Trustatrader vs MyBuilder

Which service should a tradesperson choose to grow their business? Is there an easier way to find customers than register with TrustATrader or MyBuilder?

It’s a dilemma that tradespeople have to deal with, should they register with an online vetting company and pay for leads or a yearly subscription without the guarantee of finding work. Or opt for a more comprehensive marketing strategy that takes a little effort but does not cost a penny other than time.


Will TrustArader help grow your business?

Possibly, If you believe the hype, TrustAtrader is the panacea of marketing to tradespeople across the country but is it true? Or is TrustAtrader just another meat grinder for the trades trying to extract their hard-earned cash?

The problem is registering with an onliner building services company that supplies leads from potential clients.

  • Do you get several guaranteed leads every month?
  • How much competition are you against?
  • Are the tradespeople quoting qualified or just handypersons?
  • Can you sustain a business with this model or just earn a wage?
  • Are your competitors legit, and have they been fully vetted?
  • Are TrustATrade customers using the platform to disputing work to get the job done free or extend the payment period?

These are all valid and pertinent questions that any tradesperson should be asking before taking the plunge and committing to fees that will not guarantee a single job.

How about MyBuilder?

It’s the same scenario. With MyBuilder, you only pay per lead, and to be fair, it’s a nominal payment that will not break the bank but is that their business model?

If you get enough tradespeople registering and receiving the same lead at four-pound fifty, you can see the cash rolling in, and who cares about the tradesperson?

Is MyBuilder trustworthy?

It’s a mixed bag. No one is saying MyBuilder is not trustworthy. That would be unfair to My Builder and any other online company occupying this space.

But you have to wonder with reviews from Good Housekeeping stating that 94% of MyBuilder users would use the platform again to find a tradesperson.

It says, “MyBuilder received high praise from the Good HouseKeeping panel”, with 90% saying they would recommend a friend. High praise indeed!

But, the key is, did the panel hire a tradesperson through MyBuilder or look at the platform and make an uneducated guess at how good it is to complete their editorial?

The latter sounds more likely, but you can only take their statement with a grain of salt without evidence from Good Housekeeping.

Which is better: MyBuilder or TrustATrader?

It’s splitting hairs. Both online platforms offer tradesperson service to the public, allowing the tradesperson greater exposure, a great business model for all intents and purposes.

But how do you attract good tradespeople, and how are they vetted? The key to either business is good tradespeople, and they assume good tradesmen are hard to find and the best ones are registered with these platforms.

That premise is not true for this reason. A good tradesperson is worth their salt and can find work anywhere through contacts and word of mouth. The best tradespeople are inundated with work.

So, who is registering with these online platforms?

Do MyBuilder and TrustATrader check qualifications?

Make your own checks. They claim to have all the checks completed for the homeowner, but how about the tradespeople? Can they dispute someone’s qualifications?

When a tradesperson follows another trade onsite, it’s clear to see who is qualified and competent for the work. Still, online platforms such as MyBuilder and TrustATrader are not trades focused and will send anyone with the winning bid to the job.

How about customer satisfaction?

It’s a priority. For any tradesperson, customer satisfaction should be the number one goal. A happy customer will recommend your services in the local area. This is invaluable marketing to grow your business.

Can you trust customer reviews?

It’s hard to say. Everyone would agree that customer feedback is essential for the growth of the business. If you have got something wrong as a tradesperson, you need to know how that made the customer feel.

Receiving poor feedback can be shocking, but the truth is it allows the tradesperson to home their skills.

Often poor feedback is nothing to do with the quality but is more akin to personality clashes and unmanaged expectations.

What can tradesmen do if they receive poor reviews?

Take immediate action. It is imperative that the tradesperson deals with the issue and makes the customer happy. A poor review could spread to a poor word of mouth appraisal that can spread in a community which is almost impossible to recover from.

Do TrustATrader and MyBuilder help the tradesperson resolve issues?

No, they will recommend you resolve the problem asap. If the client is paying for the work through either company, you will see your payment being withheld until a resolution is in place. And even after this, you will be made to wait for payment.

Look at either platform as a marketing tool. Sometimes marketing works, and other times, it’s not so good yielding poor results.

How can you cancel a contract?

Estimates and quotes are not legally binding contracts and can be cancelled by either party.

When cancelling through MyBuilder or TrustAtrader, you simply follow the step below.

  • Make sure you send the cancellation notice within the time allowed.
  • Always cancel in writing. You can use the cancellation form or send a letter.
  • Keep a copy of your cancellation notice or letter.
  • Send your cancellation notice by certified mail, and return the receipt.

TrustAtrader vs MyBuilder

The fees can be more expensive on TrustaATrader (NICEIC is free), whereas MyBuilder only pays for each lead you accept.

Is one better than the other? TrustATrader is an easier platform to navigate compared with Mybuilder.

MyBuilder can be very slow to respond, so overall, TrustATrader takes the win by a small margin.

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