How To Become The Best Electrician

Are you looking to enhance your skills as an electrician and stand out from the crowd? Is it possible to be a better electrician than your colleagues?

There are qualities electricians must possess to stand out from the crowd. Have good communication skills being able to convey problems succinctly. Must be customer-focused. You must be willing to learn and stay updated with standards and technology continuously.


What are the qualities of a good electrician?

Electricians need to have many qualities to stand out in a crowd. Here are just a few:

  • An electrician needs to communicate with his colleagues and peers effectively to make sure the work is carried out professionally.
  • For an electrician to be effective, he must understand the concept of time management, and no one wants to wait while others wait for the electrician to finish his work.
  • Must have outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Be prepared to work as part of a larger team that shares a common goal.
  • Electricians need patience and a sense of calm when in difficult situations
  • Must be trustworthy; many electricians work in homes when working on residential sites, so honesty is a paramount virtue.

What is the personality of an electrician?

An electrician is usually a realistic person who can assess situations and get on with the job without drama.

Many electricians are customer facing and need to be personable and communicate in a manner that shows expertise and confidence.

How do you become a better electrician?

  • Never stop learning. The industry is highly regulated, and you need to be on a course of self-improvement every day you work.
  • Physical and mental abilities are essential. The job of an electrician can be challenging, and you must be able to think on your feet. And you’ll need to run cables and do other physical tasks.
  • Be meticulous with your work. Make sure every termination and insulation is cut perfectly. The small things that stand out!
  • Communicate. Speak with your colleagues and peers, speak with your customers. If you’re working on-site, you might be the only point of contact for the company, so be skilled at communicating and professional.
  • Prepare for adventure. Not every job fits a consumer board in the garage, and be willing to go the extra mile to make the job perfect, even if it means physically exerting yourself.
  • Be a team player. No one wants to work in a hostile environment.
  • Punctuality is essential. Inner-city traffic is a pain, but time management is a skill you need to master, so arrive on time and err on the side of caution when providing a rough estimate of how long the job will take.

Who is the most successful electrician?

The most successful electricians are the ones who have good interpersonal skills and are prepared to go the extra mile for their colleagues and customers.

A lot of electrical work is solitary, and it’s that way because you are working in confined spaces. However, that does not stop you from being a team player at break times and having banter with your colleagues, regardless of trade.

Successful electricians know how to communicate and make their customers feel part of the job. When working on residential properties, it is a must to be courteous and consider your customers, regardless of the trivial nature of their requests.

Electricians passionate about their profession are infectious individuals who can breathe life into mundane situations. Pride in your work is essential, from the installation to how you care for your tolls and van.

Are electricians happy?

A poll from a Canadian online site states that electricians are in the bottom 30% for being happy at work!

The figure seems incorrect, and the question is, what constitutes being happy at work? Is it working on-site within walking distance of your home, or is it working away from home one week every month?

The electrical industry is vast, and the types of working conditions can change drastically but for most being an electrician is one of the better trades to work in.

Are electricians happy? It’s a loaded question, and therefore, you should take the survey with a grain of salt.

Being an electrician is difficult at times and physically demanding, but rarely is the work tedious, and most electricians find the work stimulating and financially rewarding.

Are there any benefits to being an electrician?

Being an electrician is a career choice. You will never run out of work if you are self-employed, and if you work for a contractor and work well, you can be guaranteed a steady, solid income until the day you retire.

Do you know that women find electricians the most attractive out of all the trades available? It’s a crazy statistic, and who cares if it’s true or not? Every electrician is going to agree!

How to become the best electrician

Stay current with your qualifications and make sure people know in your organisation that you are highly qualified and up to speed with industry changes.

Persevere when things are hard, especially when you launch your own electrical company, it’s not always plain sailing.

If you are a self-employed electrician, keep your books straight and pay your tax on time to prevent you from becoming embroiled in a tax investigation that is problematic and costly.

Do the best job you can in all situations; word of mouth spreads, and your reputation is everything when being the best electrician.

Be humble and always of good character; no one likes arrogance.

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