How Do You Become An Army Electrician

If you’re interested in a career in the Army and want to come out with a trade, we have the solution. We also answer some common questions like:

  • Is it possible for ex-army electricians to work as electricians after leaving the military?
  • Will you start training to be an electrician the first week you arrive?
  • And more.

The qualifications of an army electrician are City & Guilds and fully transferable to civilian life. When you join the Army, you will start with a 14-week basic training camp and then, depending on your regiment, train for a further 49 weeks before starting electrician classes for your trade training.


Does the Army need electricians?

Yes, the Army has a huge requirement for electricians to fulfil their maintenance role in the field and when based at the camp.

The Army trains electricians to all skill levels, including high voltage overhead cables. However, to join an army electrical apprenticeship, you will need to sign a contract for a minimum of 4 years of service before being considered to be trained as an electrician.

Will the military train you to be an electrician?

Not only will the British Army train you to be an electrician, but you will also receive world-class training from experienced instructors in all aspects of electrical work.

Your training will start as a domestic installer which is a civvy street qualification bit. Instead of spending 4 years learning, the course is condensed into 33 weeks.

After 33 weeks, you have attained your NVQ Level 3 Diploma.

What is a REME in the Army?

The Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Once you have your training under your belt, you will join the REME and be deployed either to a UK military site or at some point overseas, depending on the Corps requirements.

However, you should understand that you are a soldier first and an electrician second. If you are part of an infantry division, you could find yourself on the front line of a conflict somewhere in the world.

What do army electricians do?

All things electrical, you could be at fault for finding a circuit problem in the barracks or wiring a water pump next to a river in Africa and all things in between.

The workload of an army electrician is varied, and often you can find yourself working under pressure to provide solutions while your colleagues rely on your training and expertise.

How long is training for the REME?

REME is 8 months. During these months, you will undergo academic training in the fundamentals of being an electrician, such as learning ohm’s law.

Although the training is condensed and very thorough, you will need to remember you are a soldier, and as such, you will be treated as a soldier, and your fitness levels will have to be maintained.

Your working day will likely start at 5 am with physical exercise. The 8 month training period to become an electrician is full-on, and you will be expected to perform.

Where are UK Army bases?

These are permanent British army bases:

  • Cyprus
  • Brunei
  • Kenya
  • The South Atlantic
  • Germany
  • UK

However, deployments can be anywhere in the world where NATO is operational such as in recent years in Iraq. Afghanistan and with tensions in Eastern Europe, the border countries of Russia.

The life of an army electrician can be challenging when deployed to some regions of the world.

Is it a good life being an army electrician?

It’s not a life for everyone, and many choose to train as a civilian, but for the chosen few who relish the thought of travel and demanding work, the Army is unique in what it can offer an individual.

If you like being part of a team and working and living closely with others in your platoon, then the Army will be the best career choice you ever will make.

Very few people do not have a great time working as an electrician and being a soldier in the British Army.

How long is a tour in the Army UK?

6 months. However, tours can change by a month or two, and the Afghanistan tour was 8 months after being extended.

The frequency of tours depends on conflicts globally; the British Army frequently takes a peacekeeping role with other NATO members.

Can I join the Army at 40 UK?

Yes, you can join the Army until the day before your 50th birthday. There are older entrants for some skillsets depending on the requirements of the Army.

Could you apply to train as an electrician at 40? Yes, as long as you have signed a minimum of a 4 year contract.

Can you quit the Army UK?

Yes, as long as you have served 28 days and are in the first 6 months, you can leave after submitting two weeks’ notice.

How much does an electrician make in the British Army?

While training, you will make around 20K per annum and when qualified, this will jump to 30K, comparable with a civilian electrician.

Army electricians get accessible exercise facilities and subsidized accommodation, plus many other benefits and perks along the way.

If you look at the salary as a total package, including perks and benefits, the army electrician comes out slightly on top.

Do UK soldiers pay tax?

Yes, if the Queen pays tax, there is no escape for anyone, including the British soldier. You are taxed at the same rate as an electrician working in civvy street.

Is joining the Army worth it in the UK?

It depends on your personality, and the Army is not for everyone but for those who take up the challenge. The Army offers exceptional training that is considered to be world-class.

The Army knows they only have you for a few years of your life, so they train you with like electrician skills you would require as a civilian electrician.

You have the same qualifications to go and get a job with any electrical contractor in the country or even become self-employed.

You get all of this, plus you are travelling and learning about different cultures while being part of an elite fighting group renowned worldwide for its tenacity and compassion.

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