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Do you need an electrician to fit a doorbell for you? Are doorbells wired directly to a mains supply and can be dangerous?

No, you don’t always need an electrician to fit a doorbell for you, many run from battery power, and it’s a simple screw into place job that anyone can do. But some doorbells are a little more sophisticated and run from a transformer. Doorbells do not run off a 230 volts supply.

Do electricians install doorbells?

Yes. Electricians do fit doorbells of all kinds, and it’s often worth getting a professional to install the doorbell correctly.

Doorbells are a cinch to fit all intents and purposes, particularly if you have a battery type. Just two screws to fit the doorbell ringer and four screws to fit the chime box, and it’s done. Ding dong away you go.

However, doorbells that run from a transformer are a little more tricky to fit, it’s not beyond the scope of a DIY enthusiast, but they can be tricky.

Do all hardwired doorbells have a transformer?

Yes, you cannot hardwire your doorbell into a 230 volts power supply and not expect the inevitable accidental electrocution.

If your doorbell is hardwired, you will need to install a 24-volt transformer to step down the power and make the doorbell safe for use.

What is the standard doorbell voltage?

12 to 24 volts. Most doorbells are just low voltage when connected to a transformer that can sit in an enclosure on a DIN rail next to your consumer unit.

The transformer takes the incoming 230 volts and steps it down to a safe working level for the doorbell.

In years gone by, before battery doorbells became popular, all doorbells were wired through a transformer.

Does a doorbell transformer need its own breaker?

Typically no. Doorbells often share a lighting circuit due to their minuscule power requirements. If there should be a problem with the doorbell transformer, the lighting circuit will trip and render that circuit and the doorbell inoperative.

The other reason not to write directly to the consumer unit/fuse box is there are often no spare ways to connect.

Can you touch doorbell wires?

Yes, it’s normally a good idea to get an electrician to fit your doorbell. If anything is wired incorrectly, it could see you with 230 volts going to your doorbell pusher.

Doorbell pushers do not need to meet IP ratings for water and dust ingress, and an incorrectly wired doorbell could be fatal to an unsuspecting visitor.

However, when installed correctly by an electrician, your doorbell wires are very safe and can be handled without fear of electric shock.

Should a doorbell transformer be covered?

No, your doorbell transformer should be located in a cool place with airflow, such as a garage space.

Transformers get warm, and the heat is dissipated into the air. Placing a transformer in a small enclosure could cause a fire.

Can you short a doorbell transformer?

Yes, you can short any electrical circuit. When doorbells short, it is frequently found that a wire is frayed or damaged in some way that has caused the short.

To be double sure there is no other problem, call your local electrician, who can test the circuit and pinpoint the fault.

What happens if you short a transformer?

You can expect a damaged transformer. The secondary current from the short circuit will be high and cause the transformer to overheat, likely damaging the transformer beyond repair.

How much does it cost to replace a doorbell transformer?

Doorbell transformers are not expensive and, when bought through Amazon, can cost less than £20.00. However, you must identify the problem before fitting the new transformer.

This is possible outside the scope of a DIY enthusiast, and you should hire a qualified electrician.

Labour rates for electricians are surprisingly affordable, and some electricians charge as little as £35.00 per hour, so it’s well within the research of most people.

Can I use a 24V transformer on a 16V doorbell?

It’s possible. It’s not the best configuration, and it will require some measured resistance in the circuit. To be honest, it would not be worth the hassle for any benefits you may have thought you could gain.

What does the average Ring doorbell installation cost?

There are some varying factors, but these are some averages you can work from:

LabourTime takenAverage UK cost
Standard doorbell installation1-3 hours£80-£200
Ring doorbell installation2-3 hours£120 – £200
Nest doorbell installation2-3 hours£120 – £200

Can an electrician install a video doorbell?

Yes, It should be your first choice to use a local electrician to install your doorbell. 

So many homeowners feel they are more than capable of fitting a doorbell and may are. Still, doorbells have become more sophisticated and now incorporate cameras that can be accessed over the internet on an app on your phone.

The truth is these doorbells can be tricky to install and set up; an electrician will provide a professional installation and make sure the connectivity is working as it should.

Can a handyman fit my doorbell?

It depends on how handy he is! Handypersons take on most jobs, and it seems certain they will attempt to fit a doorbell in most cases. But, the truth is handymen or handypersons are not qualified tradespeople, and if it’s messed up, what will you do?

Do I need an electrician to install a ring doorbell?

It depends, do you have the tools? Do you have the know-how?

It’s very easy to listen to folks who say you can do things yourself, it’s okay and easy to install. Well, it might be an easy install if you have the drill, the drill bits, the VDE insulated screwdrivers and so on.

You can run off a battery! You need to charge every day with a USB charger to 70%, so you don’t damage the battery.

Use an electrician. Get it done right the very first time.

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