi One Batteries; thus, no stress in searching for batteries at the market. With the help of a spindle lock, one can change accessories comfortably with the tool.

This is a versatile, handy tool. You can comfortably use it on different tasks, including sharpening blades, cutting metals, grinding, shaping stones, wood carving, removing rust and paint, and polishing objects.

Ryobi has over 150 tools to choose from. Thus, it’s a reputable brand with over 25 years in the industry. Batteries from Ryobi have Intellicell technology; therefore, they manage their power to deliver the best performance and runtime.

With the help of 18V power together with a no-load speed of 7500 rpm, working on your projects is easier with this powerful tool. You can pair this tool with Ryobi’s small tool bag and Ryobi RGS01 safety glasses.

Makita DGA463Z


  • Slide switch
  • Features anti-restart function
  • Electronic current limiter
  • Battery power gauge
  • Spindle lock
  • Brushless motor
  • Automatic torque drive technology
  • Features active feedback sensing technology to switch the amp motor off in a sudden stop
  • Removable wire mesh cover to protect the motor
  • Lock-on function
  • Soft start


  • Issues with durability
  • It’s a bit longer

This cordless tool has a lock on, and a slides switch function. Furthermore, you will have a dial to control the speed with a soft start. This variable speed angle grinder is fitted with a powerful amp motor that offers a rate of 3,000 to 8,500 rpm.

The tool auto matches the pace with the work. In addition, the brushless motor helps in eliminating carbon brushes. This allows the amp motor to operate in a cool and efficient way. Thus, it will serve for a long time and efficiently match torque to the application.

The motor is controlled to improve battery energy usage and get a lengthier run time in a single charge. Moreover, this angle grinder has an inbuilt battery protection circuit.

This offers protection against overheating, over-discharging, and overloading. In addition, you will have an LED battery fuel gauge that shows the battery level. The battery will have overload protection with the help of an electronic current limiter.

With the help of an electronic brake, you’ll also have a fast grinder blade deceleration. Moreover, anti-restart prevents accidental startup, which can be dangerous. The current limiter plus anti-kickback detection features give extra protection.

Moreover, this grinding tool has a slide switch conveniently positioned for a single-handed operation. The soft rubberized grip ensures that you will have a comfortable hold. This top tool comes with a side handle and depressed centre grinding discs. It’s compatible with Makita Li-ion batteries 18V.

This angle grinder has a net weight ranging from 2.3kg to 3.0kg. Besides, the grinder has Active Feedback sensing Technology, which turns the brushless motor off when there is a sudden stop for optimum user safety.

The brushless motor is powerful, making it suitable for demanding applications. In addition, the wire mesh intake covers help prevent debris from damaging the amp motor.

Einhell 4431119


  • Features restart safeguard and soft-start function
  • Has room for fitting extra handle
  • Features improved air guidance for an effective cooling
  • Adjustable disc guard
  • Package includes a cutting wheel, storage case, charger, and a battery
  • Simple to use
  • It’s affordable


  • Poor battery life

Einhell 4431119 is a handy and compact angle grinder tool. Moreover, this is among the lightest angle grinders available. This best angle grinder is made with robust metal gear housing. In addition, with the separation of gearing and amp motor, you’ll have a smooth operation.

This tool is a member of the Power X-Change family. Thus, it’s powered using Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and has a battery management system making it durable.

The soft-start feature and restart protection make this tool safe for use. Moreover, there is an overload cut-out that offers protection. Thus, the device will have a longer service life. In addition, with improved air guidance, there will be better cooling hence suitable for long work hours. Also, the disc guard comes with a quick-adjust facility.

Einhell 4431119 has a slim design that has ergonomic and soft-grip surfaces. Furthermore, the extra handle can be adjusted into three positions. This ensures flexibility during working.

This cordless angle grinder offers a maximum no-load velocity of 8,500 rpm. Moreover, it cuts down to a depth of 28 mm. This tool comes with one high-speed charger and a PXC rechargeable battery. The battery is small for the convenience and has nearly zero self-discharge rate.

This tool is from the Einhell Li-ion technology series. PXC Series offers maximum flexibility and high performance. In addition, the Li-ion batteries are compatible with every piece of equipment from the series. They also have an auto ABS-battery monitoring system to improve its durability and strength.

This cordless angle grinder is compatible with cutting wheels having a diameter of 115mm. This angle grinder measures 35.2cm by 11.2cm by 33.2cm.

Best Angle Grinder Buying Guide

Since thousands of brands make angle grinders, getting the best can be difficult, especially when a beginner. To make the best decision, you need to check out some features.

Motor Power

When it comes to the output power rating of a motor, the best ranges between 500 and 2500 watts. Moreover, the amperage should be within the range of 4 to 15 amps, although it depends on the model.

The angle grinders on our list have different motors with different power ratings. Angle grinders with smaller ratings are suitable for light projects, and those with a higher rating are suitable for use on massive projects like workshops and construction sites.

Safety Features

Handheld power tools come with several safety features which help prevent operator injury. This is a significant factor to check for when buying these tools. When finding the best angle grinder, go for models with an anti-kickback clutch, restart safeguard, wheel guard, lock button, etc. The power tools on our list come with these safety features and safety tips to protect you from any injury as you operate the grinder.

Disc Size

Angle grinder disc size is another significant feature to check out when purchasing an angle grinder. More minor angle grinders models usually require a 4.5″ disc and sometimes a 5″ disc though rare. Moreover, large angle grinders are compatible with up to a 9-inch angle grinder.

DIY lovers favour small-angle grinders since they are lightweight and can be used in tight spaces. Moreover, they’re powerful enough to handle most projects, including sanding, grinding, and sharpening. A large angle grinder is more useful for cutting through steel, concrete, and other hard materials.

Power Source

There are two power sources available for your garage or workshop equipment. When selecting an angle grinder, you can get either cordless models or the best corded angle grinder option. Cordless options get their power from a rechargeable battery, and the best corded angle grinders operate directly from electricity. In most cases, when buying a cordless grinder, you will have to buy a battery since they aren’t packed with it.


This is another significant feature to check out when buying an angle grinder. How quickly the disc spins is measured in rotations per minute RPM. Pneumatic angle grinders with higher RPM mean they can cut via the target material quickly and easily.

A small angle grinder works at higher speeds, unlike a large angle grinder. Their operation speed ranges from 5,000 to 11,000 rpm. Furthermore, a small angle grinder will have speed controls to vary depending on the project needs. Big and corded angle grinders’ maximum speeds are lower and usually range between 5,000 to 8,000 rpm.

Dust Protection

With time dust will collect at internal parts of the angle grinder. This can lead to vents clogging, overheating and burning the motor. In addition, dust buildup also leads to quicker wear. Thus getting a grinder with a dust ejection system feature is essential, especially when you use the grinder for lengthy periods.


Another great feature is how comfortable the angle grinder is. A good grinder should have a comfortable handgrip, be easy to use, and be lightweight. With a comfortable angle grinder, you can comfortably work for longer hours.


Are angle grinder wheels safe?

This depends on the experience you have with how to operate the machine. Moreover, you need to test new grinding wheels in a safe space before using them. In addition, to guarantee your safety, ensure you place the workpiece well so that every dirt flies downwards. Also, you should avoid taking wheels close to the edges because they may kick back the object.

What’s a soft start?

There are angle grinders that burst into potent force any time you switch them on. This makes your hands strain when controlling the grinder to direct it to the workpiece.

However, soft start technology helps in overcoming this issue. The tool will start slower as it increases to the correct speed to deal with the task. Soft starts also help in reducing user fatigue.

How can one remove the disc from an angle grinder?

Removing a disc depends majorly on the tools at hand and your preference. As a safety measure, you should switch off the grinder’s power before removing the disc and check the disc arrow when installing.

What types of angle grinders are available?

There are two significant kinds of angle grinders. These are corded grinders and cordless grinders. The best corded angle grinder gets its operating power directly from an electric source using a power cord. Moreover, this corded grinder is suitable for use in places where you can access power. Thus, it’s only suited for jobs in enclosed spaces, including offices or homes. In addition, these corded models give the operator higher power output whenever in use. 

However, cordless power tools use batteries that need recharging after use. This equipment can be used even in a remote place with no power when the battery is charged. Furthermore, cordless angle grinders come with limited or reduced output, depending on the batteries utilized.

Can one cut concrete using an angle grinder?

Yes. An angle grinder can cut concrete though it should have the right blade. Moreover, more concrete projects need a segmented diamond blade.

Can one use an angle grinder to cut through metal?

Some different blades or discs are compatible with best angle grinders. These discs are for use on various surfaces. There are blades or discs suitable for cutting metal and other hard surfaces. You can then use a polishing wheel to polish a surface. Discs for cutting metal are thinner.


The best angle grinders are versatile handheld tools. You can use them for many things, including cutting metal, removing rust, polishing surfaces, sharpening, etc. When buying an angle grinder, check its power outlet, motor speed, comfort, safety precaution, soft start, etc. There are also grinders with variable speed settings. The motor auto changes the rate depending on the task. 

All the angle grinders on our list are comfortable and safe to operate. So why haven’t you started that project yet?

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