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Do you feel that ethernet cables are untidy and messy in your working or leisure space? Is it possible to route ethernet cables, so they are hidden?

Most of you drape an ethernet cable across from the router and live with this unappealing eyesore in the interest of having a good internet connection. There is a better way. You can locate your router or hub somewhere less intrusive, track the cables inside the walls, and connect to an ethernet outlet.


Can electricians install Ethernet?

Yes, while it may seem like a good idea to have a specialist for the cable for you, the best option is to use your local electrician to fit the ethernet cable.

Electricians are adept at installing cables, and they have trained extensively in inserting cables behind stud walling and or chasing out solid walls that hide cables.

How much power can an Ethernet cable carry?

300ma per core. This equates to approximately 48 volts to be transmitted along the cable. Although it is a relatively high power, considering the use, it is deemed to be safe.

Can an electrician install a cable outlet?

Yes, again, your local electrician will be able to install everything you need when it comes to your internet connection. Although you will still need to connect an ethernet wire from the outlet to your laptop or TV, the cable may be shorter and unobtrusive.

Can I have WiFi and Ethernet at the same time?

Yes, your laptop or PC can use wi-fi and ethernet simultaneously.

The settings on your computer will prioritise which has the best performance and switch between when necessary.

Your computer should maintain its internet connection while the switch is taking place. However, in most cases, being connected to the internet via an ethernet cable will give you a faster connection speed.

Can you run Ethernet and power in the same conduit UK?

No, every power cable has magnetism which will corrupt the ethernet signal. You mustn’t share conduit when running cables.

It’s best to keep the ethernet cable in its dedicated conduit and not even run power cables next to that conduit to keep the integrity of the internet signal.

Can a lightning strike fry an Ethernet cable?

No really, your ethernet cable is the least of your worries should you have a surge from a lightning strike.

Lighting strikes should go directly to earth, but they can damage cables and ethernet connections in some cases. But, a lightning strike is more likely to damage your PC than the cable.

Should you unplug the Ethernet cable during a thunderstorm?

Yes, if you have a cable connected to an outlet, there is always the potential for an enormous power surge from a lightning strike.

A power surge of this magnitude will surely cause damage to cables and equipment.

How to install ethernet cable?

To install Ethernet cable:

  1. Plan: Determine the route and device locations.
  2. Measure: Cut the Ethernet cable with extra length for adjustments.
  3. Strip: Remove the outer insulation to reveal the twisted pairs.
  4. Arrange Wires: Follow the T568A or T568B standard to organize the wires.
  5. Attach Connectors: Insert wires into RJ45 connectors and crimp.
  6. For Wall Outlets: Use Ethernet keystone jacks to terminate the cable at outlets.
  7. For Patch Panels: Terminate the cable at the patch panel ports.
  8. Test: Check the connections with a cable tester.
  9. Secure: Use clips or ties to neatly secure the cable along the route.
  10. Connect Devices: Plug in the devices to the network.

Ensure safety and compliance with local codes, maintain cable integrity by keeping twists close to termination points, and label cables for easy identification. Consider professional help for large or complex installations.

Should you run my Ethernet cable through a surge protector?

Yes, your local electrician will advise you on how to use surge protection to protect your router and PC and other sensitive electronics in your home.

It’s always a good idea to have electronics on a surge protector and speak to your electrician about fitting a surge protector to your consumer unit as they will become law in the future.

Do You need a Cat6 cable in my house?

Yes, CAT6 cable is preferred to rin in your home to get the best internet connectivity.

You can use up to CAT7 for the best performance. CAT7 has a higher frequency and transfers data faster than a CAT6 cable.

Is it noticeable? If it is or isn’t, you should use the best equipment possible during the installation to offset the need for upgrades shortly.

Below is a shortlist of cables and their uses:

Category 11 Mbps0.4 MHzTelephone and modem lines
Category 24 Mbps4 MHzLocalTalk & Telephone
Category 310 Mbps16 MHz100 m (328 ft.)10BaseT Ethernet
Category 416 Mbps20 MHz100 m (328 ft.)Token Ring
Category 5100 Mbps100 MHz100 m (328 ft.)100BaseT Ethernet
Category 5e1 Gbps100 MHz100 m (328 ft.)100BaseT Ethernet, residential homes

How do I run Ethernet in my house in the UK?

It can be time-consuming and somewhat tricky, especially if you don’t have the correct tools for the job.

You will want to hide the cables as best as possible, which will mean drilling into walls and finding easy pathways to run your ethernet cable.

If you have plasterboard walls, you can use a stud finder and track your ethernet cables between the supporting studs. You will possibly need to lift floorboards and drill through joists before reaching the destination.

For solid walls, you will need to chase out the plasterwork and chase into the brick. You will need to redecorate.

In all cases, the use of an electrician to undertake this work on your behalf will pay dividends. They have the experience and the required equipment to do a good job quickly.

How do I run an ethernet cable outside the wall in the UK?

Seal holes with silicone. You can run short distances of ethernet outside the home, drill through the wall and thread the cable through.

If you will, you can run the cable through a plastic conduit and maybe hide it behind a drainpipe if you want to run the cable to an upstairs room. 

Seal the drill hole with silicone. This will give a weather barrier and prevent bugs from entering your home.

Does Ethernet increase house value?

It’s debatable. If a prospective buyer is looking for a connected smart home, then it would have a certain value to the prospective buyer. But the things that typically increase the value of a home are new kitchens and bathrooms.

How much does it cost for an electrician to ethernet cable your home?

It depends on the size of the property and the complexity, but you can budget around £400.00 for the average size family home.

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