Can You Install A Video Doorbell In A Rented Flat?

Wait! Don’t buy a smart doorbell just yet, as your circumstances might not match the ones who recently installed them.

Unlike homeowners, renters have to take into consideration a lot of factors like the landlord’s permission or neighbour’s privacy before installing smart doorbells. Chances are that your lease agreement doesn’t permit such installation, and any such step might lead to the annulment of the contract or other serious repercussions.

That’s why we’re here with all answers and highlight the points that need to be considered if you’re planning to install a smart video doorbell on your front door. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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4 Best Smart Video Doorbells For Tenants

  1. Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell
  2. Eufy Video Doorbell
  3. Arlo Doorbell
  4. Ring Door View Camera

Things To Consider While Installing A Video Doorbell In A Rented Flat

Smart doorbells with a video camera are a perfect way to monitor your surroundings and ensure safety so no one is trespassing on the premises. 

However, things become tricky if the door you’re planning to install the video doorbell in isn’t yours in the first place. This means you’re renting the property, and technically, tenants have to follow some rules and regulations, which include not destroying the unit being rented. 

So, if you’re planning to install a video doorbell in your rented apartment or flat, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Otherwise, all the plans would be rendered null and void, and you wouldn’t be able to smartly monitor your surroundings. 

1. Does Your Landlord Or Letting Agency Agree?

One of the major caveats while installing a ring doorbell with a camera in a rented flat is – getting permission from the landlord or your letting agency. More often than not, landlords and letting agencies dread the damage done to the property by tenants and strictly advise against any actions that will lead to the same. 

Besides, installing camera doorbells is a task no landlord is willing to take, worried about the wiring that needs to be done from scratch. Now, if that’s not the problem and your landlord is as sweet as a cupcake, are you even willing to take the task? If the installation process is yours to undertake, then a professional installation is not a cheap process.

Moreover, you’d need to call professionals again when leaving the apartment, which is going to take costs higher, which doesn’t seem worth it. However, that won’t be a problem with wireless cameras as little to no damage is done while installing them, and you can do a DIY installation.

But again, don’t forget that the landlord needs to give the nod for the process; otherwise, you can’t do the installation. Although these are security devices, and most landlords don’t have any problem with installing them for added safety, it’s better to consult them ahead of time.

2. Will Your Neighbours Be Troubled?

Not all neighbours go – “Oh wow! Sam, thanks for the video doorbell as it’ll overlook my apartment as well.” Some are like Tina, who thinks video doorbells are a breach of privacy and shouldn’t be installed without consulting with the neighbours. Well, the girl does have a point!

If your apartment faces another, then the video doorbell you install is sure to record the footage of the activities of the front door neighbour too. Although a camera on a smart doorbell is meant to record activities from a rather closer angle, the same isn’t the case with in-built HD sensors in them. 

HD sensors record everything, and if there’s another tenant living across the hallway from your apartment, it will record the neighbour’s activities too. Therefore, you have to get in touch with your neighbour to ensure they are okay with the installation and don’t raise an issue later on. You can try teaching your neighbour about the type of camera being installed and how it won’t breach their privacy.

On that note, you should buy a smart doorbell with a separate camera and a bell so that the camera can be adjusted separately. With such a smart video doorbell, you can adjust the camera, so it doesn’t overlook your neighbour’s apartment. Still, no matter what you do, it’s better to have proper communication with the neighbour before buying any kind of video doorbell.

3. Is There Going To Be Any Damage?

Video doorbells that need to be wired would require a lot of work, and let’s not forget that drilling door frames and cabling can become a tremendous task. Not only will it add to your headache, but it will also raise concerns among neighbours who will get disturbed by all the work and ultimately start complaining.

That’s why if you’ve decided to install a video doorbell and the landlord has given a heads-up for the job, it’s better to choose a wireless doorbell in place of a wired doorbell. Besides, your property owner would expect the whole process to be less damaging, and this feat can only be achieved with wireless video doorbells. 

4. Is A Video Doorbell Really A Good Option?

Video doorbells are all smart and cool till you start getting bombarded with notifications of every random person that passes by the door. And no! We aren’t exaggerating the fact as it has happened to many. This is because apartment hallways experience certain traffic, and as cameras in video doorbells are equipped with motion detection sensors, you’ll be notified about every passerby. 

So, barring the security that video doorbells ensure, they can become a hassle too if you’re living in a large apartment complex with lots of flats. Now, although you can set some detection zones or reduce the sensitivity of sensors, it can’t do much when lots of people are passing by your door regularly. 

So, if you’re fine with accidental motion detection, then go ahead and install a smart video doorbell, and it will be worth the investment.

Best Smart Video Doorbells For Tenants

If you get a nod from your landlord or property owner about installing a smart doorbell, then here are the options that you can choose from. 

1. Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell

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Your existing peephole will be rendered useless with the Toucan Wireless video doorbell, as you can get notified about someone’s presence at the door even before they ring the bell. With its notable features like a 180° ultra-wide angle lens, built-in rechargeable battery, easy wire-free setup, night vision, instant live feed, etc., you’d be notified about everything happening. 

Moreover, it can be easily installed at your front door without any hassle, and the smart doorbell will do its job by keeping you updated 24/7. Besides that, it also comes with a wireless chime and works with Alexa and Google Assistant as well.

2. Eufy Video Doorbell

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Eufy video doorbell is a smart option for your rented flat with its built-in Sony 2K sensor and a professional-grade lens having an expanded view field. The video footage is kept private and stored locally, and you can even use your Echo Dot as a chime. This doorbell will instantly replace your standard peephole in a matter of seconds and provide the safety and privacy you need. 

3. Arlo Doorbell

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Arlo video doorbell adds the smartness of modern technology to your existing ring doorbell and takes it a step further. It offers a 180° viewing angle with a 1:1 aspect ratio, and you get notified via video call every time the doorbell is pressed. Other than that, it’s compatible with Alexa, HomeKit, SmartThings, and Google Assistant, and you can even get smart alerts quickly by opting for Arlo Secure Plan. 

In all, it’s a good investment for tenants and comes with a built-in siren that can help maintain security in a rental complex.

4. Ring Door View Camera

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Ring Door View Camera is another excellent video doorbell for tenants as it can be easily installed without drilling holes. It’s effortless to install, and if you have a peephole, then this smart security device can easily replace it. It provides advanced motion detection, real-time updates and works with Alexa. 

Also, the best thing is that the motion detection can be adjusted so your neighbours can rest assured if they’re worried about privacy invasion. 

Final Remarks

Renters have to walk on eggshells and take prior permission from their landlords regarding every decision they take. And installing a smart doorbell is one such act that needs the consent of your property owner. 

But the problem doesn’t end there; even if your landlord agrees with the installation, you have to choose a device that will do minimum damage to the property. Property owners are especially averse to drilling holes or pasting adhesive tapes on a door frame, so you have to choose a safe device. 

A device that will leave no trace once you leave the flat after the lease is over is required, and we hope we were of help in that regard. Now, allow us to sign off!

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