Are You An Electrician Pick Up Line

Do electricians find it hard to find partners, or do they belong to an elite club among tradespeople who are thought of as hot?

Electricians are ordinary people with a few extra brain cells. Some find it a struggle to meet the partner of their dreams, while others are inundated with offers. Interestingly, there have been surveys asking which trade is the most attractive to a potential partner and the humble electrician came out on top.


Do electricians need help finding a partner?

No more than anyone else. Electricians are generally a bright collection of individuals with a half-decent education, allowing them to strike up a reasonable conversation with most people.

Being able to chat and have banter with anyone is part of the electrician’s resume of credentials. Without this skill, they may struggle to strike up relationships at work or socially.

Do electricians need help with chat-up lines?

Having an excellent chat-up line will always serve the single electrical well when the opportunity presents itself.

But great chat-up lines will allow the electrician to advance quickly, so here are a few to get you started.

  • Hey, babe are you an electrician? I’m sure we could have a shockingly good time together.
  • I’m an electrician, I’ve just broken up with my long term partner, would you like to go on a date? I’m feeling ex-static
  • Hey babe if you are an electrician, I would love you to check my shorts
  • Hi babe, I’m an electrician, I like reading murder mystery books, my name is Sherlock Ohms
  • Are you an electrician? It would be great to spark a conversation with you
  • I’m an electrician let me lighten your day

Do electricians like jokes?

Of course who doesn’t like to laugh. Electricians like to banter, tell jokes, and generally have a happy working environment. Some jokes can be highbrow while others downright stupid but nonetheless still funny.

Check these couple of corkers for a smile.

  • Electron1 and Electron 2 walk into a bar to chill out, E1 says to E2 have you ever dated an atom? E2 replies, yes, but never again. E1 why what happened? E2, they make up everything!
  • An electrician goes to the doctor.

Doc, Hi what can I do for you?

Spark. I have a pain in my groin

Doc, ok pull down your trousers

Spark, stands there with a lettuce leaf sticking out the top of his undies

Doc, oh my whats that doing there

Spark, I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

But, to keep the jokes fresh and funny, they should be alternated.

Is an electrician’s job hard and that’s why they joke?

It’s a possibility. Electricians work hard to earn a good living, but it’s not harder than the other trades and is often considered a soft trade.

Nevertheless, electricians work with the danger of electricity so their workday can be incredibly focused.

If you have a job or work environment that requires absolute focus, then it’s important to chill out and have some banter with your workmates to reduce stress.

What makes electricians attractive to the opposite sex?

Who knows! Humans are complex, and when it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends, who can say what the precise chemistry is.

But one thing for sure is appreciated by both sexes is a good sense of humour and a few quid in your pocket.

The electrician is thought to be the king of the trades, and as such, you are paid more than the other trades, albeit marginal these days, the electrician has the best possibility of high earnings.

So the opposite sex and same-sex may look for humour and stability, with looks coming a long way down the list.

So, if looks are unimportant, then what is the biggest turn on for the opposite sex? 

  • Intelligence is one of those areas that can be out of your control and should not put you off trying. You can work on a bright, intelligent conversation and improve with practice
  • Body posture, no one like a slouch, so stand up straight
  • Attentiveness, when trying to attract a partner, you need to be attentive, notice their clothes, the new hairdo, the perfume and make nice remarks about their appearance. You may not be into clothes and perfume, but you should be aware
  • Be confident. Who likes anyone unsure, sits on the fence, and lets others always make the decisions? It doesn’t mean you can’t go with the flow
  • Be fun and spontaneous, be up for new challenges, and try things you imagine you don’t like. There is plenty of time for sitting around letting your life pass you by

Do female electricians like romantic pickup lines?

It may help. Using romantic pick up lines can be a deadly mistake. You need to know the female is a smidge interested in you; otherwise, it will fall flat on its face.

In general, the girls like banter as much as the guys but in a tempered down way, particularly if you don’t have a real connection.

Here are a few romantic pick up lines to try:

  • Let’s go to my room, and I will show you the relationship between series and parallel.
  • Your beauty is attractive to behold. It electrifies the burning passion of your love in my heart.
  • I want to express myself by singing a serenade about a handsome man who fell for a woman’s electrifying beauty.

Ok, they are corny, but what do you expect?

Is there an all-time best pickup line that never fails?

That’s a good question! Pick up lines are a way of breaking the ice, and in some ways, you have to be intuitive. If the person has glanced at you a couple of times, then it’s worthwhile chancing your arm.

  • You could say: You are so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line
  • Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you

The best way forward is to be funny and friendly. Who could resist you?

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