Can You Have Tattoos As An Electrician?

Will having a tattoo on your arm prevent you from being employed as an electrician? Do employers dislike tattoos?

Tattoos have seen a massive resurgence over the past decade, and if anyone was to discriminate against a tradesperson with tattoos, they might not find one for a long time. Employers accept that tattoos are commonplace among both males and females, and if there is a job where a level of etiquette is required, you would be expected to cover the tattoos.


Can you be an electrician with tattoos?

Yes, tattoos have become part of the social art scene and are frequently considered masterful pieces of art by the people who wear them on their skin.

Tattoos used to be surrounded by stigma, such as jailhouse Indian ink tattoos on the knuckles that defamed the boys in blue.

But today, they are commonplace, and if you want to find a tradesperson without a tattoo, you might have to wait a very long time.

Why do electricians wear tattoos?

There are many reasons for wearing a tattoo. It can be in remembrance of a loved one or a special event that has taken place in your life.

Electricians are not exempted from wearing tattoos, and neither should they be, as any other profession should not be either.

Tattoos do not indicate the level of skill an electrician has, nor does it indicate they have undergone a massively long apprenticeship to achieve their goals.

Does having tattoos affect getting a job in the UK?

No. According to a study by the Independent back in 2018, tattoos have no impact on your ability to be hired in a particular field of work.

If you are applying for government jobs or civil service roles, you may find there could be some resistance to tattoos above the collar line, but other than that, as long as common sense prevails, then tattoos are accepted.

Is there a social etiquette for electricians with tattoos?

No. If you are working in a government building with professionals, it may be an idea to cover up. However, it would make sense for the electrician with many tattoos to use some common sense.

Cover up for professional reasons only, but it is really up to the individual, and as long as tattoos are not considered offensive, you can sport them wherever you like.

Is tattoo discrimination legal in the UK?

No. A survey conducted by YouGov realised that ⅕ of all male adults have a tattoo, with this under the age of 40 having more tattoos, while 65s and over had fewer tattoos.

If your employer has a blanket policy restricting tattoos, they may fall foul of generational discrimination.

Many tattoos depict religious images, which could be a hot potato when implementing tattoo policies.

Can you be fired for tattoos?

Yes. If the employer has asked you to disclose any tattoos and you didn’t, the employer finds out you hid the fact you have a tattoo, then the employer has every right to fire you.

If the employer has a tattoo policy and you disregard the policy by getting a tattoo, you can be fired.

Would an employer have to allow someone with excessive tattoos to work for them?

No. Consider your tattoo as prohibited at work, like if an employer says you must wear a uniform for work and you don’t, you can be figured.

If the employer requires tattoos to be covered, then you will be expected to comply because, at this time, it does not contravene laws that prohibit discrimination.

Can an electrician work in a domestic setting if they have neck tattoos?

If there are no employer policies, you can work anywhere with your tattoos on show.

If you are working in a residential setting, then your employer may decide that your tattoos are intimidating to the homeowner and may change your job for the day.

It is hard to find someone under the age of 40 who does not have a tattoo, but there are tattoos, and then there are tattoos!

Face tattoos may be construed as unacceptable, and you could find yourself being restricted with the type of jobs you do as an electrician.

What tattoos are offensive?

It’s subjective. Some people may find nude images offensive and expletives. Football club allegiance tattoos could be deemed potentially inflammatory if you are working in the wrong neck of the woods.

Religious icons could be perceived as offensive in certain sectors of society, so it is a case of weighing up the situation and deciding if you should cover up or expose all.

Where are tattoos illegal?

There are countries around the world that see tattoos as taboo:

  • Japan. Japan has always been an inspiration for tattoos with the Japanese fine arts and cultural symbols. Tattoos in Japan were used by the less desirable members of society, such as the yakuza. As a result, they have gained a bad reputation and are not taboo even among foreigners.
  • Don’t visit Iran if you have tattoos. There is an outright ban on marking your skin with ink.
  • Turkey
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka

How can I erase a tattoo?

Dark Indian ink tattoos erase the easiest with laser treatment. The best way and the most common way of removing tattoos is to use laser treatment, it may take many visits and treatments to remove a tattoo completely, but the results are remarkable.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Yes. But the good news is that it will probably be less painful than getting the tattoo in the first instance.

Laser removal is similar to having elastic bands flicked against your skin, which is bearable for most people if you want to get rid of your tattoos.

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