How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ceiling Light Without Existing Wiring

Much like other electrical jobs, the cost of installing light fixtures varies greatly. Installing a ceiling light in a new area with no existing fixtures is no different.

So in this post, we break down the details of how much it can cost your wallet to install a ceiling light. 

Before we talk about the cost of installation, understanding what goes into the process is paramount. 


Factors that affect the cost of installing new ceiling light with new wires

Regardless of the location, installing a light fixture in a place without existing wires involves different dynamics than replacing an old one. These are:

The type of lights

There are more than a dozen types of ceiling lights. 

  • Recessed lights – These lights are best for low ceilings as they sit inside the ceiling.     
  • Flush and semi-flushed lights – The former has a flat bottom that attaches to a ceiling while the latter hangs from the ceiling. 
  • LED indirect lights – Here, LED strips are installed around a ceiling. 
  • Pendant lights – It is more for decorative purposes, and the lights hang low. It may also be an inverted pendant light. 
  • Utility lights – These simple light fixtures are mounted flush to the ceilings. 
  • Chandeliers – By far, the fanciest type of ceiling lights, chandeliers hang from ceilings as well. 

The material of the lights

Another point of consideration is the material of the light fixtures. Some of the common materials of ceiling lights include glass, metal, crystals, and fabric. Since light fixtures with crystals and glass need delicate handling, installing them can take longer, which will reflect on the final cost. 

Preparing the ceiling for the light fixture 

Installing any type of ceiling light permanently, with new wires will inevitably require you to do some work on the ceiling. Most electricians will quote the price of re-plastering after the wiring is complete. Nevertheless, the final cost will depend on the size of the space drilled in the ceiling. 

The entire process of getting the space ready in the ceiling and fitting in new wiring is usually about £100 to £225. However, the final cost will depend largely on the space required to fit the new light fixture. 

Cost of installing ceiling light with new wires

Note: The amount mentioned in this post is a rough estimate, so you should not treat them as absolute final. The figures include the cost of materials and labour costs, unless where mentioned. It, however, does not include VAT. 

  • A utility light in the ceiling – £90 to £120 per light fixture. 
  • Track lights or strip lights – £110 to £120 per light strip 
  • A small sized recessed light – £150 – £165 per light. Larger recessed light can cost up to £900 for installation. 
  • Small-sized pendant lights – £70 to £130 per light. But those with fancy designs can cost more to install.
  • Peripheral ceiling lights – £1,500 to £1,750
  • Downlighters – £30 to £65 
  • Track light – £150 to £300 per track, depending on the design.
  • LED indirect light – £500 to £800 per strip 
  • Chandelier – £250 to £500 depending on the size and material of the chandelier. 

Points for consideration while installing a new ceiling light

Unlike replacing an existing light fixture, installing a new one carries its challenges. This will require cutting and drilling the ceiling to accommodate the new light. 

So, in addition to paying the electrician’s fee, you also need to consider the cost of re-plastering, painting, and decorating. In many cases, this process can cost more than the electrician’s wage. This can deter many homeowners from updating their lighting conditions at home. 

However, there are also ways that your electrician can install ceiling lights without rewiring the whole area. Besides, installing light fixtures without rewiring can also be easily done as a DIY, especially if you love undertaking small projects. The alternatives to hardwiring we share below cost a quarter of what you would pay for hiring an electrician. So you can’t go wrong with them. 

Check out the alternatives below.  

How to install ceiling lights without wiring

Using wall scones 

One straightforward way to install a ceiling light without wiring is to use wall scones. They do not need to be wired, and they come in different designs to suit every taste. 

Plug-in ceiling lights

A similar light fixture to the wall scones is the plug-in ceiling lights. As the name suggests, a nearby outlet is all you need to light up these fixtures. In addition, these lights are available in many different designs, which make them so cool. One of our favourite plug-in lights is this one from Shiny Star

Flush-mounted ceiling light

Another effortless way to install a new ceiling light without existing wires is to update a new flush-mounted ceiling light. These fancy ceiling lights come in a multitude of colors and are affordable. In addition, you can even do this as a DIY, which eliminates the need to pay for an electrician. 

Wireless LED fixtures

There are many advantages of LED light fixtures, and versatility is among them. As the name suggests, these light fixtures do not need wiring, which is fantastic. You will need batteries to run these lights, but they are a great alternative to paying a hefty electrician’s fee. Some LED light fixtures come with remote control and change the light colours, which add an element of fun and practicality.

Final thoughts

The cost to install a ceiling light without existing wires depends on a number of factors we have discussed above. If your budget allows, there is no better way to get a permanent fixture on your property. Hiring a professional electrician to install the fixtures with new wires warrants paying more. But it adds to the beauty and value of your home in a significant way. 

However, even without a budget, you can update the light fixtures in your ceiling. Using temporary options to add new lights is easy on your wallet and effortless too. You can even keep changing the lights as often as you want since they are not permanent! 

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