How To Get More Work As An Electrician

Are you taking on more staff and needing extra work to keep everyone busy? In this article, we cover the best ways to get more jobs for your electrical business and also answer:

  • Does advertising cost a lot to get more work?
  • How can you target local businesses opportunities?
  • What’s better, FB ads or SEO?

No, advertising can be affordable and deliver the desired results. You can use platforms such as Bark to find local electrical jobs. Use FB ads; they are targeted and can deliver quality leads. Rank higher in Google by doing SEO best practices.


How do electricians get more customers?

Becoming self-employed as an electrician is more challenging than you first thought. There are so many considerations that need to be actioned before you start earning a penny.

You need to hit the road running and have income, so it’s best to work as a contractor, possible for your previous employer, until you can establish a pipeline of enquiries.

Star advertising from day one. Use your van to display as much information about you as possible. With vinyl wraps, you can make your van look awesome with all of your company information.

How to find more customers with Bark

Several online platforms cater to tradespeople regardless of their speciality. They operate on the premise they have genuine inquiries, and for a small fee, you can contact the customer.

Check out; it’s a platform for tradespeople that identifies specific country areas that have vetted leads.

Bark operates on a credit system. You buy credits that allow you to contact the potential advertising customer.

They offer a starter trial where you can purchase 10 credits at £1.04 each, and they will give you 20% off. It’s a no-brainer at such a low price.

If you don’t get hired after using 10 credits, they will reinstate the credits until you get hired.

Can you register with more than one platform for leads?

Yes, the more platforms you are registered on, the higher the chance you will be successful.

There are many platforms to choose from, and they work in similar ways, they are not free, but the feel is affordable and would easily be covered in the first job you get. MyBuilder is again another online platform with many potential clients within a short distance from your operation site.

You can choose how far you wish to travel, which is a good feature and saves scouring through jobs you would not be interested in.

Do web pages generate many leads?

It depends on your website. If your website is not eye-catching and appealing, potential customers will skim past your web pages.

Once you have some great photos and images to draw potential clients in, you need to add content to your website.

Use the content to be informative and to show you are an authority in your industry. Inform your potential clients of your qualifications and some of the jobs you have successfully undertaken where the client was delighted with the outcome.

Does SEO help find new clients?

Yes, SEO ( Search engine optimisation) is important for page placement on google listings.

If you have the most attractive website globally, but no one can find it, it’s not of much use.

SEO can be a little complicated but work on the premise of what would you type in the search bar if you needed an electrician?

You can use keywords like “electrician” and have a small impact but try long key phrases like “I need an electrician to fix my lights” this should show better results.

However, SEO is a long term strategy. Once the cash is flowing in, you may decide to outsource to a professional for the most impact.

Do Facebook ads work?

The great thing about Facebook is that many people in your local area use Facebook every day, which makes Facebook a powerful tool in your search for more work.

Facebook ads can be targeted at certain age groups and areas and for a few pounds, you can get started.

However, make sure your Facebook page for your business is professional, detailing all your services and your contact details.

Does youtube help to increase business?

Yes, if you want to be recognised as a first-class electrician in your area, start posting videos. Once viewers see that you are conscientious, neat in your work practices and know what you’re talking about, the inquiries will come.

Take a look at Nick Bundy and Artisan electricians. They both have a decent following of 50K plus subscribers; they are entertaining and give hand tips and advice.

Youtube is the perfect tool to grow your business over time.

Do you want your business to grow?

Get on LinkedIn, make your profile professional, and consider advertising on LinkedIn. How will this make your company grow?

Linkedin is full of professional property managers, estate agents, and landlords who are always searching for tradespeople, not any old tradespeople but ones who are professional.

Tradespeople who are savvy enough to be on LinkedIn could grow their businesses exponentially.

Do local listings help to grow an electrician’s business?

Yes, it’s important to be in local business listings to expose your business as much as possible when looking for work.

Local business directories are free so take advantage of free advertising. Here are just a few:

  • Google my business
  • Bing places
  • FourSquare
  • Yelp UK
  • Yell
  • The sun directory
  • Free index
  • Scoot

The list is large and just needs minimal research to increase your leads.

How to get more work as an electrician?

Electricians are in demand, and there is no shortage of work for a good electrician.

Take pride in your work and always be customer-focused. Make your customer feel like they are the only customer you ever had.

Word of mouth and recommendations are rarely beaten because you can command a higher price for your skills.

Don’t forget to network with other sparks in your area. Referrals will come when they are inundated.

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